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13. Ego – what it is, how it plays a role in our day to day & spiritual lives and how to keep it in check

The Soul Tribe December 17, 2019 6

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In this episode we talk all about the ego and how this plays a role in our lives and how this affects our spiritual path and enlightenment. We don’t want to ignore the ego because in some ways it is there to protect us, but on the other hand we don’t want it blocking us from growing and following our true path. Here are some things we go into during the episode:

  • The ego is here to help us disconnect from our higher selves, so we don’t remember past lives.
  • The ego and the Akashic Records. How the ego blocks you from connecting to the Akashic Records.
  • The ego is part of our lives, it’s a duality we deal with and need to learn from. The ego is what makes you feel disconnected, it pushes us away from our real authenticity.
  • How to identify the ego – it’s the “me me me” character inside of us, taking things personal, feeling hurt, not forgiving, etc.
  • Tips on how to connect to yourself and feel the difference of ego and love in your body. Reading your body and emotions is important. Tune into yourself (thoughts, emotions, feelings, etc).
  • The ego needs to be put aside with any spiritual work and healing. We need to use pure love and put yourself first with the spiritual healing first to have the capability of helping others from love.
  • The ego is protection in a way, but we need to dig deeper and push past this superficial/protective layer so we can progress and heal.
  • Balancing the ego – not controlling the ego. Stop and look inward and recognise the ego. Where do your desires come from? Ego or Love?
  • Take inventory of yourself and find out where the reactions & desires are coming from.

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    13. Ego – what it is, how it plays a role in our day to day & spiritual lives and how to keep it in check
    The Soul Tribe

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