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33. Free Will & Karmic Lessons

The Soul Tribe March 2, 2020 12

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In this episode we get into free will and how this has an impact on our lives, our path and even the karmic lessons and people around us. We get into our own personal stories around free will and how we navigated the hardships and came out the other side.

Free will is something we all have and can use to overcome the karmic lessons we came here to learn, and with doing so align to our path. We even have free will to take these tests and pass them, or to ignore our callings and not feel completely fulfilled. We can choose.

  • What is Free Will and why it’s so important
  • How free will can lead us to not accomplish our karmic lesson if we choose incorrectly.
  • The importance of listening to your heart and not your head. This will lead you to the road of accomplishing your karmic lessons.
  • Sometimes your intuition leads you to a not so perfect situation and that doesn’t mean it was a wrong decision. It means you probably learned what you were supposed to learn, or what was supposed to happen did happen.
  • other people’s free will, their ability to decide can also affect our karmic plan. We are all connected in this life.

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    33. Free Will & Karmic Lessons
    The Soul Tribe

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