1 How I Heard My Dad From Heaven

Julie Jancius December 17, 2019 32

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Hi Friends! Welcome to episode 1! I’m Julie Jancius & I’m an Angel Messenger. My gifts came to me when I started hearing from my dad a month before I even knew he had passed away. Just like a psychic medium, I connect you with your loved ones & Angels by seeing / hearing the messages they have for you. I don’t use cards & I’m not really woo woo. In fact, I grew up going to Catholic School, wanting to be a nun! 

Today, I’m your typical mom-next-door who just so happens to have a special gift! I can tell you first-hand there’s nothing to be nervous about, I only connect with God energy and bring through positive, loving messages. 

Loved ones come through in every session with information about where you’re at in your life now, where you’re blocking yourself, & what you need to know to get back on your path.

Join us here every week as we explore big Spiritual questions, interview experts, & bring through Angel Messages. We’re so excited you’re here! Peace and bliss to you!

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    1 How I Heard My Dad From Heaven
    Julie Jancius

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Julie Jancius

Learn to clear your energy + communicate with your Angels, Spirit Guides and loved ones on the Other Side, with Julie Jancius @angelpodcast, an Angel Medium + Reiki Master. Book your Angel Reading with Julie today at

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