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Julie Jancius December 17, 2019 22 5

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Overview: You are a human being. The human-ness is your body, the being-ness is your soul. Both parts of you are energy with thought. Part of your free will here on Earth is choosing to live from your soul or from your body. It is the difference between choosing fear, stress, anxiety, depression, sadness OR joy, love, peace, bliss and ease. This is the episode you need to understand who and what you truly are, and how to make lasting changes that lead to a life you love!


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Show Notes: Hi Friends! Welcome back to the second episode of ANGELS and AWAKENING. Just a reminder, episodes 1 & 2 are from the same conversation, but split into two parts. Episode 1 was my back story, you got to know more about me AND how I realized that I had spiritual gifts when I started hearing from my dad, before I ever knew he had passed away and was on the Other Side. In episode 1, we also talked about energy and how energy works.


I’m so EXCITED about today’s episode because THIS is THE episode YOU need to be able to see your life differently. Friends, this episode is a collection of what the Angels have shown me throughout all of my sessions. This is a collection of the guidance I’ve received from my Angels, the guidance that I’ve brought through for my clients from their Angels and your Angels want me to share this information with you today. And when I write my first book, which I know is manifesting right now, what I’m sharing with you today on this podcast will be the first few chapters of that book — I guess I should tell you, it’s all copyrighted.


Ok, let’s jump right in.


Let’s start with you. Have you ever stopped to think about WHAT are you. Well, first and foremost, you are a soul . . . But What is your soul?


Spirit shows me two things about the soul. First, the soul is energy — it has a vibration. Second, the soul has consciousness. Consciousness is another word for “thought”. We talked a bit about this in episode 1, but I want to break it down for you further and string together all the missing pieces so you have a more clear understanding.


You’ll often hear me use the phrase “high vibration”. Friends, when I use this term, I’m NOT talking about smoking weed, I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT GETTING HIGH — I Am talking about accessing the vibration of your soul. Your soul stems from LOVE, JOY, PEACE, BLISS, EASE AND GRACE. On the other side, there is no ego-ic mind, there are no low vibrations — on the other side there are only high vibrations — with God being the highest vibration that is.


The Angels give me a metaphor for how our souls are connected to God. Think about it this way — first, imagine all of the water here on Earth, all of the oceans, lakes, rivers, etc. — that IS the metaphor for God. Now imagine taking all of that water and breaking ALL of it up into individual droplets. How many droplets would there be? Infinite, right? Well, the Angels say that the droplets are our souls, but collectively, all together we are always one with the bigger ocean WHICH is God. And with all other droplets — which are all living things. What does this mean? It means that as a human being you look at yourself as separate from everything else. You believe you separate from your family members. You are separate from your colleagues at work. You are separate from your friends. You see you as YOU — and them as THEM. But that’s not the way it is. At the most finite level, everything is connected and everything is one. And that place where everything is still one with God — that is the highest vibration that is. Your soul is of the highest vibration that is, because it is a piece of God — you are ONE WITH the whole. You are ONE with All That Is. And because that IS who you are — The vibration of your soul is always with you, even while you’re here on earth — you just have to learn to feel and access it again.


To really grasp this, go deeper. You have to realize you are not your body. You are a soul. And BECAUSE YOUR SOUL IS ULTIMATELY WHO AND WHAT YOU TRULY ARE, the high VIBRATION of your soul CAN NEVER LEAVE YOU. IT CAN NEVER BE TAKEN AWAY FROM YOU. IT IS YOU. YOU ARE IT.


Now, PEOPLE HAVE ALL SORTS OF NAMES FOR this high vibration. But really, it’s all the same thing! It’s the highest vibration that is — it is God energy. Some people call this high vibration a “Blissed Out State”, the Now, presence or even Heaven on Earth. And I believe this is what people are referring to when they talk about Zen or Enlightenment. I guess we’ll find out for sure in the future as we interview people who are far more expert than me on this podcast.


Here’s what the Angels want you to know. The body hold vibrations of stress, anxiety, frustration, worry — and on, and on, and on — you don’t have to live your life constantly in those vibrations any more. You can live your daily life from the vibration of your soul — and it is SOOOOO Yummy and its so incredible to do so — that I don’t even have the words to describe it. This is part of the process of spiritual awakening — and it is a process for most people.


Friends, this is a process that I started a long time ago, but really came into more deeply four years ago. I’m never going to present myself as “holier than thou” to you — I want you to see my shortcoming and my downfalls throughout this podcast, because what the Angels show me is the more I share stories with you where I messed up and got it wrong, and the more I share the ego-ic thoughts that I have now (or have had in the past) with you — the more quickly YOU will grow and be able to make changes in your own life. So if you see me making a fool of myself on this podcast at times, that’s why! I’m your guinnea pig and you’re Welcome!


So when I talk about living in the vibration of your soul, I want you to understand that it can take time to achieve this state of being. It doesn’t have to — some people come into instantaneously, but that is rare. So, I want you to know that I don’t live in the state of high vibration 24-7 — at first I could only hold this state of being for 10 minutes, then I worked my way to an hour, when I held this state for 3 hours the first time — I called my friend to tell her how excited I was to accomplish this! — now, I can hold a state of high vibration for about 8 hours a day and I know that will continue to grow.


What the Angels show me is that this new way of living is something that everyone will come into — this state of being is pure peace and pure love — remember it is God energy — and when we live from God energy, we cannot hurt ourselves, we cannot do mean things to one another, we cannot harm the earth. If we all look at this as our work in life, to live from the vibration of the soul — from pure love and peace — and to control our ego-ic thoughts and live more from the intuitive thought system — well when we ALL learn to do this ourselves, the world will come into a place of peace — and that’s what we’re all working towards — peace on Earth.


There was one spiritual teacher that I worked with and we both believe in what I just said, but she believed that people should learn to hold the vibration 24-7 no matter what. This woman told me that she could not hold the vibration around her family, so she left her family to be reclusive — and she encouraged others to do so as well. That’s so NOT true and that’s so damaging to people — I’m telling you this story, so that no one corrupts you into believing this. Because again, this is not true at all.


What the Angels show me is that the work you and I are doing right now, is about learning how to live in this vibration, WHILE GOING about our daily lives. In episode 1, when I said humanity got meditation wrong, this is what I meant. What Spirit shows me is that you don’t have to be seated in LOTUS pose with your eyes closed to be in a meditative state. And I’m using the terms meditative state and high vibration interchangeably. I go about my daily activities in a meditative state — with my eyes open — working, doing the dishes, doing the laundry, spending time with my daughter (ok, being a parent is probably the biggest place where I start to lose hold of that vibration, but I’m working on it friends) but you get what I’m trying to say here. When I talk about holding the vibration, I mean holding the vibration while you’re living and going about your day. Meditation is a WONDERFUL tool to use when you’re learning to feel high-vibration for the first time; it’s a great tool to go deeper into your practice; its also a great tool for what I call “down days” — we all have days where we are feeling more sad than normal — on those days, meditation can help you go into the feelings, feel them, and release them — sometimes it can be a useful tool to shift your energy. So I don’t want you to think I’m knocking meditation in any way — it’s incredibly useful and I personal use it every day — but again, seated meditation itself is not the goal — seated meditation is a tool — the goal is to live in a meditative state while functioning in your daily life. If you want to try the meditation that I first used to get into a high vibration, go to Episode 3. The entire episode IS the mediation — I did this on purpose so that you can come back to it at anytime and not have to search through an hour long episode to find it.


Also, I want to explore different meditations with you on this podcast throughout the year. So each month, I hope to put up a new meditation, led by different meditation teachers — I’m going to separate the mediation from my interviews with the teachers so that you can easily find and access the meditations. So I hope that’s helpful to you.


Well, we’ve covered a lot of ground in a short period of time. I’m hoping this all makes sense — please, always email me if it doesn’t and I’ll clarify by answering your questions in future podcast episodes.


We started out by talking about your soul. I told you the soul is energy and it has thought. We already talked about the energy vibration piece. The other part of your soul is consciousness. Here’s what your Angels need you to KNOW about this. YOU ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS. We talked a bit about this in episode 1, but I want to give you the full details now. Again, most humans just believe they just “THINK”. They don’t understand that they think from two DIFFERENT thought systems. Look at it this way. When someone is going through a rough time in their life, why do we tell them to listen to their heart? To listen to their Soul? To listen to their GUT? IF we only had one thought system, we’d just tell them to go think for a while but we don’t do that.  We tell people to listen to their heart, gut and intuition BECAUSE IT’S A DIFFERENT THOUGHT SYSTEM THAN THE ONE WERE USED TO Using— the one THAT CHATS AWAY AT US ALL DAY LONG. We say that because deep down we KNOW there are two thought systems within us.


I believe I read that scientists have found where these two thought systems reside within the brain (and I’d love to interview scientist or experts in this arena on this podcast to learn more on that later on — so please email me if you know someone I should talk to); however, the energy for these thought systems is in two different parts of the body.


First, you have the egoic mind — the energy for this thought system is in your head. Again, these are the thoughts that you have all day long. It’s like a constant conversation inside of your head. It might go something like this — “Today, I have to drop my daughter off a school, go get my allergy shot, and then go to the grocery story. And when I’m at the grocery store, I can’t forget to pick up salad. But oh, when I’m there, what if I run into Sally? Ugh, I always see her there and I don’t want to see her today. She’s always telling me that I should wear bright colors and stop wearing black so much. Who does she think she is, the fashion police? It drives me absolutely CRAZY!!! AAAAAnd I can never think of a response in the moment. When every anyone says anything to me that I don’t like, I just freeze up and I can’t say anything — but then WHAT I SHOULD”VE SAID always comes to me days after the conversation? Why does this always happen to me? Why can’t I just be quick enough to respond in the moment?” You see how these thoughts just spiraled from one to the next — You started out thinking about what you had to accomplish that day and you ended up thinking about the woman you can’t stand to see. And how many times in there did you just beat yourself up? We do this to ourselves ALL – DAY – LONG.


How are you supposed to feel GOOD, when inside your head, you’re beating yourself up all day long? You can’t.


Your head is like a train station with trains of thought that never cease. Everyone on Earth has this. This is what I call the Ego-ic Mind. But the ego-ic mind doesn’t have to be “bad”, we don’t have to label it. The truth is that the ego-ic mind is only “bad” when we let IT control US. Like I said before, if we can train ourselves to use the ego-ic mind as a tool, then it becomes a wonderful thing we can use to create. On the Other Side, our souls don’t have egoic thought. Don’t get me wrong, your Soul has thought, you think on the Other side, but you think from the intuition, not the egoic mind.


So, what is the intuitive thought system? Well, the energy of the intuition is in your HEART and GUT. It’s not loud and constantly bombarding you like the egoic mind. Instead the intuition is quiet, soft, and it whispers to you — it is both the voice of your soul, and it is also a direct connection to your Spirit Team on the Other Side. It is THE tool that your Angels, Guides and Loved Ones use to communicate with you every day — it’s HOW they talk to you.


Friends, you need to know that every soul that choose to come here to Earth, has a team/BOARD/or Committee-per say on the Other Side that will help guide, direct and protect them in their journey here on Earth. They call it your Spirit Team. You, yes you have a Spirit Team. Everyone does. It’s made up of God energy, Angels, Guides and Loved Ones on the Other Side. My gift is connecting with your Spirit Team and bring through their messages for you. But the truth of the matter is that you don’t need me, or anyone else to connect with your loved ones and Angels on the Other Side. You can learn to do this for yourself.


This is how it works. When mediums, intuitives, angel readers, etc — when we connect with the other side and hear spirit. It doesn’t sound like someone else’s voice. It’s not like we have a radio antenna attached to the top of our heads, and when you’re grandpa wants to come through, it sounds like him paging and talking on the overhead speakers at the grocery store saying — “Attention Julie: I want to speak to my grand-daughter now. Can you bring through these messages to her.” It doesn’t sound like that — When spirit wants to come through to anyone, they use the persons intuition. Look at it this way. What are your thoughts. What do they sound like? The thoughts you hear every day sound like your own internal dialogue — that’s your thoughts. Now here’s where you have to learn the difference between your ego-ic thoughts and intuitive thoughts — when you hear your internal dialogue coming from your ego-ic mind the thoughts are more pushy, loud, aggressive and mean. But when you hear your internal dialogue that comes from your intuitive mind — its softer, more of a whisper, it doesn’t push you, it’s just there reminding you — allowing you to take information they’re gifting you or not. Now, when spirit comes through it sounds like your own internal dialogue from your intuition — those soft whispers.  And you can learn to play with this and develop this for yourself — and when you do, you’ll learn how to bring through your messages for yourself.


A lot of people ask me, “What are the craziest messages that you’ve brought through?”


One of my favorites was actually the second Angel Message I ever brought through — it WAS for a FAMILY member. Spirit knew my family would be skeptical so they decided to give some BIG validation — for both of us. Well this family member put me on the spot as I was leaving her house and said, “Ok, what does my Spirit Team have to say to me?” So I tapped in and saw her dad. Her dad said, “Tell her the Cubs are going to win the World Series, but it will come down to a lesson in faith for Chicagoland.” Ok, friends. Now, this was fall 2016 — three or four series out from the Cubs actually winning — and if any of you followed that series, you know that statement is DEAD on because, it DID end up coming down to a lesson in faith for Chicagoland. But at the time my ego-ic mind was constantly getting in the way — I thought, “Oh my word, there IS NO WAY the Cubs are ever going to win the World Series. Julie, what the what did you just let come out of your mouth? Now no one is going to believe what is really happening to you. You mine as well just quit this Angel Message stuff right now.” Little did I know that, this message was meant to be validation for me as well. I don’t watch any sports — but I kept an eye on the Cubs that year. In the World Series (and the series before the World Series) that year, the Cubs were behind, and you could feel Chicagoland losing faith. Well, the Cubs pulled both of those wins out of no where in the final moments of the final games. Spirit even stepped in, in the last game I believe, with a huge rain delay — and that rain delay shifted the energy — it gave everyone the hope and faith they needed — and that’s when the Cubs turned it around. What I loved so much about that message — is the twist Spirit put on it — They said “it would come down to a lesson in faith for Chicagoland.” And that’s exactly what happened. Spirit often puts these subtle validating twists in the messages so that you know in your heart that it’s them.


Sometimes people ask me if Spirit comes through in public. The answer to that is YES. I was at subway the first time that happened. I was directing a young man on the ingredients I wanted in my sandwich and his dad wouldn’t leave me alone. So I asked him if his dad had passed. He said yes. And I told him his dad says that he’s on the other side, he’s in Heaven, he’s okay and that he’s so proud of him. Sometimes spirit has a lot more to say and so I’ll ask the person if they’d like to come for a free session later on so we can talk in more detail. The first time that happened, I was at TJ Maxx — I was holding too much stuff and the woman at the number station asked if she could help carry my items back to a fitting room. As we were walking back together, her mom and dad starting coming through. When I say they’re coming through, I mean I can feel their energy presence and hear thoughts that they’re trying to communicate through me. They give me a feeling, a nudge, to share their presence with the person. I told this woman that her mom and dad were coming through, but knew that she had a long day at work and would make it through if we brought through all her parents had to say at the time, so I gave her a gift card and asked her to come for a free session.


Another one of my favorite stories just happened in fall 2018. My daughter was getting into American Girl doll stuff — which is incredibly expensive, for something she will probably only use for a year — I ended up finding a woman who was selling her collection on the local Facebook mommies group. It was a half hour drive from my house, which is longer than I’d normally go, but for my daughter, anything! Right? So, I was getting ready to go pick up this American Girl Doll stuff and Spirit said, “Take more money because she has more stuff than she listed, and take two gift cards — one is for her and one is for her friend.” I always do what Spirit says, Okay, so I get out of the car, I knock on the door — this woman answers and low and behold she has all of these extra American Girl doll toys that she didn’t post on Facebook — just like spirit said. So I start telling her about what I do and how spirit asked me to bring these gift cards for her and her friend. This woman stops me and says, “You’re not Julie from Wheaton, are you?” Say what now? Friends, I was SO shocked, my mouth was on the floor. So I tell her, “Yes, yes, I am.” She goes, “I’ve got your business card in my pocket?” She proceeds to reach down into her pocket and pull out my business card to show me. She goes, “See?” THEN she proceeds to tell me that the friend she was going to come to the session with IS IN THE BASEMENT.


She says, “My friend and I were going to come see you together next week — My friend ACTUALLY gave you a call and left a message, then you called her back AND WE WERE JUST ABOUT TO CALL YOU.” She said, “My friends in the basement right now. Do you want to meet her?” Both of our mouths dropped. So of course I went in to meet the friend — and she starts laughing! She says, “I didn’t know you made house calls!”


That’s what I love about Spirits messages — there is always a twist on the message that is so validating — in this message it was that spirit said to bring two gift cards, one for her and one for her friend — and then her friend was there!


When things like this happen, I used to say, “Oh, that’s so crazy!” But I’ve learned, it’s not crazy, it’s just spirit. This is how they work. This is how they spirit communicates with us and validates for us. Sometimes it’s subtle, sometimes its something that you’ve been thinking a lot about — but these messages, no matter how big or small, they validate for us and create great energetic shifts in our lives.


Let’s go back to the questions and answers. A lot of people want to know if everyone has a spiritual gift and how you find out what yours is.


First, Yes! Everyone does have a spiritual gift, but like we talked about before, everyones gift is different — some people can see aura colors, some people can speak in tounge, we see some children who have extraordinary talent at a young age like painting or playing the piano proficiently at age 5 — and see these kids as Savants, but it’s their gift. Also, everyone has free will and the choice to develop their spiritual gift or not. If you want to learn what your spiritual gift is you have to be fully open to it. You can’t just say, “Oh, I’m open to it,” but really feel scared in your heart. You have to be all in.


Now if you have the gift of communicating with the Other Side in some way, you’ll end up hearing from them in one of four ways. Spirit can communicate through our thoughts — and like we talked about before, you might hear thoughts, and those thoughts aren’t you, it’s really them. Spirit can show you mini day dreams or pictures — sometimes it looks like a mini movie reel — but whats really happening is they’re showing you something. You could have a knowingness. When this happens a lot of times Spirit will just open your mouth and you’ll be talking but your mind isn’t even registering it, or processing it yet, what’s happening there is spirit is talking through you. Other times, you’ll feel actual sensations in your body. A lot of times when clients have bad anxiety issues, as soon as they step through my door, my heart starts racing and pounding like its beating out of my chest — that’s not me, because my body doesn’t typically act that way — that’s Spirit communicating the anxiety issue and saying there’s something there they need to talk about with that person.


Okay, moving onto the next topic here. The question is: What do you mean when you say emotional clearing?


So remember when I told you that my spiritual gift is different in that Spirit works through me to help you remove emotional pain and baggage in your energy field. Here’s what I mean by that. First, let’s start with your energy field. The Angels say that if there were a metaphor for what your soul looks like to them, it would be this. Imagine the sun. Huge, vibrant, radiant, with rays of light that stream millions of miles all the way to warm us here on Earth, right? Well, imagine that you take the sun and make is pure white light — because white is the highest color vibration that is — and then shrink that sun down to the size of a cantaloupe of grapefruit. Now put it in the middle of your body, a little below your heart. That is what the soul looks like to Spirit. Now the soul is energy that vibrates, and it has energy that comes off of it, just like the suns rays stream off of it and create a field of energy around the sun. In that same way, these rays of light energy beam out from your soul in every direction creating energy around your body that people have termed the “auric field”. So you have the auric field, your body, your ego-ic mind, and your soul. All different parts with different functions.


I’m going to explain what happens in your auric field — but first you have to know this. We know two things about God from the Bible right? God is a creator. God created everything. But God is also being. We know this from the story in the Bible when man goes to God and asks, “What is your name?” God says, “I AM.” So we know that God creates and God just is — God lives in being-ness. Those are two of the many ways that we were made in the likeness and image of God, because we too are creators and beings.


So back to the function of your auric field — the auric field sorts out all of the different options of what you have to create and co-create and manifest in your life. All of these different options lie in your auric field and as you manifest them into being, they move from the outer edges of your auric field closer-and-closer into your body, until there they are in your body — your body is physical — and that’s where the things you create in your life come into being. So they move from your auric field into your body and then show up in your life. Now, somethings are easier to manifest than others, but why is that so? It’s because as we go through experiences in our lives, they either help or hurt our creation process.


So when a child grows up in a home where their parents are constantly criticizing them — telling them you’re not good enough, you’re stupid, how could you do that? When they grow up around that negativity all their lives, that gets stored in their auric field as well. Now, when that child goes to create a bright, beautiful future for themselves, they’re constantly going to run up against this blockage of hearing their parents voices in their head — and their going to think they’re not good enough — most of this is at a very subliminal level. The person might be really ambitious, working hard to prove themselves, but deep down on the inside, they’re blocking their own success, because they still have this energy of their parents, or what someone said to them or what they went through in the past — they still have this junk in their auric field and it’s blocking them from where they want to be.

When I use the term emotional clearing — that’s what I’m talking about. In my sessions, the Angels and Spirit work through me to help people clear that junk out so that the person can more clearly see themselves and their path — and the Angels help you remove the stuff that’s not serving you.


Another question people ask, is how did you end up reconciling your religious beliefs with your spiritual gifts?


That’s a great question. I’ve always been a very stubborn, strong willed person — I don’t like to take anyones “word for it” — I don’t like it when other people or other systems try to think for me or tell me that I should believe them because they say that’s the way it is — I want to experience things for myself. I want to know with every ounce of my being that something is true and real. So that’s what I do — and that’s what I want you to do too.


Don’t take my word for it. Do the meditation in episode 3 and feel what high vibration feels like for yourself. Feel the immense amount of love, joy, peace, bliss, ease and grace that surround you. If developing your spiritual gifts is too scary too you, that’s okay, you don’t have to. But if it’s something that calls to you, if its a longing that you feel in your heart — then do it. Experience it for yourself. It doesn’t mean you have to do that work for a living. You can develop your spiritual gifts just for YOU to use in YOUR OWN life.


So back to the question, how did I reconcile my religious beliefs with my spiritual gifts? I threw out all of the dogma. For thousands of years, humans have been taking what spiritual people and spiritual texts have said and making it all about the words, but here’s the deal folks. It’s not about the words. None of its about the words. It’s about living your human life from your soul self — not just for 10 minutes or an hour each day in meditation. But living your day, attending to your responsibilities throughout your day, while being in a meditative, high-vibrational state. ALL OF THIS is about living from your soul and not your body. And in order for you to do that, you have to stop thinking as much and learn how to feel again. If you’re saying to yourself, I feel — I’d challenge you on that. Most people realized at some point in their life that it is too painful to feel, so they either turned their feelings off or learned to sweep them under the rug — this is more of a subconscious thing that we’ll talk about in another episode.


But while we’re on the topic of words — you need to know one more thing about this podcast. I will use the words “God,” “Universe,” and “Source,” interchangeably. Now, let’s talk about this for a second because some people don’t like this. People have all sorts of names for God — and they have really, really strong feelings about it. So which name is the right one? Well, there is no right one. AGAIN, we know from the Bible that when man went to God and asked, “What is your name?” God said, “I AM.” God didn’t say God. We gave that name to him/her along the way. You heard me right, I said HIM/HER. I don’t see God as one sex or another. That might not sit well with you — and I’m okay with that. I’m not here to tell you what you want to here, I’m here to share the info that I’m given — that’s all I can do. What the Angels show me is that while we humans sit here on Earth and fight about words — fighting about the name of God — it doesn’t CHANGE the way things are on the Other Side — the fact of the matter is this. The terms God, Universe, Source, I AM, Etc — they all fit. You can use any one you want because it’s all referring to the same thing — which is All That Is. So let’s stop debating that and let people use whatever term resonates most for them.


Here’s what you CAN DO! When you hear people use other terms, like “universe” or “source”, don’t get upset, don’t try to fight it. Instead, replace that word in your mind with whatever word you like to use most. That’s all.


Same for the word Heaven. I use the words Heaven and Other Side interchangeably. Mostly because when people say “Heaven” they think of one dimension, a realm or plane like Earth, but it’s not like that there, there are many realms and worlds within one. So, when I use these different terms, if you don’t like them just replace my words with whichever term resonates the most for you and move on — in other words replace my words with the words you like the best BECAUSE folks, we’re all talking about the same thing, and Spirit needs us to move past the debate of terminology, so that we can grow by seeing the bigger picture — which is how to take what we know, apply it to our lives, and start living in a more beautiful, loving, peace-filled way!!!



Next Question: Sometimes, people ask, what happens to those who do bad things here on Earth? How are they punished?


Well there isn’t a bad place on the other side, if that’s what you’re referring to. I’ve never tapped into a bad place on the other side. The Angels do talk about Karma — a lot of times in my sessions when my clients have loved ones on the other side that have hurt them in this life — their loved one on the other side will show me how they’ve gone through a life review and how they are so sorry for the hurt and the pain they caused on Earth.


And people are so funny. We think of a life review, as us in Heaven watching our life on a big screen — as if we were in a movie theatre . . . but it’s not like that at all. Spirit always says, what would be the point? We lived it like that already! No, when we go through a life review, we have to live out the experience again in a physical body, but were not in our own bodies, were in the bodies of the people we hurt. And we have to go through every experience where we caused pain and we have to feel that pain for ourselves. We experience ourselves and our actions from the body  and the mind OF the OTHER person and we feel for ourselves the way we hurt them, we experience the deep, deep pain it caused them — because it causes us to feel the exact same pain that they felt when it happened. That is how we work off a lot of our Karma on the other side. So it doesn’t pay off for us to hurt others, or lie, or cause negativity in the world — because we’re going to have to pay for it at sometime, if not here, then on the Other Side.


Next question, besides offering sessions, what do you do?


I started the company Chicago Energy Healing — and I work out of my house on weekdays while my husband and daughter are at school, but I also have an office in Naperville where I offer appointments on nights and weekends. Sometimes my sessions are in person, sometimes they are over the phone or Facetime. I feel very blessed to work with clients around the country. And they’d tell you, it doesn’t matter if you come in person or over the phone you receive the same experience and benefits either way. I also run some small groups, classes, workshops and parties. People have parties at their homes or businesses — a lot of boutiques — and they’ll have me come give angel messages to their guests. THOSE ARE ALWAYS A BLAST. I also teach Reiki and Chios Energy Healing classes and certify people in those healing modalities. And now, I’m producing this podcast and hope to put out a new episodes every week!!


I am so looking forward to interviewing experts on angels, consciousness, spiritual gifts — and spiritual topics in general on this podcast — I’m also looking forward to growing with you and getting to know you. I’d LOVE for you to participate in this podcast and there are so many ways that you can . . . If you want to record a session with me, we can do that, AND it might just air on this podcast. Right now I’m researching spiritual experts and experts within this community to interview on the podcast — so if you know if someone I should talk to, please email me that info!!! I also want to share your stories about angels, how your loved ones have come through to you, stories of miracles and stories of spiritual gifts on this podcast — if you have an amazing story that you’d like to share, please email me with that info too! 


If you’d like to book a session you can do that on my website That’s spelled And don’t worry, if you don’t want your session recorded for this podcast, that’s okay, we don’t have to do that — the website shows you how to book a private session or podcast session. I’m beginning to have a bit of a wait list, but don’t worry, we’ll get you in — please email me if you have any questions or need help booking.


I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening. I probably spoke too much about myself in the first episode, but I want you to see that I am a real person. I’m no different than you. And I take the privilege of connecting with the other side very seriously. So THANK YOU for listening. Thank you for being here and allowing me to share this gift with you. 


I’m excited for you to experience the meditation in episode 3 and here what your angels have to say about you in episode 4. Peace, bliss and many blessings to you dear friends. 



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