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22. Channeled Akashic Record messages for The Soul Tribe Podcast listeners

The Soul Tribe December 17, 2019 6

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Hey everyone! Welcome back! In this episode we open up the Akashic Records of The Soul Tribe Podcast listeners. You won’t want to miss the amazing information. 

We ask 3 big questions:

1) What is the purpose and The Soul Tribe community?
– We have this necessity to rush, the need to get somewhere quick. We need to “stop” with these messages. What is the point of you being incarnated if you are not able to be present right now. Stop the overthinking so we can be present and live a conscious life.
– The unity of souls, raising vibration. The podcast is about connecting people.

– Be aware, world wide awareness. Wake up.

– Unity, union of souls. Feeling accepted, connected and not alone. Soul Tribe is here to help connect.

– Stop, consciousness, unity, raise vibration (ascende).

2) What should we all expect for 2020 and the soul tribe podcast in general?
– The unity, the entire earth needs to raise the vibration.
– Connection of light between listeners, creating awareness and activating a light grid around the world.
– Expanding awakening virus, making its; way around the world.

– Listeners will expand towards others around them.

– Expectation for 2020 is unity, unity to connect, grow and elevate.

3) What common struggles/lessons does the Soul Tribe Podcast have in common?
– Before 2010 lack of inspiration, motivation & connection.
– After 2010 bigger plan started to awaken.
– After 2020 raise consciousness & vibration.
After 2010 the changes started, end of careers, jobs & or relationships. Cutting the negative unneeded connections. You don’t have to continue.

– Believe in yourself. Let go of fear & internal limiting belief. Let it go.

– Put yourself first, I am me, I am genuine to myself and who I am.

– Mid intro after disruption.

– We are not alone, masters re here to help us. They have the power. Ask!

– Insecurity & trusting

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    22. Channeled Akashic Record messages for The Soul Tribe Podcast listeners
    The Soul Tribe

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