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11. Self Love and Self Care – how does this look for each of us, our struggles and changes we have made

The Soul Tribe December 17, 2019 9

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In this episode we talk about what self love and self care means to us and the struggles that we find a lot of people around us also go through on their spiritual path. See notes below:

  • What self care means to Lucia and Lorena
  • Self love is listening to yourself, being compassionate with yourself, not pressuring yourself to show up in a certain way.  Strip away all the layers and really prioritize yourself and your wellbeing (spiritual, mental, physical). Listen to yourself and how you feel.
  • Be gentle with yourself. Get outside of the structure/obligations and listen to yourself and what feels right for you.
  • Enjoy what you are doing and be in the moment. Don’t always do things for an outcome, do it for the enjoyment
  • For Lucia after having kids it was hard for her to accept her body. She kept working out and enjoying it, letting go of the pressure of looking a certain way and by doing this she workout out more often and really enjoyed it. She tries to eat healthy and moving her body for herself.
  • Self love after the pregnancy, the struggles and difficulties.
  • The more pressure we put on ourselves with self care and self love just makes things harder.
  • Everyone’s body is different and we can’t expect unrealistic things from ourselves. We need to be honest with ourselves.
  • Self love sometimes starts with getting in tune with your spiritual path and tuning into your higher self.
  • Putting up boundaries with people is important in self love, just as important as saying no to things that don’t align with you.
  • Communication and saying how you feel is self love.
  • Be patient with yourself in your self love journey. Work on each thing that comes up, your “weaknesses” and strengthen what needs to be lifted. 
  • Trust that if you are living authentically that things will fall into place. If you are always living from a place of self love, being authentic and being yourself things will work out. Trusting the process and trusting yourself to guide you in the right direction. Being patient is important on this journey, especially with yourself. Don’t force things. Figure out who you are. Be you!

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    11. Self Love and Self Care – how does this look for each of us, our struggles and changes we have made
    The Soul Tribe

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