5 What’s the Purpose of Life?

Julie Jancius December 17, 2019 11

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Author Kay Eck joins us to answer some BIG spiritual questions like: Why are we here? What is the purpose of life? Why do we have to experience suffering here on Earth? Why are people experiencing stress, anxiety and depression more now than ever before? And how do we slow down, and dive deeper into ourselves? Kay Eck is the Author of Divorce a Love Story, which could really be titled, Life a Love Story because it is more about your relationship with yourself than anything else — and she’ll be on the show again on March 19th talking about her book and conscious couples!

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[00:01:38] Hello everybody. Welcome back to five minute Fridays. We’re here with Kay Eck.


[00:01:44] She is the author of Divorce a Love Story which is a magnificent book. If you haven’t read it yet you definitely should. We are going to have her on in a couple more weeks talking about the book, talking about conscious uncoupling, talking about having more consciousness in relationships. But Kay is with us here today for our five minute Friday to just answer some big spiritual questions. So welcome Kay.


[00:02:14] Thank you. Julie it’s great to be here.


[00:02:17] Oh good. Can you talk just a little bit about yourself and your book.


[00:02:21] Yes. So I have just written a memoir called Divorce a love story the power of self-love to heal every last thing. And this has definitely been a journey for me. It is my memoir of my process of consciously uncoupling from my husband of 30 years. And so it kind of takes you through my process and how I was able to heal from that and to create a loving path forward for my family. So yeah I’ve been busy promoting that and getting the word out because I’m hoping that it’s it’s it’s really something that I feel we really need right now is to bring a lot of healing around the area of relationships.


[00:03:12] I’m so excited for our listeners to get to hear the episode because I know how they write how much they’re just going to love it because it’s not just about people going through uncoupling our conversation there was really about just relationships in general where women as mass consciousness where we are at in our relationships and where we’re at with a marriage and how we see marriage changing really over the next 10 15 20 years. So that was a really fun conversation. But today we’re going to kind of get to the heart of you and and your ideas and some big spiritual questions. Great. Yeah.


[00:03:57] The first one is have you ever connected with an angel or loved one on the other side or had kind of a supernatural experience and can you tell us about that.


[00:04:08] Oh well where do I begin. Well so I have throughout my life experienced sort of so I guess you could call them supernatural phenomenon and I feel like I have a couple of different areas that are kind of common themes.


[00:04:34] So one of them is that I often get medical information about people and it’s not like earth shattering and it isn’t something that I have spent any time developing so right now it’s kind of more of a novelty but when I’m in someone’s company that I know well and they express some concern about something going on I’ll get some information about what’s going on. So for instance I’ll get information that they need to check their lungs or that they don’t have this. They actually have that or that something it’s not serious and it’s going to resolve itself. So I’ll get that and then I have often had the experience of people who’ve passed coming into my field and asking to deliver messages to their loved ones. That’s not a super common experience but if I have a close friend typically I will hear from their loved one and passing that on is this my is it is a gift and I’ve I’ve I’ve had many experiences of connection with other dimensions primarily through my higher self. And yeah so that’s a that’s like how I live my life. So it’s hard to talk about it in a


[00:06:04] Way that is episodic. Yeah yeah no that’s perfect that’s perfect. You


[00:06:11] Know I think what we’re trying to do here with the podcast is we all have an intuition right. Which Spirit shows me is really our souls thought system.


[00:06:21] On the other side and what I see so much of is that talking about our intuition talking about these intuitive hits that we get is really Tabu right now in most parts of our society that we just don’t talk about out how we’re hearing from the other side. So kind of shedding some light on that and helping people to see that it’s not just me it’s not just you. Everyone has this. Everyone can learn how to develop this more is definitely one of the things that we want to do here.


[00:06:56] And it’s just a matter of listening isn’t it and not ignoring the small still voice as I call it which is your higher self or your soul. And you know in some respects we’re very tuned in to the fact that we have a soul but we we have a disconnect. We think it’s something outside of ourselves that we can’t have a conscious relationship with on an everyday basis. And so it’s it’s there it’s just a matter of accepting and listening.


[00:07:28] Yeah. OK. Next question. What is the purpose of life.


[00:07:36] Well my current thinking on this subject is that we are aspects of God experiencing everything. So I am an aspect of God or wanting to experience life as K EK And what I’ve really come to understand is the reason that there’s no that I that there’s no judgment about good bad right wrong is because it’s all a divine experience and it’s you can really relate it to the relationship between a parent and child in that having children is an experience that we’re really a lot of us feel called to have. And yet we create something that is of us but is also autonomous. And this is exactly how our relationship with the divine is. We get to kind of choose these paths but this is all from God’s perspective that we’re living.


[00:08:42] Yeah. Yeah. That I couldn’t have said that better. That is perfect. So then when people come in and they say well then why on earth do we have to experience pain.


[00:08:56] Why do we have to experience suffering. That’s such a good question of course we’re all wondering that. Well I guess I would say that our human minds are the ones that want to put labels on these experiences that if you go into a dark room you don’t necessarily say that that’s a bad room.


[00:09:23] You just say that it’s a dark room. If you go into a light room you don’t say it’s a good room you just say it’s a light room. And so when we can open up ourselves to explore and and understand that there there’s no judgment of these experiences that our higher selves just wanted to experience every aspect of being human. And what that means then we can understand that. But there’s also you know this concept that we don’t grow unless we meet some resistance and the darkness can definitely be thought of as some resistance and we can decide how we want to interact with that whether we want to be enveloped by it or to transform it or to supersede it or to ignore it or you know we have all these choices that we our souls can grow from. So I mean it’s hard to understand also that souls are autonomous and that they’ve asked for these experiences they know they knew what they were getting into when they decided to incarnate as a human. And so it’s not really for us to judge whether those are good or bad experiences. They’re just human experiences.


[00:10:44] That’s perfect.


[00:10:47] Why are people experiencing stress anxiety and depression at such an increased rate than ever before.


[00:10:59] My perception of that and this is an issue very close to my heart is that we are experiencing an increase in polarity or in duality.


[00:11:16] So as our vibration lifts as a collective we become more aware of the lower densities for a period of time. So it’s almost like you have like let’s say you have a piece of play dough and you’re pulling a top portion of the Plato up you can see that there’s it’s there’s creating some tension between the lower caution and the upper portion. And that’s kind of what we’re experiencing now where we’re especially amongst younger people they’re coming in at a higher vibration. So the the three dimensional density of life on Earth is so much more intense for them. They really feel it. I also feel that what we are experiencing the anxiety and the depression is a clarion call to look at those feelings and to explore the roots of them so that we can set them free. So I tend to think of those things as coming up and out of the field as opposed to coming into us or being a part of us. And so I know from my own experience with anxiety and depression it was asking me to look at something look deeper sit with the fear why are you so afraid and what what. I came to was the realization that I felt alone on this planet. I didn’t feel my connection with my source. I felt like I had been abandoned. I felt like I was unworthy of God’s love. Of that I had no power. And so I once I uncovered those issues then I could say well is that true or is that not true. Is that my truth or is that not my truth. And so this is the process of discovery that that for me the anxiety and depression was was a gift to help me uncover


[00:13:24] And I know in your next book you’re talking about really getting to a place of inner freedom. And you know I gotta tell you as we’ve been talking I can see there being a workbook with this. Have you thought about that.


[00:13:40] Wow that’s interesting. I’m right at the beginning of this project and so there I am I’m seeing all kinds of possibilities. So I’m going to put that one up there.


[00:13:52] Yeah. Yeah. And I can see you talking in front of just a massive amount of people and they have you know a lot of them are women. They have the workbook right in front of them and they’re they’re going through.


[00:14:09] And you’re kind of teaching and they’re going through. Yeah I I think that I have really felt the calling to teach and have been doing that for a long time.


[00:14:25] Just on a smaller scale and I have also felt that I have also felt a larger and larger platforms and I think that one of the reasons why that is happening for me now is because I feel very rooted and grounded in my sovereignty. And I understand how self-love plays into that. So I can I can feel a great deal of compassion for people who are still working their way toward that. So thank you so much for that I appreciate it.


[00:14:59] All right. We’re going to ask a couple more questions. What is the greatest quality humans possess.


[00:15:08] I personally have such a huge love and compassion for humanity as a whole. It is such a singular experience. We are as individuals really entrenched in the experience of being human that we don’t have the perspective of how incredible it is to be human right now. And we’re like these huge fields of light and love and energy that have this very special form of the human body with all the power of our source or all the creative power of our source we can literally create something out of nothing.


[00:16:01] We do it all the time without even realizing it. So we’re sort of have this way of mimicking the creative expression of God in a very particular way. And I just think that’s incredible.


[00:16:17] It’s incredible to watch. If you think about the unlimited ways in which God expresses itself it’s it’s just unbelievable mind boggling and overwhelming.


[00:16:32] Mm hmm yes. Brings up a lot of emotion. So two of the most biggest forces of energy that we have in our experience here is creation and being creating and just really being in our life.


[00:16:53] And I know there are some people in the spiritual community whose message is really to live in the beingness live in the high vibration 24/7. But when we’re in the creation process we’re in the doing. I do feel like we come down in the vibration a little bit and I’m just wondering how you balance that. How do you stay in flow when life gets really busy. I of course I have a little bit of distance on this since my children are now in their twenties but


[00:17:31] The the busy lives are our creations. I really don’t have to be that way. So that’s something that we’ve created. But to answer the question about being in flow I think that the being in flow is a creative process. And I have always had this really close connection with my creative aspect. So I’ve I’ve always. When I was a kid I would create little sayings and little stories and games and plays and all that kind of stuff that kids do and that that ability to tap into the creative Essence has never left me. So to me the creative process is about opening up your connection to what wants to be expressed through you. So your higher self or your soul is an aspect of your Creator that wants to be expressed specifically as you. And if you could just imagine that those are like gates that you open and allow the flow to come through. And it requires stepping out of the mind and just setting the mind aside and and letting it come through the heart because when we think about high levels of expression whether it be visual arts or music or dance or performance writing all of these things we don’t think of that as coming from the mind. We think of it as coming from a higher place and that higher place is the heart I see.


[00:19:11] I love that. Kay for anybody who wants to connect with you online on your website and social media where can they go. So right now the best places to reach me are on Facebook either at my personal page Kay Eck. Or on the page for my book Divorce a love story and also on Instagram @KaysAwake.


[00:19:41] And I know I got my copy of the book Divorce a love story on Amazon and it just I was able to start reading it on Kindle while I was waiting for the hard copy to be delivered to my house.


[00:19:55] Where else can people buy the book.


[00:19:57] I saw the book is available on Amazon but it’s also available at Barnes and Noble dot com.


[00:20:03] Fantastic and I definitely recommend it it’s a must read to anybody out there. It’s not just about divorce you said once it could really be called life a love story. And that’s very true it’s for everyone. So Kate thank you so much for being on the show today. We are just so excited and everybody stay tuned for Kay’s upcoming interview a longer in-depth interview about the book about life about kids about everything.


[00:20:31] So thank you Kay.


[00:20:34] Thank you so much. Truly it was really fun.


[00:20:48] My dear friends you don’t know what an incredible huge huge huge blessing it is to this podcast when you write a glowing positive review for us. It truly helps us get the best experts on the show. I know this might sound a little complex but if you send me an email after you post a glowing positive review here I will put your name into a monthly drawing to win a free 30 minute Angel message session with me and it may just be broadcast on this show at a later date. Your name will be kept in the drawing every month until you win when you email me. Don’t forget to include your name contact information and positive review. I hope you win.


[00:21:31] Tune in for a new episode next week where I’ll share tools and guidance that can help you fall in love with your life and start living it from a place of peace bliss and ease.


[00:21:42] Thank you so much for listening to the angels and awakening podcast. Until next time knowing your heart just how deeply you’re loved on the other side and open up your heart to all of the random unexpected blessings that your angels and your spirit team are trying to bring into your life right now.


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    5 What’s the Purpose of Life?
    Julie Jancius

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