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21. Interview with Tania Magdalene – angelic healing, crystal children, crystal healing and a lot more!

The Soul Tribe December 17, 2019 9

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Welcome back! We had the honor of interviewing Tania Magdalene on the podcast this week, and we went into so many interesting topics. We hope you enjoy it! Some topics we get into:

  • Who Tanis is, where she is from and what she does.
  • How she created her courses and The Academy of Ancient Magik. How the information comes to her as a download.
  • How Tania started on her path of spiritual healing and how she helps others through her knowledge.
  • Angelic healing, herbalism, aromatherapy, oracle cards, crystal healing, chakra healing, essential oils, etc
  • How angels and archangels communicate to her and how this has changed her life and created her Angelic healing course.
  • Tania’s experience with her gifts as a child.
  • The Crystal Grid shape shift and how this has affected humanity on earth and children coming here.
  • Crystal children: Crystal Star, Crystal Indigo and Crystal Crystal children. What defines each one and how we can identify each one.
  • How Tania supports crystal children and parents. Her experience with crystal children and her advice for parents of crystal children.
  • How school systems need to adapt to the different needs of crystal children. How some children may be diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD due to certain gift they have and the school system not able to adapt to needs.
  • Crystals to use for protection and for channeling energy (akashic records).
  • What being spiritual means and how we shouldn’t let others define what it should look like. We need to be true to ourselves. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

The Academy of Ancient Magik:
Tania’s courses:
Tania’s Email: [email protected]

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    21. Interview with Tania Magdalene – angelic healing, crystal children, crystal healing and a lot more!
    The Soul Tribe

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