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10. Forgiveness – why it’s so important to forgive and how it comes up in the Akashic Records

The Soul Tribe December 17, 2019 6

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In this episode we talk about Forgiveness and why it’s so important. We also go into how forgiveness can come up in an Akashic Records Reading. We mention some personal stories around forgiveness, as well as our struggles with it.   

  • Why does forgiveness come up in readings? 
  • Not forgiving is blocking you from your spiritual path, from your contract. It will hinder YOUR progress, it’s going to affect YOU as the main character of YOUR life.
  • When you get your Akashic Records book open during a reading the information is for YOU. It’s not about letting people off the hook, or downplaying any behaviour or situations/circumstances, or that the other person isn’t going to karmically deal with what they did to you. That’s not what the Akashic Records is worried about. 
  • Forgiving others for yourself and forgiving yourself for yourself.
  • You need to let go in order to grow and move forward in a healthy way.
  • Forgiveness isn’t about the other person/party asking for forgiveness, it’s about us detaching from the situation, expectations and letting it go. You need to forgive to be free. Don’t expect other people to assist you in the process of forgiveness, this sets us free.
  • Dealing with issues is like peeling an onion, it’s about healing and taking off the layers. One thing will lead to the next lesson, karmic lesson. Sometimes old things will come back, but maybe you need to deal with this “old issue” at a deeper level.
  • Pay attention to the words we speak, this can give us so much insight into the issues we are dealing with. 
  • Our egos can play a big role in blocking us from our spiritual paths and forgive. You need to do the healing in order to let go and forgive.
  • What happens if we don’t let go of things and we don’t forgive?
  • The wake up call! This can come in many forms – illness, accidents, etc. Wake up calls come into your life linked to forgiveness many times as an illness or sickness.
  • The organ that is a huge reflector of the issue that the non-forgiveness is connected to. Illness many times is avoidable, especially with forgiveness.
  • Love yourself enough to let go of the pain, move on and enjoy your life and follow through with your divine plan.

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    10. Forgiveness – why it’s so important to forgive and how it comes up in the Akashic Records
    The Soul Tribe

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