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Hear a taped Angel Message Reading, where Julie gives one listener messages from their Angels and loved ones on the Other Side. Julie also talks about animals, specifically our sweet beloved pets. Julie discusses how animals raise the vibration of not only us, but our homes. She’ll also show you where she sees your pets on the Other Side. Do they really cross a rainbow bridge? Are they in Heaven? Julie says the answer to that is yes, but it doesn’t look like what most people think it does — it’s even more beautiful and she’ll explain that. Then, wrap up the episode with a soothing meditation that will help you have an excellent start to your week! Links mentioned in the podcast are below:


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[00:00:00] Hello Beautiful Souls! Welcome back to the Angels and Awakening podcast. Today I’m sharing the first angel message reading that I ever recorded for this podcast. And after that we’re going to talk about our pets are sweet beloved animals. And I’ll share with you how our animals raised the vibration of not only us but our homes as well. We’ll talk about where our pets go. On the other side do they cross the rainbow bridge. Are our animals really in heaven. The answer to that is yes. But it doesn’t look like what most people think it does. It’s even more beautiful. And I’ll explain that in this episode.


[00:00:43] Also if you’re in Chicago land and want to come out and meet me mark your calendar for April 11th. I’ll be at the Blonde Boutique in Glen Ellyn that night giving mini Angel readings. If you’ve never been to the Blonde Boutique in Glen Ellyn you have to check it out. They have the best clothes and jewelry. They’re also a great store to go to if you’re looking for any gift ideas. You can check them out at where you can also shop online.


[00:01:21] You’re listening to angels and awakening where we believe daily life can be lived from a constant state of love joy peace bliss ease and grace.


[00:01:32] Why are people always searching for a better way to live. Because there is one life doesn’t have to be stress filled and anxiety ridden. You can make lasting changes that lead to a life you love. My name’s Julie Jancius. I have the gift of connecting with angels and bringing through their healing. Positive messages to my clients every day. Join us on the Angels and Awakening podcast each week as we explore our big spiritual questions. Interview experts and bring through Angel messages. I am so excited you’re here


[00:02:09] Friends. We have an incredible episode today and I’m so excited to share that with you. But first I have to tell you how much you, yes you, listening right now how much you mean to me. The podcast has only been up for about a month now and you’ve all been writing and telling me how you’re sharing the podcast with your friends and family and I want you to know, that I know, the success of this podcast is one hundred percent you. You listening, you sharing your ideas with me, you spreading the word to people who you’re closest to so thank you. I want you to know that I value you as a partner and I really do think of you as part of my team. I just want to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for going above and beyond for me. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. Thank you so much to everyone who’s left a positive review as well. If you didn’t see it on Instagram the winner of this month’s drawing was Ashley Lite. Ashley won a free 30 minute Angel message reading because she wrote a positive review on iTunes. Remember every time you post a positive review on iTunes and email me a screenshot or a copy of the positive review you posted and I’ll put your name into a drawing to win a free Angel message session with me.


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[00:04:31] OK. Without further ado here it is the angel message session I recorded the one you’re going to hear today was the very first one that I recorded in this session you’ll hear me talking about praying before the session.


[00:04:44] That’s something that I actually do every day. I pray for the clients who are coming in for a session that day I pray for God to allow the person coming in to hear the messages that they need most from the people they need to hear most from. I also ask God to ensure that every client who comes to see me gets the maximum benefit possible from that session and when I pray for each individual client in the morning what I do is I take notes on who’s on your spiritual team and what your angels have to say and they’ll just start showing me what needs to be talked about in the session and where the person needs healing energy the most. OK so I don’t want to give anything else away by talking about the session so I’ll just jump right into it. And then after the sessions over stay on because you’ll hear me chat more with you. We’re going to discuss a couple parts about the session but even more than that we’re going to talk about animals your pets how they help us in this lifetime and in heaven. OK so here it is my first recorded mini session with a woman named Elle.


[00:06:16] So l today when I was really praying on your energy there were a lot of different things that came up but I want to touch base first with the people that were coming through and the messages that they were bringing.


[00:06:29] There was a younger female more of a grandmother energy also came through my my dog passed away recently too was my everything and then I’m also really close to my boy love who passed away. I talked to her a lot.


[00:06:51] To the that’s that motherly grandmotherly energy that was coming through and the young female. It doesn’t really matter the dog’s age.


[00:07:00] It’s more the energy of the spirit because she did come through almost with this daughterly energy and was she sick because she shows me her energy fading towards the end?


[00:07:13] Yeah.


[00:07:14] So this is something that you helped nurse her through a bit.


[00:07:17] Yeah yeah.


[00:07:18] She wants to thank you for all of the love that you gave her. She shows me does she have a really fun collar?


[00:07:27] Yeah, I have a friendship color so me and her both wear the same one. It’s like very vibrant.


[00:07:37] Was it pink?


[00:07:37] Yeah. Yes. Yeah.


[00:07:42] So she and you have this and you still wear this in memory of her is that right. Yeah. I’ll send you a copy of this paper where I wrote everything down. But she had me right recent passing, was sick but she shows me from her passing she’s tying it to this sadness in your heart chakra and when I got to the heart chakra I wrote deep down you have a knowingness of why but she said You’re resisting it not letting go not moving on.


[00:08:12] She had me right stuck, needs to move on, she just shows me she was your daughter, she was your baby and that she needs you her mom to be happy again she needs you to not have so much of this hurt.


[00:08:30] She helped me through a lot of transitions in my life and I feel stuck in that I have to start from scratch with everything again and I don’t know how to do that without her so I do feel very stuck.


[00:08:51] Yeah yeah yeah. The entire back page of what she had me write down. They had me write new pass Great inspiration full of excitement create something amazing They had me go through your energy relating to your mind and they showed me that you’re working through really this confusion within this situation, that’s on the other side of the paper, let me see what they said about that confusion: you’re typically really intuitive but you’re completely confused perplex about this, and it and it does connect with that heart ache. they showed me that this new path is you turning a negative into a positive, and they’re really working with you to help you succeed but a lot of that is about getting over this blockage that you have and really believing in yourself yeah.


[00:09:46] So I struggled with drug addiction and I thought the biggest thing and I’ve also struggled with an eating disorder and so I feel like I get in the way of myself a lot and I just experience a good amount of negativity but I also I’ve always said that I feel like it’s meant so that I can help others like I feel like I’m. That’s been my purpose. That’s my purpose on this planet. But it is like fighting the self-confidence and like finding like believing in myself a lot of things that I’m scared to do I feel like to get to that point. And when it comes to my intuition I would consider myself very intuitive. And ever since Lola’s passed it’s been harder for me to go to those places like it’s harder for me to meditate. There’s like resistance for sure.


[00:10:36] Yeah. So exactly what she had said about in your heart chakra this knowingness of why but resisting it not letting go not moving on.


[00:10:48] You do have very deep purpose here and there really actually excited for you for all that’s to come.


[00:10:55] So there’s some big there’s this big energy of shifting to this entirely new chapter.


[00:11:02] I moved to Virginia from California a month and a half ago.


[00:11:07] Oh OK. And what is this new work that you’re doing out in Virginia.


[00:11:12] I work in a health food store with a bunch of really sick people that I I just believe a lot of the things I feel like it’s the place here where like my spirit aligns the most. And it makes me happy.


[00:11:25] Yeah it’s awesome.


[00:11:27] The other thing that really came through is work on yourself and just really loving yourself more. They showed me that you have this a deal of how things should be but that you feel like you don’t measure up and they really need you to release that because on the other side our souls were not better than one another. We’re all pieces of the same hole. The metaphor that Spirit gives me for


[00:11:59] Our relationship to God and how we’re made in the image and likeness of God universe is that think of all the water here on Earth. All of the oceans the lakes the rivers and imagine all of that water together. That is the metaphor that they give us for the universe. Now take all of that water and split it apart into individual droplets all of it is just individual droplets. Those droplets would go on for infinity. Right. And each one of those droplets is a soul. It’s part it’s us as a collective.


[00:12:38] All of our souls together and creates this energy this force universe God Source on the other side.


[00:12:45] I hope that helps you a little bit because what they want for you is to release this a deal that you’re less than that you’re not good enough that that you’re not meeting the ideal within your own mind of how you should be.


[00:13:00] How things should be. Because really if you allow them to they will hold you through it. And I know that that’s hard because you haven’t felt it as much but what they’re showing me is if you just release this fear and really this fear of just messing it up they will be able to hold you so much more. Does that make sense.


[00:13:24] Yeah absolutely.


[00:13:26] Because they also had me right. Slow down.


[00:13:29] Tap into your self healing forgiveness remove energy so she can move forward so that as you’ve moved into a new state a new place a new job.


[00:13:43] Have you really taken time to stop and think about what you want what you want things to look like moving forward.


[00:13:53] That’s the thing it’s like I don’t know what I want. That’s the problem I like. I know I want to help others. I know I want to take all of this and do something with it. You know where I can incorporate all of this stuff but Joy I don’t know where I want to lay I’d like set up really or how well God even looks like. Yeah yeah.


[00:14:21] So there’s two ways that you could go at this.


[00:14:24] You have this knowledge of addiction but you also have more of this passion just for health and wellness and what they’re showing me is you going into something more of the addiction route you’re kind of fearful of always being in that energy versus going into something more health related that doesn’t have that addiction piece to it. More like massage therapy psychotherapy different types of wellness therapies that you could get certified in and really use to help others without having the terms of addiction and the therapy of addiction constantly surrounding you.


[00:15:13] Yeah. You nailed it. You know so get well with L has been my dream I guess. And it’s more of like life coach you like wellness. I’m really interested in all of like chakras in meditation and more like eastern philosophy and I want to get my yoga certification and I’m into like astrology and all of these things where I wish I could like call all of this knowledge which I’m still learning a lot about. But I’m like I want to get good oh so that I can pull all of this knowledge and use it to help people you know. But it’s scary to put myself out there on that level. Yeah.


[00:15:58] So. So I really want to break this down a little bit more because what they’re showing me is that’s where the confusion part is coming into you know astrology and these different things. They’re so different Reiki versus astrology. And there are some similar threads but really what they’re showing me is that you have to do your research you have to actively search out guidance from different experts.


[00:16:21] So call up different people who have that career who are in that career locally by you see if you could take them out for coffee or tea and talk to them about what their career is like and really maybe even take a year to figure out OK you know it’s not astrology it’s Reiki or it’s not Reiki it’s astrology or whatever it might be. I want you to first make a list of all the different career options that are out there life coaching everything and then go through and research each one of them. So maybe make a list of your top 10 and go through and research each one of them. Call up people talk to people really do your homework there and then narrow it down to the top three to five and then narrow it down to the top three the top two then the top one and it might even be where you know I I do angel readings but I do have my Reiki master teacher certification I also have my geos master teacher which she says is just another form of energy healing. So it might end up being two different ones that you end up getting into but at least you vender narrowed it down to some specifics right.


[00:17:41] So that’s really where they’re showing me that that confusion peace comes in that we talked about earlier that they had me write down. They need you to break through that confusion but they keep repeating how excited they are they’re saying that you’re really going to create something amazing you’re really going to turn those negatives into positives through your work and it’s definitely in this realm of healing because Archangel Rafael is helping you through this. He also had me write he’s given you another female angel who’s a healer to help you with your career.


[00:18:19] So that’s on the front page it says Archangel Rafael arrow to a female angel arrow to your career were you really good at training her with tricks as well.


[00:18:32] Oh yeah. I trained her I to agree age. Actually I a lot of suit when she was like eleven.


[00:18:41] Well but she was really well just so well-behaved like she was still love you know.


[00:18:50] Yeah.


[00:18:52] You know we have our animals with us on the other side in the realm that I call home base and that’s where she is waiting for you in this place called home base on the other side.


[00:19:07] Everybody has a house over there. Everybody’s family lives on the same street. From our sole family and your grandmother shows me her with your dog right now taking care of her and and that she’s safe and sound over there. Well I’m so thankful that you decided to come on this show today and you’re your team your spiritual team on the other side did a phenomenal job of bringing their messages and they were pretty spot on about what you’re going through and they’re just so excited for you about everything to come they’re going to continue working with you to make sure that you’re on the right path. You know they’re always working with you 24/7 so you don’t have to fear that they’re not gonna be around they’re always there.


[00:19:56] This is incredible.


[00:19:59] Thank you so so so much. I tell you how much this means to me so thank you.


[00:20:05] Oh good. Thank you so much. Al I really appreciate your time today.


[00:20:10] Thank you so much. It was wonderful. Thank you OK.


[00:20:15] Julie I’m back to chat with you some more. I hope you enjoyed listening to this mini session for the remainder of the podcast. We’re going to talk about animals our pets. But first I want to let you know one part of this session that you just listened to was edited out in order to really respect the privacy of our guest. Also I want you to know that when struggles with addiction come up in a session I always refer the person to work with an addiction specialist a professional an addiction continuously because I am not trained in this area. Spirit says that while we do have a team on the other side we also need a team of people here on earth to help us. And it’s really our responsibility we have to take on the ownership of building up this team for ourselves. Now I am always happy to be a part of your team here. But if there’s something that you need to see a professional for I’m always going to refer you to that professional to ask you to include them as part of your team here on Earth as well. OK. Now let’s talk about this episode animals specifically pets are always coming through in my sessions.


[00:21:29] Sometimes it’s our pets that we actually need to connect with most in a reading. So they do they come through with love and messages for you. Sometimes their pets even come through as our children because our bond with them was that deep during our time here together. So I got to talk to Theresa Caputo about this back in the fall and I don’t want to give you the wrong impression. I don’t know her at all. I only got to talk with her for about five minutes backstage after one of her shows. But during that time she told me a story about how one time she was on stage in front of thousands of people. She was reading a woman and she said Your daughter’s coming through. And the woman looked at her she said completely frustrated and confused. And the woman kept telling her I don’t have a daughter but I don’t have a daughter. And Theresa said all I can tell you is what Spirit is showing me. And they’re showing me the soul of a daughter on the other side. And she says you have her bracelet. And Theresa said the look on the woman’s face when she said that was just pure shock. She goes. Oh


[00:22:41] I do. But it’s not my daughter. It’s my dog.


[00:22:45] She just passed away.


[00:22:47] That was the same thing that happened to me in my reading with al the energy of the soul who wanted to come through. She came through more as a daughter than anything else. And that’s because in this life here she truly did hold the energy of a daughter for Al. Does that make sense. She was really like a daughter to her here.


[00:23:10] Now if you own a pet now or if you’ve ever owned a pet before you know that animals hold a high vibrational frequency and they not only shift our energy the energy of our being but they also shift the energy within our homes. I personally noticed this when we’ve got our first dog fluff. Three years ago the energy vibration of the household definitely shifted upwards. He brought a much higher vibration into the house. The same thing happened with Lulu when we got her last year. The energy shifted again even higher. But you know spirits telling me to give a warning here because they show me they show me somebody running out and buying 10 dogs or using this as an excuse to keep buying or animals that they really don’t have the time or energy to take care of.


[00:24:04] And you know as I’m saying this spirit just said Yeah. There’s such thing as too much of a good thing right. So it’s not like you want to get 10 dogs in your home just to keep raising the vibration. That doesn’t help it’s not a magic pill or an excuse not to do your work on yourself. Does that make sense. But if you’re talking about owning a pet or a few that you have the time to devote your love and energy to. That’s awesome. That’s fantastic. And that’s definitely what we’re talking about today.


[00:24:37] There have been so many studies done you know study after study continues to show that owning a pet lessens the symptoms of depression and anxiety. These studies show that our pets help us their owners to maintain a more positive optimistic perspective on life.


[00:24:57] And really what we’re faced with what we’re going through at any one particular time. Now part of this is energetic and we’re going to get to that but this is also really chemical reactions that are going on within your body because when you spend time petting and cuddling your pets they found that it increases your levels of oxytocin oxytocin was nicknamed the love hormone because it calms your nervous system and relaxes you while also increasing your trust.


[00:25:28] Isn’t that interesting Well what’s also interesting is that oxytocin is not the only hormone that is impacted inside your body. When we cuddle with our pets and spend time with our pets it also lowers our cortisol levels which really is the stress hormone right. So they didn’t experiment at the University of New York where they gave people a stressful assignment.


[00:25:56] Now some of the people that they tested had a pet with them and some did not and what they found was that people experienced lower levels of stress when they had a pet with them. Isn’t that incredible.


[00:26:11] Spirit says our pets are like tuning forks in our homes. Animals tune the energy of our homes ourselves to a higher vibration a higher frequency.


[00:26:23] And it’s not something we even really stop to think about. But the heart chakra opens more deeply and we feel more when we’re around our cute furry little animals. They really do reach a place inside of us and nurture us in a way that is beyond measure in this lifetime.


[00:26:43] Many of my clients can attest to this at my house so I do do phone readings. I do Skype readings they do a lot of that but I have an office space on the main level of my home where I see clients for sessions throughout the week and often when a client starts crying or even before they start crying. My dog Lulu she’ll run down and she’ll want to get to that person Lulu herself will often start whining or crying until I let her come down and really hop on the lap of the person who’s in tears. And again she also kind of does this sometimes before the person even begins crying. So there is something within the animals where they can sense the emotions that we’re having. They can get to it faster sometimes than we can really on a conscious level.


[00:27:37] I like to think of our animals our pets as gifts from heaven gifts from our angels because it does seem to be that what they’re doing here is helping us shift our energy that that is really part of their purpose here and at a fundamental at the most basic level of what they are their vibrational level they are functioning in a way that helps us shift our energy and this is how they’re doing it they’re doing it through our bodies chemically they can see our emotions they can sense and feel our emotions mainly before we can and they’re there to to be our little loves.


[00:28:23] The other common question that my clients have about pets is where do they go when they pass away.


[00:28:31] Do our pets cross the rainbow bridge. Are they in animal heaven. Well like I talked about in the session with all our animals are with us on the other side. In my sessions when I work with pets in heaven they don’t show me a rainbow bridge.


[00:28:47] They show me them transitioning over to the other side the same way that we do as human beings except they do skip the whole life review process. But the way we transition over is that our energy slowly trickles out of our body out of this realm over to the other side. I spirit just said the only visual they have is an hourglass. You remember an hourglass has a big bubble on the top and a big bubble on the other bottom side but it’s connected by this little teeny tiny tunnel in between the middle of both bubbles and there’s sand inside. So when you flip it over the sea and slowly goes from one side of the bubble to the other through the tunnel to the other side and that’s the same way that our energy works and it passes from this lifetime to heaven on the other side it slowly goes from one side to the other. So I don’t see a rainbow bridge. That’s not to say that there isn’t one. I just I really don’t see it. And I also don’t see an animal heaven wishes just a basic place where all of these animals are. When animals come through in a session they’re at your home on the other side so you’ve probably heard me say this but there’s a place on the other side where each of us has a home. I call it home base and that is where your animals are. They’re there waiting for you and you really don’t have to worry about who’s taking care of them or how they’re being taken care of because you gotta remember your soul is omnipresent just like God is omnipresent. So a part of your soul they sometimes you’ll hear it called the higher self. It is on the other side.


[00:30:37] It is a lot of times at that place called home base and you’re there on the other side taking care of your pets on the other side everybody is all together friends I know you have more questions about animals energy and how all of this works.


[00:30:56] So let’s do this. Why don’t you hop on over to Instagram and go to my page which is at Angel podcast and ask your questions over there. Ask all of your questions about pets. If you have a different question we’ll get to that. You can do that too. And I’ll do a second future episodes on pets based on all the questions that I get from you there on Instagram. Also don’t forget to follow me over there so that you can stay up to date on all of our latest news. But before you go let’s do this and want to do a quick visualization. Spirit is saying that everybody listening today really needs this. I do have to say if you’re driving please turn this off now but if you’re not working if you’re not driving and you can really concentrate. I want you to do this for me.


[00:31:47] I want you to center yourself maybe just take a second stop. You can sit down in a chair you can be standing wherever you are and I just want you to take a deep breath and go as deep deep and as you can and exhale as deep as you can


[00:32:19] Now. Bring your attention to your heart to the energy inside your heart the energy surrounding your heart and really your heart chakra keep breathing but I want you to ask yourself what am I feeling


[00:32:50] Now if you’re feeling happy joyful highs some I want you to stay here and I want you to go deeper into what brings you that happiness and that joy. And I want you to give thanks and show gratitude to God a universe source energy for bringing all of that to you. And just stay here in gratitude and thanks for all of those blessings that have been given to you while I talk to everyone else. For those of you who are feeling sadness anxiety overwhelm fear loneliness. I want you to ask yourself why am I feeling this way. Take two deep breaths and allow the answer to really come to you. I’ll start talking again in one minute after you take this time to explore your feelings.


[00:33:45] Now keep breathing.


[00:34:06] Now I want you to keep breathing and I want you to ask yourself another question which is what do I need. Because what do you need. Do you need to take action. Do you need to say something or do something. Or is this one of those times where it’s not your battle and there’s nothing that needs to be done. You just need to feel the feelings and allow them to flow through you. Take another two breaths while you focus on that question what do I need and I’ll be back in another minute to direct you on the next step.


[00:34:43] After this now hopefully you were able to tap in.


[00:35:02] And did you see how a little voice inside of you came to tell you the answer. It’s not like you’re hearing someone else’s voice on the other side. You’re listening for a thought for a picture that comes to your mind maybe a mini daydream that comes to your mind and you know that that little voice was God universe source energy.


[00:35:24] If it was only 100 percent positive. So what direction are you supposed to go. What action are you supposed to take. Are you willing to muster the strength and faith inside yourself to get you where you need to be. Because you can. I want you to know that I believe in you. Your angels your loved ones. God believes in you. We believe that you can take the positive steps and actions to get yourself where you need to be.


[00:36:00] And we’re all standing here as your cheerleaders rooting you on because you can do this. You got this.


[00:36:09] And if no one else has told you yet today we need you to know how worthy you are your spiritual team needs you to know that you’re enough. You are worthy. For no other reason than you are a piece of God at your core. You are made from the same material as God. You are cut from the same cloth. You are one with everything and you’re connected to it all. And my dear dear friend I have to tell you there isn’t anything that you can’t do here.


[00:36:45] So no in your heart you’ve got this. OK.


[00:36:50] Now repeat after me I am worthy. I am enough I am a smart I am talented I am capable I can do this I can see myself in the future as if I’ve already done it and I can see that it went the way that I wanted it to go.


[00:37:32] Ok. Dear friends thank you so much for participating in that with me. Have a wonderful start to your week. E mail me if you have any questions. I love you. I’m here for you. Also tune back in this Friday because we’ve got a great episode of Angel stories.


[00:37:51] Yes. We have real life stories about angels and loved ones coming through and showing their presence validating so much in people’s lives. It’s definitely an episode that will make the hairs on your arms stand up so you don’t want to miss it.


[00:38:09] And don’t forget if you have a story that you want to share with us about your angels or your loved ones coming through we would all love to feature it on this pad cast. You can write it and I can read it for you. Or if you’re willing we’d love to have you come on the show and really speak it yourself tell the stories yourself too so we would love for you to write in about those stories let us know and we will connect with you on that. OK. Join us over on Instagram. We’re continuing the conversation over there and I am signing off now wishing you peace bliss and many many blessings


[00:38:59] Disclaimer this podcast provides general information and discussion about energy healing spiritual topics and related subjects the conversations and other content provided in this podcast and in any linked materials are not intended and should not be construed as medical psychological and or professional advice. If the listener or any other person has a medical concern he or she should consult with an appropriately licensed physician or other health care professional. Never make any medical or health related decision based in whole or even in part on anything contained in the angels in awakening podcast or in any of our linked materials. You should not rely on any information contained in this podcast and related materials and making medical health related or other decisions. You should consult a licensed physician or appropriately credentialed health care worker in your community in all matters relating to your health. If you think you may have a medical emergency call your doctor or nine one one immediately. Again Angel messages energy healing and the information you receive here does not constitute legal psychological medical business relationship or financial advice. Do not take any of the advice given and any angels in awakening podcasts or sessions in lieu of medical psychological legal financial or general professional advice. Please note angels in awakening is a podcast produced by Chicago energy healing a company with locations in Wheaton, Illinois and Naperville, Illinois.



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