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52. Interview with Coleen Marenich – Remote Viewing, Controlled Remote Viewing and more!

The Soul Tribe July 14, 2020 53

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Hey Soul Tribe! In this episode we had the pleasure of interviewing Coleen Marenich. Coleen is an Advanced level Controlled Remote Viewer trained by Lyn Buchanan, a renowned CRV trainer and Executive Director of Problems Solutions Innovations. 

Now Running her own CRV Project Management company, Coleen hand-picked her CRV Project team from top-notch graduates of the OCP. She is such a wealth of knowledge within the CRV community and field, and in this episode she explains what CRV is and how it works. She also breaks it down for all of those that might not have a clear idea of what CRV is and gives some amazing examples of how it works. 

It’s a super insightful episode with so much info and perfect for anyone looking to understand the topic a little more. If you are interested in training with Coleen please check out the link below on her website and feel free to reach out to her for more information.

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Website: http://crvtraining.ca
CRV Training: http://crvtraining.ca/crv-training/
LinkedIn: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/coleen-marenich


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