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20. Comfort Zone – Spirituality, Akashic Records (including some channeled messages) and why we need to get unstuck!

The Soul Tribe December 17, 2019 9

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In this episode we talk about what comfort zone means and why you need to push past the comfort zone and fear (ego). We also get into a lot more in the episode:

  • What is the “comfort zone”?
  • How your current comfort zone wasn’t that previously, how you made that new comfort zone happen. 
  • What stepping out of the comfort zone means on your spiritual journey and examples of pushing past fears and the ego. 
  • Moving countries, changing jobs and how it may be hard and what you may feel, how to flow and use wake up calls.
  • Lucia talks about not speaking Dutch when she moved to Holland and how it felt and how it was uncomfortable in the beginning.
  • Ego and the little voice in your head scaring you off from leaving your comfort zone.
  • Lucia’s masters messages about sleepy talk and ego talk and which each is and what it means and how it may be part of your soul contract.
  • The creation of the podcast and leaving the comfort zone. 
  • Lorena talks about the idea, mission and details of creating the podcast, steps to take and how it may have not happened.
  • Letting things flow and how information was received and not pushed. 
  • Lucia speaks about the channeled vision of the podcast, how it shows up and how we are just this little speck on the giant maps of lights. All these light connect and create a network. 
  • What goose bumps mean and what kind of sign they are when you feel/ get them.
  • Lorena goes into listening to her calling and pushing past comfort zone, starting level 2 of Akashic Records and how sometimes there isn’t time for the change.
  • Lorena speaks about her reading with Kristos Perry (Interview with Kristos & Foster Perry, episode 18).
  • Purpose, listening to self and the messages you are getting.
  • Finding your tool, what works for you, and how different things work for different people. 
  • Changing jobs and the transition phase, and the uncomfortable moments. How you may feel comfortable where you are and you may want to not leave or leave cause of boredom. we speak about growth, expanding and cutting bad things our and putting good things in slowly. 
  • Akashic Record messages Lucia received about people staying in jobs longer then should have been and master & guides waiting to assist them.
  • Channeled messages from Lucia and Lorena about comfort zone, the podcast and message to the audience.

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    20. Comfort Zone – Spirituality, Akashic Records (including some channeled messages) and why we need to get unstuck!
    The Soul Tribe

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