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Julie Jancius December 17, 2019 6

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This meditation will help you get into your souls energy, into your souls vibration. We start out by feeling the energy within our bodies and then begin to feel energy above our heads. This energy above your head is your souls true vibration, as much as we can feel it here on Earth. This is also called a state of high vibration, a blissed out state, theta state. It is a state of healing and health.


Use this meditation daily in the morning to set your energy, and come back to it at anytime throughout your day when you need to shift your energy, re-align with your higher-self, or simply when you need to bring some calm into your day.


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[00:00:05] Hello friends. Welcome to the Angels and Awakening podcast. I’m your host Julie Jancius. We’re keeping the podcast really short today. It’s just the meditation I was telling you about in Episodes 1 and 2. I’m doing this on purpose so that you can come back at any time. Listen to this podcast and get into a blissed out state or simply shift your energy


[00:00:30] If you can try to do this meditation every day so that you can go deeper and deeper into it.


[00:00:36] And so you can feel more and more this is your homework from Spirit.


[00:00:42] One more thing you’ll need to be seated and in a place where you can close your eyes and be free from all distractions and responsibilities. It’s best to have quiet if you can. Do not play this meditation or use this meditation in the car or while operating machinery or completing responsibilities where you need to focus. OK if you’re in a place and time where you’re free from all distractions. Please start by taking a seat. It could be in a chair on the couch or on the side of your bed. You want both of your feet on the floor and it’s OK if you’re wearing shoes. You’ll also want to sit up tall and upright with good posture and with the gaze of your eyes looking directly ahead in front of you. As we do this meditation. I want you to continue to breathe deeply in and out. Now close your eyes and start by taking too deep inhales and too deep exhales.


[00:02:06] Now I want you to imagine that out of the bottom of your feet the soles of your feet are these large roots that go down from your body into the earth. These roots go down far and wide


[00:02:21] As if you were a tree and those roots are anchoring you to the ground. Feel those roots as they go down through the soil. Past the rocks and the earth. Down to a deep reservoir of water. Those roots begin to tangle with beautiful earth energy. Feel as those tingles come up those roots and start to tingle at the tip of your toes. I want you to allow those tingles to crawl up your feet. Around your ankles. Up over your calves and shins. Feel those tingles at your knees. Take a moment and let them crawl up your thighs your hamstrings. All the way up to the sides of your hips. Now bring that yummy tingly energy to the base of your spine and the base of your stomach. Allow those tingles to crawl up the spine and the stomach until they reach your heart. Feel those tingles as they surround the outside of your heart and as they fill the inside of your heart. And as they do your body comes into a gentle state of ease.


[00:04:12] Take a moment and tune into your body. Notice as your head melts into your shoulders. And how your shoulders soften and relax


[00:04:29] Feel the energy in your arms and in your hands as they melt into your lap.


[00:04:38] Feel your legs and your feet as they relax into the floor.


[00:04:47] Your body is now in a complete state of ease. Return your attention to your heart. Feeling the tingles that both surround and fill your heart. Let these tingles climb up into your shoulders


[00:05:13] Into your neck. Then let them fill your entire head. Front. To back. Side to side. Top. To bottom


[00:05:30] From here. You can feel this yummy tingly energy from head to toe.


[00:05:41] This is the set point to vibration within your body. We can take this one step further by feeling the tingles in our heads letting them crawl up through our hair follicles. And feeling that tingly energy two inches or even higher off the tops of our heads.


[00:06:08] Now this energy above your head might feel different. It might feel like it’s lifting you upward.


[00:06:15] It might feel spacious or expansive. That’s all normal. I want you to stay in this state for a few moments. You’re going to hear silence as here in this state. Then I’ll come back to end this meditation. But what I want you to do right now is keep your attention on this tingly vibration above your head for as long as you can.


[00:06:40] If your mind wanders and you catch it just to redirect your attention to the tingles above your head. OK do this now


[00:07:50] One more time. Bring your attention back to the tingly energy that sits two inches or higher above the top of your head.


[00:07:59] What did you feel the last few moments. Did you feel like the energy was lifting you upward. Did you feel the vast amount of space and expansiveness and this energy. Did you feel love joy peace bliss and ease take a moment to recount to yourself what you felt


[00:08:30] Now friends. Take a deep breath with me. This meditation is the type of homework you want to do the more you do this meditation the more you will hold this vibration until you get to the point where one day you don’t need the meditation anymore. You’ll know when that time comes because you’ll be able to say or think I want to feel the tingles above my head and then you will and then you can go about your day doing your work while you live in that vibration


[00:09:17] Until till then continue to use this meditation every morning and come back to it whenever you need to shift your energy throughout your day one more time. Deep breath in deep breath out


[00:09:35] If you haven’t been told yet today you are so beautiful you are a radiant soul with great purpose here and you are so loved.


[00:09:47] Your angels love you your spirit team loves you and I love you. Thank you for spending some time with me. Go on to have a magnificent rest of your day as your spirit team send you peace bless. And many many blessings.



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    3 Your Favorite Meditation
    Julie Jancius

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