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Julie Jancius December 17, 2019 23

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Host of the Subconscious Mind Master Podcast and Author of the book Fear Busters, Thomas Miller, talks about how he transformed his life in his later 40’s and shares the never-before-seen tools he’s creating to help people become more conscious in their own lives — it’s top secret, he hasn’t even shared these tools with his own tribe yet, but he’s sharing them here today! We also talk about the thoughts we develop in childhood and how those thoughts shape us as adults — and while we cannot change our childhood, it is our responsibility to fix our subconscious mental patterns as adults. A fascinating person. A fascinating hour of conversation!

NOTE: Theres 2 minutes of audio that sound funny, but that completely corrects after those 2 minutes. Sorry about that! But thanks for sticking with us! 


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[00:01:38] So today we’re here with Thomas Miller. He’s the host of the subconscious mind mastery podcast. A podcast he’s been hosting for over six years. His podcast covers the powers of manifestation, the laws of the universe, and how the conscious and subconscious minds work together. His listeners say that he provides an accessible road map to learning how to change your life for the better. How to turn your life into what you want it to be. Thomas has talked to all the great authors researchers scientists everyone who is at the forefront of brain research and what I love about your story Thomas is that you say you started to make this shift in your life that you really came into these big changes these big leaps in your later 40s. Can you tell us more about who you are and what you do?


[00:02:33] Hi Julie thank you. What a great introduction and loving your new podcast. Thank you for having me on.


[00:02:40] Oh thank you for being our guest. We just appreciate it so much.


[00:02:43] Well my story goes back quite a while quite a few years ago I had major changes though in my late 40s. So yeah I was a late bloomer of becoming conscious if you will.


[00:02:58] Hey it doesn’t matter when it happens just that it happens right.


[00:03:01] Boy is that the truth. But you know, now my heart is for folks your age to get this because then you have all these decades in front of you to really compound this incredible growth that you can have in your life and the impact that you can have on the world is phenomenal. So yeah I played my part did my role and I’m living out my journey but. But yes I have such a heart for young people so I’m really thrilled to again to be participating here with you. But my story goes back to Tulsa Oklahoma where I was born and Tulsa is a fundamental town.


[00:03:44] I mean it’s a great, talk about a great place to grow up wonderful community but it just had a fundamental underpinning in it culturally. So my parents were wonderful, very loving. We were a Christian family and that has a belief system and kind of especially in that it was it was accentuated because of where we were and the teachings that were common in around our community. So life was very rigid.


[00:04:18] I mean this is the way you were and this is what you believed in if you stepped out of that then there was disfavor with mom and dad and there was disfavor with the community so you can kind of see how even though everybody responds differently it was not the kind of place that you would step out of line if you thought I mean right. Because if you did I mean it was you know there was judgment quickly would would prevail so my brother and I because of respect for our parents are wonderful mom and dad who are both in spirit now we’d never either of us rebelled we didn’t become the rebellious teenagers and climb out the windows at night and you know and go do all the stuff that a lot of kids do. We were obedient. So I went to college having never done a lot of the things that typical teenagers might have done.


[00:05:12] And that belief system created a box I guess that I lived in I thought that was the right thing to do. I mean that’s how I was taught. I was brought up in Christian schools and all this and I just thought that that was the way that we were supposed to be. And I never knew that there was this whole big else wise way of seeing things or doing things. And what broke all that down was after four decades I had been through two divorces and see in that model you didn’t get divorced once much less twice. So I had to sit down and figure out what happened. And that was my reaction to my second divorce was spent a year kind of just shaking my fist toward heaven. That was a bad year. That was kind of an off year but then I sat down and I said I’ve really got to figure out what happened because I don’t want to do this again. So the first thing I did is I erased that entire belief system. I was like that didn’t serve me. So I got to start there because at least I’m coming from that perspective. So I need to change my perspective on everything about life.


[00:06:25] So just like you would erase a chalkboard I erased my belief system because that belief system was really your programming since childhood right.


[00:06:35] Totally totally programmed and that’s why I called the podcast subconscious mind mastery because I discovered after about a year of picking my life apart completely that a lot of the beliefs that I constructed as a child played themselves out without me having to lift a finger to do anything so I could see things that I was afraid of.


[00:07:01] That I built in fears as a child.


[00:07:04] All of a sudden I’d look when I was in my mid thirties and boy it had happened just as I had constructed it so let’s break down like an example because I think you know so often in a spiritual community you know we talk big and broad back.


[00:07:20] How give me an example of this. And maybe one of the. The thoughts are the subconscious constructs that you had and how you rewired it.


[00:07:32] I found this really cool thing just not long ago and I did a recent podcast on it called Destiny cards. Have you ever heard of Destiny cards. No I haven’t heard of that. Oh you ought to google it. It this is really fun and cool. So I found these destiny cards and it’s basically it paints a beautiful picture of our how we came in and what our journey is through a deck of regular playing cards and there’s a whole lot more to it than that. But my destiny Card said that I would have challenges in two areas relationships and finances or relating to money. OK so one of the constructs that I built in this actually really got reinforced after that my first divorce the biggest reaction that I had to my first divorce was that I was going to lose the money that I had built up in my 20s and 30s.


[00:08:34] It’s not a funny reaction I think it’s a typical reaction.


[00:08:38] I had two young kids and I was more concerned about the money. And that’s hard to admit but that’s the way it was.


[00:08:46] And see a lot of people would make themselves wrong about that. Like what. You weren’t more concerned for your children than you were your bank account. But then when you come back and you you know these things that are built into the structure of the universe to show us the path and show us the way like this little Destiny card thing that comes along and says Dude you were wired to have these problems oh so I was just going through C and this is where the consciousness had I been aware of that I could have chosen. We all have choice right at the end of the day we all have choice. Absolutely.


[00:09:27] Then I could have chosen to do that to react to that differently. Problem was I was blind. I didn’t know. I simply didn’t know. So I went with what was there and what was there created this fear around I’m going to lose all this money well then when I started to pick my life apart I spent a year doing this with a journal literally almost every night reconstructing what had happened.


[00:09:58] So I would go back to particular events in my childhood and I was able to go back and find areas where I interpreted lack of money.


[00:10:09] So that’s what happened in my in my family.


[00:10:12] We never quote unquote had enough although we had plenty in our lives.


[00:10:18] So you went back and you really found those moments from your childhood where these constructs of your mind started so that you could then piece it back together in a different way. Re Re pattern those thoughts within your mind.


[00:10:35] So what was normal to me as a child. That’s absolutely right.


[00:10:40] Just as you said that was the process.


[00:10:43] What was normal to me as a child was. Inflation is going to rob all of our savings because prices are just going to keep going up and up and up.


[00:10:52] And that was true back in the 1970s. My mom lived in a world where she would go to the grocery store and a loaf of bread would be 50 cents more next week than it was this week. But it stopped you know it changed and the economy changed in the 1980s and it was different. And then prices were going down. So it’s like but everything was just this crisis and emergency and the fear and we weren’t going to have enough and if you died without accepting Jesus as your savior you were going to go to hell and just fear everywhere. In my background.


[00:11:27] So I applied that fear to money and sure enough that fear fulfilled itself.


[00:11:35] So I found myself after the second divorce having to start to rebuild everything financially and emotionally and spiritually and all of it yeah.


[00:11:45] I love those times though when they say spirit breaks us to make us.


[00:11:50] I had a similar thing happened in my life where it was like everything just came crashing down all at one time and it took away the self identity that I had put into my career that I had Clinton to my relationship and it it made me take a step back and realize I’m not worthy because I have this title I’m not worthy because I’m finally making the money that I wanted to be making at work. I’m not worthy because of this or that I’m worthy just because I am.


[00:12:26] That’s a hard one to get sometimes isn’t it. Yeah.


[00:12:29] Especially when we think we’ve messed it all up you know. Right yeah. So yeah I mean it’s like and I’ve I’ve used a couple of other tools that just have helped me with perspective these destiny cards just happened to come across my path recently and I’m finding it to be very exciting and fun but it’s an astrology is another thing that I’ve used to just paint the picture of what these realities are. You know I’m wired differently than you are. Go figure that Julie really.


[00:13:01] So my journey and the challenges that I’m going to face in my life and the struggles that I have to go through are going to be different than what yours having to go through and you might find ease and flow with money.


[00:13:17] Know I was looking up one of those cards in fact for a very close friend of mine and that’s exactly what his card was. And that’s what’s happened in his life. You know it’s like so that I’m that I came here to struggle in that area now that I know that.


[00:13:36] And like use a pun here put the cards all out on the table and let that be okay. Now what am I doing.


[00:13:46] I mean if this was just a kind of a fresh reminder that now what I’m doing is I’m studying everything I can about about finances and money and I’m just kind of going back to the basics and rebuilding that because I had done well in my 20s and 30s and then I let all this fear come in and kind of tear the whole thing down. So I’m just rebuilding that area and having fun doing it.


[00:14:13] Oh I love that. I love that.


[00:14:16] So Thomas you’ve been studying subconscious mind mastery for longer than it’s been popular right.


[00:14:22] You’ve talked to the authors the the people who are at the forefront of studying consciousness and positive thinking. What do you know for sure from all your research on how our brains work how the whole system here on earth works to get us where we want to go to really bring the desires of our hearts to fruition.


[00:14:44] That’s a great question.


[00:14:46] Well so a couple of things one of my favorite sayings is when the student is ready the teacher appears and that happens so much through that process and a teacher appeared for me in 2013.


[00:15:04] His name is Fred Dodson.


[00:15:06] He’s written 25 books and he and I connected through me soliciting him to record his books for audio books. He had not done any audio books at the time so Fred and I have done now 24 of his 25 books.


[00:15:25] He has been a mentor to me in my growth in this new way of being that I can’t even begin to describe and not only just from a mentor as in reading his material or taking courses or going to seminars or whatever. I’m sitting in front of this microphone for hours reading his material as him so I’m figuring out how I can inflect his voice how would Fred say this. So for the last about five or six years I’ve literally in a sense become like a second image of Fred Dodson right because I’m trying to really honestly communicate the way that he would. So I listen to his videos the way he talks the way he and flex and try in my own skin to inflect that. And I think that’s had a tremendous rub off.


[00:16:20] So Fred has been really I have to attribute where I really got most of this information is from his work. So if somebody wanted to look into that they are certainly welcome to his name is Fred Dodson. And with that I would prove again because you’re not going to pull one off on me again right. I’m not going to just believe something because you say so. So I put it all to the test and what I found is that his material and all of this material really on that we are co creators I have found it true over and over again to the point where I’m still like wow this thing really just manifest. I’m getting ready to get on an airplane this afternoon to go up to Colorado to work on consummating a business deal that I created over the last three years and it’s happening and I am going to make money off of this transaction exactly as I created it over three years ago.


[00:17:22] So it does work. I mean it’s exciting and it’s still happening right now.


[00:17:28] I love that that’s so perfect. So in your research where do you find to be the most fascinating part. What do you find to be the most fascinating part of my mastery or maybe from this author that you shared what is the most fascinating part of his message that he shares you.


[00:17:49] Well you’re asking some great questions. I love a journalist’s background. OK well me too then will I. All right then I’ll I’ll get to Shay here we’ll get going on.


[00:18:02] I love it. All right. That’s a great question. The most exciting thing to me has been the discovery that this is a soul based journey we get so caught up in the trappings around us. We live in a physical world. You live in Chicago I live in Dallas I go back and forth to Colorado. We have families. I heard a dog in the background. You know we have kids. We do our thing right. Yeah.


[00:18:35] And that becomes the structure of our reality. So everything we connect to are the physical things around us when you zoom up ten thousand feet like a drone you know now we have the drones I don’t know if you’ve ever flown one but they are so cool because you can just hover up above the trees and then all of a sudden you can rotate that camera all around the view and look at it completely different than we do down in the trees.


[00:19:03] And when you view our life from a soul perspective and I know that’s a lot of your work and you are gifted in that area to connect with that beyond the physical. That’s a wonderful gift to have and I you know I think we all can to a degree but I know there are people that are more gifted with that my girlfriend Mirjana is like you you know she will hear messages from the other side. I don’t have that I you know I mean maybe it’s developable but I don’t have it today more intuitive maybe but not in the way that you guys do.


[00:19:46] Fred did a book Fred wrote a book called lives of the soul and it actually picks up a death and it goes through until our next incarnation.


[00:19:55] What happens in between Michael Newton also does a lot of this type of this work that we are a soul and eternal soul on a journey that we are growing that this isn’t our first rodeo and that we come in with in essence a blueprint it’s like a roadmap we have choice within the road but we are on a road and boy did that answer so many questions that that I couldn’t figure out in the old paradigm. So the most exciting thing for me was discovering from our higher level that this is a much bigger journey than it is manifesting a new car or new house or gee I’d really like to move to Chicago.


[00:20:51] How do I pull that one off.


[00:20:53] You know it’s. Does that make sense.


[00:20:55] Totally 100 percent well and that’s what we’re really coming into right is I don’t want to say stepping away from religion but it’s because I grew up going to Catholic school and I could remember as a little girl the first thing that I wanted to be was a nun. But there wasn’t a you couldn’t have a family and be a nun. And I knew at a very young age that I wanted a family.


[00:21:19] So we have these constructs within our minds so young and coming and stepping out of those and realizing like you just said so beautifully so eloquently is that we are souls we are souls first and foremost and we can choose with our free will to live more from our souls energy to live more from our intuition which is I believe our souls thought system on the other side here and now. So this is such fun work to be able to share the broad community.


[00:21:59] Well and I know you’ll be addressing this as your podcast episodes unfold but that you can connect with those souls and hear a message other than how we came up.


[00:22:13] Hey I’m trapped in Purgatory. Get me out of here or Woops I didn’t say the right word and the prayer and I’m in hell because of it.


[00:22:22] You know it’s like we laugh at that but you know I mean it’s serious business that I like. I believe that for 40 years. What if I didn’t get it right. You know a fear of hell. And one of the boy one of the transformative conversations I had is with a really good friend of mine Daniel Dana Carvey lives here in the Dallas area and we were on a patio not far from here having drinks one night and he said you know what if there were no sin.


[00:22:55] Think about that. Think about if sin just didn’t exist because as he was saying at the end of the day who really is the judge well the Bible is the judge.


[00:23:08] Well wait a minute. There are 80 denominations because we can’t agree on how to interpret the Bible. So let’s back up who again is the judge whether you just send or not right. So what if you just took cent off the table and just said we’re all on a journey now.


[00:23:27] If I if I kill another human being I’m going to certainly pay for that.


[00:23:34] That’s a crime in our criminal justice system and this gets weird.


[00:23:39] I’m telling you this gets weird don’t judge me on this but when you zoom up to that 10000 foot perspective then the mindset of today that everything is supposed to be nice and cushy and soft and easy and smooth goes away and I like the book by Neale Donald Walsh.


[00:24:05] Little Soul in the sun. Are you familiar with that little book now to cancel it out.


[00:24:11] Yeah it’s a kid’s book.


[00:24:13] Beautifully illustrated and the story is the two little souls on the other side who are getting ready to incarnate. And one of the little souls says that their mission is to work on forgiveness


[00:24:27] But the Little Soul is concerned because it doesn’t know how it’s going to be able to forgive unless somebody is mean to the soul that the soul has to forgive them so it’s little partner soul says well I’ll incarnate with you and I’ll be mean to you. I’ll do something to hurt you so that you can forgive me. How about that and the first hurdle. Yeah that first little soul says why would you do that for me would you really go down there and hurt me so that I could forgive you and the second soul says I would do it because I love you that much.


[00:25:12] I got to tell you so I don’t know if you know much about my story but the way that I came into this gift was exactly that real my dad I.


[00:25:26] I love him to death and I go through my first podcast I talk about all the wonderful wonderful beautiful parts of him you know his really his one flaw was women and I caught him cheating on my mom for the first time when I was pretty young in elementary school and I didn’t know how or what to do with that information or how to handle that information.


[00:25:50] And then I caught him again in middle school and in middle school again you know you’re in a Catch 22 you love your mom you love your dad what do you do. And I ended up feeling in my heart that I was just going to punish him by pushing him away by not talking to him by distancing myself. So I did that all throughout my teenage years my twenties and we always tried to come back together but he’d have one girlfriend and I’d hear about how he had other girlfriends on the side and I was like I can’t I can’t be apart you know like at some point you got to get it together.


[00:26:29] And when he passed I started hearing from him a month before his family reached out to let me know he was gone and yeah. And I ended up having a visitation dream from him. Maybe six seven months later where he was on the other side and they actually showed me my house on the other side. They were at this big party it was like a welcome home. Julie’s back and I could see my dad out of the corner of my eye walking around as I was talking to other friends and family that I didn’t know I knew but I knew I knew him in the dream and my dad finally came up to me after what felt like a couple hours and he said well we should talk shouldn’t we. And we went outside and there was a big lake outside and the scenery changed to a place we used to go out on a lake as a kid when I was when I was a child and he left me for the first time without us giving his side of the story just vent to him about him for hours on end and he just poured tears out of his eyes like I had never seen before and he said Julie if I could go back and take that all back I would but I can’t. And even more than that dream when I woke up I was bawling hysterically when I woke up and that never happens.


[00:28:05] And I knew in my heart that he had been here not as a bad guy not as this flawed soul but he had been here to stir up some stuff so that we all could learn our lessons because he’s got four kids we all that different stuff from him we all learned different stuff from him.


[00:28:32] He’s got other stepchildren who learned from him as well and that is so right on.


[00:28:39] Here’s the part that I can’t connect the dots on. OK. As a person who has a community of people listening to them Where is the boundary so that people don’t say well they’re no bad on the other side I’m just going to go murder these bad people. Oh no. Whatever it might be you know. I don’t I don’t have that down yet.


[00:29:07] Karma is a bitch.


[00:29:10] Yeah.


[00:29:14] You will pay.


[00:29:17] So you know when you study this like you’re talking about and this so fits Fred’s lives of the soul and Michael Newton’s work of what 7000 I think hypnosis sessions that he did to get this same message when you see recurring patterns.


[00:29:34] So it’s like so many people who connect with the other side talk about this being the way that that things are. Again let’s zoom up to the 10000 foot perspective of this is a soul growth process. So if you say well yeah there are no rules or judgments or anything on the other side. Well first of all there’s gonna be hell to pay on this side. I don’t know about you but I would not do well living in a 10 by 10 box for the rest of my life. This doesn’t sound appealing to me at all. Not for 10 minutes much less for decades so you know there’s there’s that built in.


[00:30:14] Is this what I would really want to go do but if even if that didn’t move you and you still had that that vile impulse Oh I got to show you something to let me show this.


[00:30:30] This works really well. I got a clue for the folks watching on video. Well we’ll show you something here. This is something I’ve been working on. Nobody knows this. So I’m like.


[00:30:41] You’re like the first I have I haven’t even done this for my own podcast audience but we’re going to let you know so because I mean you asked your journalistic skills are quite sharp so if we think about this from a soul growth perspective and we connect with what all is available when we do grow our soul it becomes such an incredible motivator to me to want to reach those higher levels of consciousness because there is so much magic up there there is so much wonder that we can’t even imagine at those higher levels of consciousness that we don’t get when we let our humanity get the best of us.


[00:31:32] You know.


[00:31:33] So what I was saying earlier and what you brought up like your dad’s role in a sense was to stir stuff up for people so that they could grow.


[00:31:45] And we don’t get that in our in our society today in our. I was going to say liberal or progressed you know our forward thinking society doesn’t like those challenges doesn’t make them that our society doesn’t. It’s not OK to be one who would stir up for others so that they could forgive. That doesn’t resonate today. Right. We’re not at that level of consciousness that you can know we like to make stories.


[00:32:14] We like to say oh well he must be really stupid because he lost his job or she must be this because this happened you know we want to apply a story to everything. He’s a bad guy because he cheated. You know this story.


[00:32:30] It’s all a story. Yeah I went through my transitional period I went through a program that a friend of mine said hey go just go to this it’ll change your whole perspective on things that was called the Landmark Forum. And I did that weekend.


[00:32:43] I’ve done it once and it did.


[00:32:47] And one of the things that you take away from that program is how much we are enveloped in our stories. We make a story up out of everything.


[00:32:57] That’s exactly right.


[00:32:59] So here’s something that we’re working on. This was a work in progress from one of the books that I did with Fred. And this is totally with his blessing. And we were corresponding on it yesterday. And he’s like you’ve got to take this and run with it because this is this is good stuff so what the book was called low levels of energy. OK. So levels of energy by Fred Dodson and then the kind of the companion book that came before that about a decade prior was called power versus force by Dr. David our Hawkins and Dr. Hawkins used this as the basis of one of the largest clinical psychology practices in the country out of Long Island. He passed away in 2012 but left us with this incredible work that basically takes consciousness and puts it on a scale so both authors used the same scale Fred’s treatment of the material is completely different Dr Hawkins is more scientific Fred is more practical applicable.


[00:34:01] But basically if you take all of our human emotions all of our human existence and put it on a scale from zero to 1000 let’s say the numbers don’t mean anything it just is the relativity if you go out and kill somebody that’s probably a 20.


[00:34:17] It’s down around the area of psychosis depression 50 fear one hundred anger 160 narcissism pride arrogance one ninety.


[00:34:28] Those are all low levels of consciousness so we’ve come up with this little system that’s representing represented by these rings. So I’ve got four colors of rings. So if you take that all those low levels of consciousness and we’ll just this is kind of a maroon color brown color and if you see that but that. So let’s say that all of those are here right and then like daily life you know we we get the kids ready we take them to school we go to work we come back we help them with their homework we put them to bed we watch an hour of TV we go to we go to sleep that’s that’s just like we’re just getting by.


[00:35:11] Right.


[00:35:11] Life works not bad not setting any records not you know creating anything not changing the paradigm of the culture but you know not bad we’re getting by for those who can’t see physically in the video he’s got two rings and maroon ring and then he just added with that last statement a red herring on top of it. All right. So then we’re going to put on top of that a golden colored ring. All right. So that’s now we start to step outside of ourself and we start to put others first. Selfless service if you will we’re moving up the scale the scale is is represented by these three ring stacked on top of each other that are different colors but we’re moving up or getting higher. So we’re growing and when you start to really step out of yourself when you put others first when you are full of joy when you’re just happy when you’re fun to be around when you give to others we Marjan and I were at a hotel up in Arkansas the other day and walking out there was this guy who was sweeping the floor in front of the door and one of those carpet pad things you know and he was just sweeping that and just getting and he’d go back the other way and somebody walk down the hall Oh thank you for staying at our hotel.


[00:36:30] This was at a Marriott. It was in his hotel I promise you he had known the darn thing right. But he was so proud. Oh thank you for being our guest we can’t wait to see you back again. Have a nice day.


[00:36:42] That was that’s this kind of that’s that’s the gold right. You know he’s working twelve dollar an hour job up in Arkansas sweeping the floors and hauling the trash out and he’s just serving other people. Beautiful. And then when so the final ring is is turquoise colored.


[00:37:01] Those are the pure levels of of unconditional love pure joy peace creativity.


[00:37:12] Think of Malala today is really representing this little girl that was shot in the head by the Taliban and lived. And her story is magnificent. Mother Teresa would have been in that we think of Gandhi you know so just those those areas where we really transcend our humanity because we’re in such a different higher level different zone.


[00:37:38] So when you put all those together and you look at those colors that’s the scale of consciousness.


[00:37:47] So when you’re making that decision now remember we all have choice. This is the thing is at the end of the day nobody’s making us do anything more than the visual. When you see those you know look say for the camera but if you’re just listening on audio so you’ve got a maroon ring at the bottom a red ring a gold ring and a turquoise colored ring if you live out of that maroon colored ring you’re going to get bad results.


[00:38:16] You’re going to get bad results today and you’re gonna get bad results on the other side you’re going to have to come back and do it again. You want to do a do over.


[00:38:26] Now do you want to take two or three or five because you are stuck in that stubbornness or if you zoom up and you go wow you know and even if we again here for the folks that are not on camera let’s just take the golden ring and the turquoise ring if you could live in that level of being loving giving serving helping.


[00:38:58] Not only are you in the paradox the cool paradox is that you feel better when you give out of yourself when you give it away.


[00:39:07] You get and that’s built into the system.


[00:39:10] So it’s like when we make that shift and then through our free will choice we say I am going to choose to serve somebody and we start to stack that up over decades of our life.


[00:39:29] Wow.


[00:39:31] I mean what you get back from that. So if you live that through five or six decades one of the cool things about being older there are very few. But one of the cool ones is you get the perspective. Wow you don’t have as a younger person. You don’t see what happened over those four four or five decades. But when you’ve lived through those four or five decades and you see compounding at work you realize you can compound interest and grow your bank account but you can also compound your karma if you will or you can compound your your energetic part of you and live that out over five or six decades and you have such a wealth of treasure at the end of that line that it’s absolutely beautiful. And then you go on to much higher levels.


[00:40:25] There’s so much more Julie there’s so much more than we see now we could talk about this for so long I could talk about you I’d talk with you for hours.


[00:40:34] Oh there’s so much that we don’t see in our little boxes in our confined world that is below the tree level. And just when we get up there to these other realms there’s so much and and that’s my motivation. That’s why I choose to do it what I do. Where’s the boundary you ask. I don’t think there is one. I mean if you break a law you’re going to pay for it in our culture. There are some cultures where you can go do that and get away with it. Walk out scot free. Right. And you know so it’s like comically you’re not going to walk out scot free energetically you’re not going to walk out scot free anywhere.


[00:41:13] Yeah.


[00:41:13] And that’s what I tell my clients to because when I’m working and all of my sessions you know so many people and even mediums or psychics that I’ve heard on TV they’ll say well on the other side there is no emotion and you don’t hear or see people come through with emotion.


[00:41:28] And to me that’s not true. One of the things that happens a lot is if somebody passed through suicide they will come through and I will be bawling hysterically in a session because that’s the energy that they have on the other side. They’re bawling hysterically. They’re bringing that emotion through. And what they show me is that you know people who pass that way and there is no bad place on the other side. There’s nothing like that. But we do have to go through a life review. On the other side. And that isn’t sitting in a movie theater watching our lives on this big screen what it is is actually being in a simulation where we go through where we intentionally hurt somebody else and stepping into the body stepping into the mind of the heart of the other person and feeling our actions and how it hurt that other person which is actually where I think Catholics get the idea of purgatory because it is kind of this middle ground between us that happened but it doesn’t take that long for most people to kind of go through. But we do get a much greater understanding it does help us clearer energy before we go through on the other side.


[00:42:49] Have you communicated with people who have either been in the midst of that process or just completed it like and can come back. Well that that you are communicating with like they had just been through that review or they were in that review I’d love to know what they say while they’re in the process of that review of the review.


[00:43:10] It says if they take on and they become that other person because they physically have to step fully into that person and forget themselves to be that person in order to feel the way that their own actions in this lifetime hurt that person.


[00:43:31] So see if we’re going to do that anyway. Yeah. Why not just do it today. Why not do it right. Right. Right. And I’m holding up the golden ring.


[00:43:42] Why not just choose to go ahead and do it today.


[00:43:45] I took Madonna’s Madonna and I are partners but but not married and I took her son to school today just to be golden ring. Just. It’s something I normally don’t do but. And he’s you know teenager whatnot. But I just said Hey it’s raining. Would you like a ride you know. Yeah. It’s stuff like that.


[00:44:07] It’s that connecting with just to be there with somebody else to do something that’s not serving you.


[00:44:15] Right. Oh I love that because you know it’s so often people will say well what if I don’t feel this through meditation or what if I don’t feel that they think that they’re not good they get to that place that golden ring. Right. But that’s not what it’s about. It’s just about starting where you’re at. And everybody has something that they can do from a self selfless point of view.


[00:44:39] So start there. Start with gratitude because everyone can do this every single soul that is here on Earth right now can do this.


[00:44:47] This working on this. We’re putting a seminar together on this. Just started writing a book on it. Fred’s involved consulted early with this.


[00:44:57] And yeah but the book’s going to have your title isn’t it. It is your name. Yeah. Is this the first one. I second the second.


[00:45:06] Ok. What was the name of your first book. Filibusters. OK. OK. Because there’s more to come. That was coming through when I was praying this morning. They were saying talk about his book.


[00:45:16] Wow. Yeah. Yeah. You’re not done here. Tom you’ve got a lot of stuff coming ahead.


[00:45:23] Yes you’re good. You and I are going to talk. All right. All right Kyra. We’re going to talk to you if you talk. No.


[00:45:36] That’s awesome. And that I told you that I that we communicated about this yesterday. That was the communication was him handing the baton saying no you need to do this full out this one.


[00:45:48] Wow. Wow. Well they are so proud of you. Yeah. And I got to tell you too your mom and your dad are stepping forward and who is the younger boy that’s on the other side.


[00:46:04] Not.


[00:46:08] Not from mom and dad. But there was a miscarriage.


[00:46:11] Yeah. Yeah.


[00:46:12] And that’s. And and that soul has shown up several times by the way.


[00:46:16] Ok. As male. No. OK. First time I’ve heard male OK. Because they’re bringing him forward and your mom. I don’t know if there was a special bond between you and mom or you were kind of like.


[00:46:32] Because she comes through with tears in her eyes just saying how proud she is of you and just how how much you’ve grown.


[00:46:43] And she just she’s making me feel it in my heart. Yeah well yeah and dad too.


[00:46:54] But she comes through with kind of some tears in her eyes so interesting because mom was the source of a lot of my challenge. She was my little soul that came here to rub me.


[00:47:09] Yes. Gave me lots of opportunities that I missed a lot of them.


[00:47:17] She says she did a good job.


[00:47:19] It seems that great job she played her role well thanks Mom. You were perfect. Yeah. Dad my Dad was an angel. I mean if you were to see him you’d see wings on his back. He was just an amazing amazing soul. And my mom was the source of my challenges. And you know this is so funny my brother and I are less than two years apart and he perceived that environment. He he knew of the challenges. He was very aware of the challenges not to say that it didn’t affect him too but he responded to her differently.


[00:47:52] See I responded out of my paradigm what I brought in. He responded out of his paradigm. So here we were not ten feet apart. Growing up and and yet had these two different perspectives and outcomes and how it affected our souls differently and everybody has that story right. Everybody has that story but that’s where we are so unique and so different. And yeah that mom would say that I I was in the room after she passed and now or when she passed and knowing what I know now of studying this material and being very comfortable with her soul transitioning was able to talk to her my brother and I in fact and his wife. We were the three together with her and were letting her know that it was OK and we would be OK and we would take the mantle and run with it from here and that she could let go and didn’t need to hang on and I mean it was just hours before she left after that but but they left the room and knowing that her soul was probably still there. Knowing that I was in the room by myself and I sat down with her and had a conversation that I know she heard me and it was the conversation that I could never have with her here and it was kind of a clearing and it was a letting her soul know that it was OK I get it I get what happened here and be free.


[00:49:18] Godspeed and I love you.


[00:49:20] Yeah forgiveness really treat your heart right but you’re released. We’re good we’re good here. Yeah yeah yeah. Beautiful that’s beautiful beautiful beautiful. You know on Instagram the other day one of I just somebody popped down and they asked a question and I think it would be a good question. I’ve got my own kind of idea and how I’d respond but I just want to see what you think about this.


[00:49:46] So she said you know we have our subconscious. We have people like medium psychics intuitive Angel readers. How do you know that it to you hearing from the other side you hearing from angels or maybe like your girlfriend. How does she say that she knows them and just not our subconscious. These experiences that we had that we’re just recalling.


[00:50:15] Got it. Got it. That’s a great question and so many people also ask how do I know that it’s intuition and not just my monkey mind. Right. You can bring it down to the earthly plane like even if we’re not connecting with somebody on the other side. How do I know that this isn’t just my Chatterbox up there going nuts that I really am hearing from divine source internally as intuition. I think it kind of comes from the same same type of answer to this for me.


[00:50:42] Now I know for Mirjana It would be that she would say very distinct feeling that she gets when these communications are coming it’s like like no other. She has had it all of her life. So this is not anything new or unique for her so she knows that voice. Yep. So just on that. What is that. How is it for you.


[00:51:09] You know I’ve had several different experiences throughout my life. I didn’t just hear my dad but in my early twenties. I had an experience that I’ve talked about with my listeners before where I heard I was actually out with this woman that I just randomly met on a business trip in Seattle. I met her on the street and spent the entire day with her. And at the middle of like talking after seven hours she just automatically went in to speaking in tongue.


[00:51:42] Wow. And she I remember thinking what language is this because this is not a language that I’ve heard on Earth before.


[00:51:52] This is not South Chicago I’m listening to hear it no no.


[00:51:57] And then I remember this analogy and it almost did feel like like a fog that you could see.


[00:52:06] And I remember hearing now this was at a very hard point in my life where my heart was just more heavy than it had ever been before. And I remember hearing it’s okay you’re gonna be okay. I’m here with you I love you I’m taking care of you everything’s gonna be OK.


[00:52:28] And it just kept repeating and I remember knowing that that was an angelic that there were angels there that that was the Holy Spirit and that energy is something that when then I started hearing from my dad later on started working with different Reiki masters different spiritual teachers learning how to develop my spiritual get more. You’re right. It’s the energy of it. I know when I’m connected to it I know when I’m connected to the other side. And since I was the little girl one of my earliest memories is my dad telling me listen to your heart listen to your heart there’s a little Julie there’s a little whisper inside your heart and it’s gonna talk to you and you have to listen to that whisper no matter what your mind says. And so I remember doing that since I was a little girl while always listening to that little whisper.


[00:53:26] And so I’ve trained myself since that time to understand what’s my mind what’s my heart.


[00:53:32] And that the thoughts the messages that come through from the other side they don’t come through our ego mind. They come through the heart gut intuition.


[00:53:43] That’s cool.


[00:53:44] That’s beautiful yeah yeah.


[00:53:47] I had a very interesting experience to kind of flex my intuitive muscles. I was in Colorado for the last three years and there was a hiking trail that went up the side of a mountain literally right across the street from where I was staying and I went up there having done five or six or seven years of this work but still didn’t have that touch with that voice and actually it started the first funny story on this is I went up there is a flat lander and started skiing and skiing kind of snuck up on me and I just love snow skiing. Now I think it’s phenomenal. I just love it. But I you know I had I didn’t have a system I would typically go every now and then would go skiing and hadn’t been on a ski trip for quite a while and now I’m living in a ski town.


[00:54:44] So I was going up the chair one Sunday and this was really clear so I think this kind of is the same type of thing I was going to take a picture with my phone. So I had it in a pocket inside my jacket. So I reached to unzip the jacket pulled it down about a foot and I heard as I reached my hand and I heard this really clear don’t and I was like Oh come on I’ll hold on tight you know I’ll I’ll grip it I’ll be careful.


[00:55:16] So I I pulled my glove I pulled my glove off by sticking it under my left arm. So here’s my. And


[00:55:23] I reached in with my right hand got my phone took my picture slid it back in the jacket zipped it up so see it’s all good and then I went to put my glove back on it now and oh so that was like oh wow I need to know more about this I need to learn more of how this works.


[00:55:47] So on the hiking trail I started to get in touch with that voice and it was always usually met with arguing from the monkey mind from the ego self.


[00:55:58] Yeah. So what I would do is pick a point on the hiking trail of like that tree up there.


[00:56:05] Okay. Let’s just walk up to that tree where ego self mind would you be willing to just be quiet long enough we’ll go up there and see what comes through I wouldn’t take five steps. Run run run run run run run run run. Right here come back and I’d stop and I’d say wait a minute we had an agreement. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah yeah. Okay. All right. That tree just that tree. Okay. And then that tree turned into you know around that corner up there and then that turned into farther down the trail and then that turned into literally I could step on that hiking trail and the ego mind would go quiet and couldn’t wait to hear from that still small voice. Yeah. And we’d go on for a long time and then sometimes it would want to question you know it’s like Okay throw me a question water put about this or that should I write a book. Well you know and then and then.


[00:56:59] But then that voice would kick in and and I think it comes with an assurance and a piece and a flow you know just a you know that that’s what’s as you said well deep inside that little small voice problem is we always want to counter it with our monkey mind who is the alpha dog on the block. It’s the one that wants to be in control. Yes. So we. Right. Right right right.


[00:57:27] And what I did again a visual here how can we create the audio part of this.


[00:57:34] So like if you like put your put your hand up like cup your hand up and like like you’re gonna swat a fly that’s below you on the desk OK you’ve got your hand you’re ready. The fly is going to swing by. Boom you’re gonna whack it right.


[00:57:50] So that’s our ego mind and down here now be the little fly on the desk you know now down here is that little still small voice and it just whispers and it’s really soft.


[00:58:06] And you know another point on that Julie is we have to be in quiet environments I think to hear it more and our world today. Sir dad on our world today is so full of noises everywhere. There’s a television on and every waiting room and restaurant and airport and everywhere you go. And we can’t be quiet.


[00:58:28] So once you get quiet you’ll hear that voice more but what happens then is the hand that you’ve got cocked up here and ready to go whack it hits the.


[00:58:38] It knocks it back down and into its place. Because I’m the boss.


[00:58:44] So what I did is I just shifted roles now to where the little still small voice is the hand up above not ready to squash anything but where I brought that monkey mind into submission to where.


[00:59:01] Now when that still small voice speaks the role of the monkey mind is all okay.


[00:59:09] How do I do that.


[00:59:11] So when the little voice says write a book about the four rings then it’s not argue we’re not arguing there’s no point counterpoint.


[00:59:20] We’re not contradicting it. It’s okay. Well I better watch program am I going to write it in word or Scrivener or you know it’s well what’s the first chapter going to be. How’s the structure going to be the outline and you know that’s where the arms start taking the baby steps that lead to the bigger steps that lead to the whole thing.


[00:59:38] You take start taking the actions and then along the way you stop and you listen well maybe that’s not the right direction for this chapter. Oh what is. Oh okay. Got it. Off we go.


[00:59:49] Yeah.


[00:59:51] Yeah. It’s a wonderful way to live.


[00:59:53] It is a wonderful way to live and see beautiful.


[00:59:58] You know you are asking to again I mean you have to make the shift up to these higher planes of being back to our little rings you have to get up to the golden turquoise ring because when you live from that perspective then you’re just waiting for the next piece of instruction. Oh Fred had a great analogy story in a couple of his books and it’s a really easy simple story but it’s just like think about our life as a river.


[01:00:26] There’s a point where we get in and there’s a point when we get out and we’re in a boat and we’re given an oar.


[01:00:32] There’s our choice and we float down the river and as he says so many times we want to paddle upstream.


[01:00:43] Or we want to drag the boat over to the bank and get out because there’s a better River over on the other side. Right.


[01:00:49] If we could just get over there that’s the river and I realized when I was narrating that story I just had to stop because it was like man that’s how I lived my whole life. Yeah.


[01:01:02] Was paddling upstream all the time or cross currents are always fighting the flow. But when we just used the ore to gently bump us along the way and we just get out in the middle of the river and start flowing down the river. Oh there’s a rock up there. Okay let’s just move to the left a little bit.


[01:01:21] Got it.


[01:01:23] There’s a nice flat spot of the river. Let’s go over there and have a nice picnic lunch and just take a break.


[01:01:30] Got some rapids coming OK. We’re gonna have some fun here right.


[01:01:33] Well let’s go shoot the rapids.


[01:01:36] Life picks up it slows down. We have challenges in the way. Maybe there’s an alligator in the river. We have to go around him. You don’t have to go right toward him. Paddle over there and ask him how he’s doing. You don’t have to go forth with him right. Just paddle around. So it’s a it’s a beautiful analogy of how we just get into the flow and when you get into the flow. Life will take you where you’re supposed to be just like the river will take you down to the to the place where you’re going to get out.


[01:02:09] Life will get you there and it will all be good and well and fine I was just texting my mom because she keeps sending these texts and I keep hearing these things in the background. She she’ll go through and she’ll send ten at one time say her mom or my mom. Be sure you’re talking to the right Mom. Yes totally. Oh my goodness. Thomas this was just the best. Thank you so much for taking the time to be with us. And I always asked my guests who do you think I should interview next on this podcast or who do you know who I should interview.


[01:02:50] Fred Dodson. OK my mentor. Absolutely fantastic. Oh.


[01:02:56] Eyes up and you know what time Thomas for people who want to connect with you online learn more about you. Where can they find you. You on your Web site and social media.


[01:03:06] Well thank you for that. So on Facebook we have a little podcast listeners group it’s called subconscious mind mastery podcast listeners on Facebook and you can ask to join that group and we put up episode information and some behind the scenes cool stuff and that kind of thing. So there’s that. And then just hop over to the podcast at subconscious mind mastery on iTunes and Spotify and Stitcher and all those good places where you can listen and my email is Thomas at subconscious mind mastering


[01:03:39] Perfect. Well thank you again so much for being a guest on our show today.


[01:03:43] We are very appreciative that you would do this for us.


[01:03:46] Jill you are amazing and I love what you’re doing. Thank you


[01:04:02] My dear friends. You don’t know what an incredible huge huge huge blessing it is to this podcast when you write a glowing positive review for us. It truly helps us get the best experts on the show. I know this might sound a little complex but if you send me an email after you post a glowing positive review here I will put your name into a monthly drawing to win a free 30 minute Angel message session with me and it may just be broadcast on this show at a later date. Your name will be kept in the drawing every month until you win when you email me. Don’t forget to include your name contact information and positive review. I hope you win


[01:04:45] Tune in for a new episode next week where I’ll share tools and guidance that can help you fall in love with your life and start living it from a place of peace bliss and ease.


[01:04:56] Thank you so much for listening to the angels and awakening podcast. Until next time know in your heart just how deeply you’re loved on the other side and open up your heart to all of the random unexpected blessings that your angels and your spirit team are trying to bring into your life right now.


[01:05:19] Disclaimer this podcast provides general information and discussion about energy healing spiritual topics and related subjects the conversations and other content provided in this podcast and in any linked materials are not intended and should not be construed as medical psychological and or professional advice. If the listener or any other person has a medical concern he or she should consult with an appropriately licensed physician or other health care professional. Never make any medical or health related decision based in whole or even in part on anything contained in the angels in awakening podcast or in any of our linked materials. You should not rely on any information contained in this podcast and related materials and making medical health related or other decisions. You should consult a licensed physician or appropriately credentialed health care worker in your community in all matters relating to your health. If you think you may have a medical emergency call your doctor or nine one one immediately. Again Angel messages energy healing and the information you receive here does not constitute legal psychological medical business relationship or financial advice. Do not take any of the advice given and any angels in awakening podcasts or sessions in lieu of medical psychological legal financial or general professional advice. Please note angels in awakening is a podcast produced by Chicago energy healing a company with locations in Wheaton, Illinois and Naperville, Illinois.




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