7 Angel Numbers, A Sign Your Loved One is Okay

Julie Jancius December 17, 2019 26

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Bonnie Scilingo shares the story of her husbands passing, and how he used Angel Numbers to communicate to her that he was okay on the Other Side. After Bonnie and I finished recording the episode we chatted more, and thankfully I left the tape running! And I’m glad I did because we got into a great, deep discussion. So stay on (after you think the episode has ended) to hear Bonnie and my post-podcast discussion. Note: Angel numbers are used in a variety of ways, this is just one. I’ll put together an entire episode soon on all the different ways we see Angel numbers, and all of the different meanings behind them!


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[00:01:38] How. Beautiful Souls. Welcome to our Friday podcast. We are here with a Bonnie Scilingo. She is a family friend that I have known all my life and she has this beautiful beautiful story about her loved ones coming through to her from the other side.


[00:01:57] And I just had to have her on today to tell you about her story because you’re just gonna have goose bumps. That’s all I can say. You are gonna have goose bumps hearing about how her team her spirits have come through to her. So Bonnie thank you so much for being on the podcast. I’d love for you to tell us a little bit about your loved ones, and I know the numbers tie into to all of this so you had to tell us about the numbers.


[00:02:27] Thank you so much Julie for having me on. I’m really excited about this because I’ve told this story to many people and it does he gives goose bumps to me every time I retell it. So my husband passed away on January, 4th 2010 and he loved baseball. It was his biggest passion and his number of his jersey was number 32. So he spent most of his free time playing baseball when he wasn’t home or working. But I can remember it was his birthday I think of 2012 and my daughter and I decided we were going to go out to his favorite sushi restaurant and have sushi in honor of Tony’s birthday. And as we were eating the sushi I said to my daughter Jamie, do you think Dad is here? And she said I don’t know Mom I think he might be. I said I think you might be too I think he follows us a lot. So we had just finished eating our sushi and the bill came. I looked at the bill and I’m ready to sign after their credit card. And I looked down and it’s the amount is thirty two dollars and thirty two cents. Remember, his favorite number is 32. So she and I looked at each other and like wow he really is here so we were so excited because once you connect with your loved one when they pass there’s so many times that you can see these little things that happen especially when you kind of you kind of understand OK.


[00:04:10] When I see number 32, I know it is Tony. I also see that with his birthday which is May 13th and I see that also with my birthday which is August 21st. But 32 seems to be the one that I hear from him most.


[00:04:29] So a jump to another thirty two story if you’d like to know. And that is actually just happened. Well let me back up. I decided after Tony passed a couple of years went by that I was going to start dating. So I dated this guy that turned out to be not telling me the truth about his current situation. And we had just left the restaurant and I found out that the man was not single. So we’re in the car and I’m going to I wish I had known this before I went to dinner with you and on the sudden a car taps a source right in front of us and I look at the license plate and the license plate says pitcher 32. My husband was a baseball pitcher and it his number, Thirty two.


[00:05:23] I scream, “Oh my gosh”.


[00:05:26] Can you believe it?


[00:05:28] I can’t believe it at all.


[00:05:30] OK. Keep going.


[00:05:32] So I turn to the date and I looked at him and I kind of scream and he goes, What’s the matter, I go into my husband in front of us telling me that I shouldn’t be on this date with you


[00:05:50] But you know to see see number three two is one thing, but to see the name — the word pitcher in front of it, I knew that this isn’t coincidental. That was definitely a sign of Tony. And so that’s another 32 sighting with my husband, and I’ll give you another one.


[00:06:07] This happened this year this past year my son Tony graduated with a advanced degree from DePaul University in Chicago and knew we were going to his commencement for it. And I’m walking through to get my ticket for my seat and I’m with my sister and my daughter. My son is already he’s up with the graduates and I look at them I said give me Tony’s at this graduation. And of course they said I’ll probably probably. So I get to get my tickets. They give me the ticket to where I’m sit. I’m going to see they give me the ticket. It’s number 32. So I’m also sitting in number a number 32 was my seat. Again not another coincidence that happened in May of this past year of 2018. August of 2009 18. My sister and I go to a Cubs game. Now you have to know something about my husband the baseball player.


[00:07:09] He was not a Cubs fan. He was a white sox fan. So playing the Cubs was who he was and he was OK with them but his love was white sox of both the White Sox and the Cubs clean each other. It’s definitely the White Sox he’s rooting for. Well this day it’s the Cubs playing the Cincinnati Reds. My sister and I get our seats. And again I say to our so do you think Tony is at this game. She said Well by the way that he shows himself to you I’m sure he’s at this game. So they are announcing the pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds and these folks his name number 32. So my husband was on the mound pitching against the Cubs which I’m sure he loved. I’m sure he loved. So those are those are the 30 twos that I can remember. Truly I think there’s a few more but these are the ones that really stick out my mind. So he shows himself to me all the time with his his baseball no body that is absolutely incredible.


[00:08:16] I mean not just to have this happen once or twice but over and over and over again. I just can’t believe it. How do you. Because I think there are people out there who say well I don’t see signs. I don’t see signs from my loved ones. But I got to tell you in all of my sessions spirit comes through and they’re always saying I am showing them signs. They’re just not seeing it. They’re just not hearing it. They’re just not looking.


[00:08:45] And I just want to know from you Bonnie how did you see it.


[00:08:50] How did you hear it. How are you able to connect like that.


[00:08:54] Well Julie when Tony died the loss was so great and you really I really quickly wanted to establish some way of communicating with him. So I used his jersey number and I actually talked to him and I said Tom when I see number 32 I know what’s going on I know you’re around. I know that’s way of you telling me that you’re here with me your angels are here you are here your spirit is here I established number 30 to kind of quickly cause when he passed I never stopped talking to him. I talked to him to this day I talked to him. I kept him all the time. So I think what people need to do is talk to their loved one and try to communicate a way that they will know when that person on the other side wants to communicate with them.


[00:09:47] That’s awesome. Bonnie you are somebody that I know so well in my life and I don’t know if I would feel comfortable asking everybody else this question but I think that you would understand the importance of getting this information to other people who are listening.


[00:10:04] So I’m just wondering I mean you lost somebody so young who was so close to you and I know that it was just absolutely devastating and every single level. But you found peace in your heart and you found the ability to go on which not everybody is able to do. I have a lot of clients who I mean it just it makes me want to cry and it just breaks my heart. They they lose somebody and then it’s almost as if life stops and they’re really not able to continue and this isn’t just for one year or two years this is for a very long time. So I’m just wondering if you would be able to share with our listeners just how you were able to find some bit of peace in your life after his passing.


[00:10:57] Yes truly I’d be happy to answer that question. I’ve always had a very strong faith in God and my. Love of God and knowing that God loves me and I’ve always had a very deep spiritual connection to knowing that the afterlife is if I’d like you to explain it. I think it’s just a membrane away. So I think that they’re so close to us that when someone dies the grief can be enormous and I had so much grief. Julie It was a sudden death. There was no preparation for it. One day he was here. One day he was gone. So what I decided to do because boy you do feel like you want to stop living. What I decided to do is to really emerge myself and dive in to support groups. And I did one through my local hospital which has a it’s a Christian based hospital and they had a grief group for people whose spouses have died specifically for the death of a spouse and I decided that I was going to go into this. I was going to go every time that they met which was every Monday night and I was going to go and nothing was going to stop me because my grief was overwhelming and I really didn’t feel like going on. So I went to this grief group. I ended up staying there for a year and a half. Took me a year and a half before I could as I put it graduate. And can I tell you this was so helpful to me because what it did it put me in there was sometimes to were twenty five people there sometimes there were 50 people there and we’d sit in a group and we’d we’d be in a big circle and I would hear and we would share stories about our grief and then we would pray and then we would have to decide afterwards as a group to go out for coffee.


[00:13:09] So I had this new group of support people that were all brand new. I didn’t know any of these people before this happened and it was getting into this group scene that other people are also going through the same thing I’m going through and here I’m going thinking nobody’s going to have a worse story than me. No one no one. My story is going to be the top. Oh boy. My story was not a. There were people that had experienced greater depths of a spouse than that I thought mine was. So it took me 18 months and it was the best thing to do. And I would tell your listeners that if they’re not in a support group and they’re not in a grief group I would certainly look into one and they’re all over and find one. The one I had was from actually Hinsdale hospital where I live and they can direct you to that if that would be some place that I would really suggest you would want to start.


[00:14:09] Bonnie thank you so so much for taking the time to be on the show today and for all of your beautiful stories and for your supportive messages to our listeners. I just can’t tell you how much I appreciate your time and coming on today.


[00:14:27] Oh thank you Julie I really enjoyed it. Thank you so much.


[00:14:32] Of course of course. Well thank you everybody for listening today. I hope you have a beautiful and blessed blessed weekend. If you have any questions please email me if you have any stories about angels about loved ones and how they have come into your life shown their presence in your life really helped you in your life. I would love to hear those stories. I’m sure our listeners would love to hear those stories and we would just love to feature them on here so if you’re willing to come on the show or have me read your story on the show please get a hold of me. My Web site is w w w dot chance s dot com that spelled J A N C I U S dot com or you can just email me at Julie chances at gmail dot com. Thank you everybody. Have a great blast weekend and look out for all of those blessings that spirit is bringing into your life right now.


[00:15:33] Ok. Bonnie are you there. I am Julie. Yes. Oh my gosh I’m fine.


[00:15:40] I’ve got something to send you.


[00:15:42] I have a photo that was taken of a very store and the first year anniversary of Tony’s stuff.


[00:15:49] I don’t know if I told you this truce of meetings. OK. So I went on a boat. I’m a boat on a boat and I’m in Hawaii out of the ocean. And first of all the captain of the boat as you. Aaron get out on the boat. His name was Tony. So that’s the fellow. He’s the captain of this boat. He takes us way out to where I’m going to throw Tony’s party Tony’s ashes over and as I’m throwing the ashes over in this particular spot. One of my friends that was with me on this trip took a camera shot. He developed it and he brought it to me goes bad. You won’t believe what this what you’re going to see. Julie there is an angel in this picture just hovering hovering over where I threw his ashes. I have to send you this photo Oh it.


[00:16:47] Yes you will.


[00:16:48] Do you want to see that on the podcast. I just. I should I should agent. Can I show it. I need it. Yeah. OK.


[00:16:58] Yes. I’m going to. I’m going to send it to your email. Yeah man. Yeah. So it’s your email. And it’s in Hawaii and it’s in the middle of the ocean and it is definitely an angel in the air.


[00:17:14] You will see the now. Wow. Oh my gosh I’m dying to see this picture. You have to send it to me that’s it.


[00:17:21] And then. And so this of course we did notice until after we got home and this was developed because this was taken with a very high end camera. So it wasn’t an iPhone camera which are good today. But in 2011 this was a high end camera that he had brought. So if it’s very accurate you can see an angel but as I said I’m getting off the ship.


[00:17:44] My phone rings and it’s a tale of radio. They’re calling me because I had been in constant contact with them that year and they wanted to pray for me on the anniversary of his death.


[00:17:56] So I said OK. So they prayed with me on the anniversary of the death. And when I thanked them I go thank you so much. And I said What was your name again. Because my name is Tony.


[00:18:07] Oh yeah.


[00:18:10] Gosh I feel that so much in my heart.


[00:18:14] Yeah. Oh yeah. If you don’t if you don’t believe in spirits and you don’t believe in the afterlife and it’s a good place you have to listen to my story because oh it is.


[00:18:27] I mean he is he is around us all the time.


[00:18:30] Yeah. Oh for sure.


[00:18:33] Especially on big dates and big bases around especially on big data.


[00:18:36] That’s amazing. That’s amazing.


[00:18:38] You know how guys should I say here to tell you oh I just picked up Billy Graham’s book all about a one angel.


[00:18:46] Yes handed. Oh yes I have that book. Yeah.


[00:18:49] Oh my gosh. Wonderful book. Well what I was fascinated about I read Billy Graham when you talk about Christian.


[00:18:56] He’s kind of like the king of all Christians right. Yeah he does.


[00:19:00] He’s the icon. Totally totally.


[00:19:03] You know help me cause some Christians can go about they’re not sure about the angel part.


[00:19:08] Yeah. Oh yeah. I have to leave Wayne Barrett said this is the book you need. They kept saying cause I kept seeing it pop up on Amazon I’m like What is this. And it’s an old book. I mean it was published in 1995. So I’m reading this book right now.


[00:19:23] And when Billy Graham talks about angels he’s not just talking about Angel angels with wings and halos he is talking about loved ones coming through yes.


[00:19:39] Yes yes yes yes.


[00:19:43] Which is so fascinating to me because the biggest thing that I run it up into is I mean you know how how religious my upbringing was and how much my faith has always been there. But the biggest thing that I run up against is people saying oh well the Bible says that that would never happen again. You know like that was just in the old times. That’s not here today. That doesn’t happen anymore. And the Bible says that.


[00:20:07] But Billy Graham of all people goes into. Yes it does it have yes. All right.


[00:20:15] That’s what that’s what’s so wonderful about Billy Graham is that people think that he was so biblical to where he. You wouldn’t have thought that the loved one would come back as an angel you know and when you read this old book on this quote from the 70s on his Angels it’s like wow this guy had it. He was such a faithful man. Oh my God he was so so faithful one hundred percent.


[00:20:44] I know it’s an honor.


[00:20:47] It was. He was amazing and lived a long life because I think he had so much to do. God. God said we’re keeping you for a long time.


[00:20:57] You have a lot. You have a lot of work to do because he was actually doing good.


[00:21:01] I mean so many people they they hear the calling they hear the desires in their heart but then they just don’t take the steps.


[00:21:09] And it is the people who are here are following the steps who are following the breadcrumbs that God gives them because God doesn’t give you more unless you start with the first piece that he gives you. Right. So yes if you don’t follow it you’re not going to get more right.


[00:21:29] You’re right. Right. Right. But Billy Graham was the one who who followed and his family was.


[00:21:37] They weren’t all perfect. His kids got in trouble. I believe somebody got in big trouble. I can’t remember. I know his daughter has written a book but somebody was or had broken away. And you know how they handled it.


[00:21:52] They just gave the kid more love. Yeah. They gave him more love. Yeah. They just they gave him more love and he eventually came around. It is his whole thing was love. This whole thing was love. Yeah. And you know her God loves us so much.


[00:22:12] Well that’s it. That’s all that there really is. It is it’s all love.


[00:22:17] It is all love because you know because you know what it feels like when you don’t have love and people always think that the opposite of love is hate with the opposite of love is severe. Yeah. You don’t have love. You’re so fearful you’re so afraid and there’s a vibration to that.


[00:22:33] We all know the vibration of fear and how it will linger with us if we don’t concentrate on the love because it’s really only by staying in the light. Staying in the love that you get more of that you can’t dabble with the fear stuff.


[00:22:49] You just gotta stay in the light in the love yes light and the love that that’s what I always tell everybody I said you know some people that say oh I can’t I can’t live the spiritual Christian life. I can’t do it I can’t. It’s too hard I’m gone. It’s really not that hard. There’s really only two things that God asks us to do and that’s. Well three things really. There’s love him number one love everyone else. Number two just like you love God and number three which I think is the hardest is forgiveness. Forgiveness is probably the hardest but the other two to love. And once you know how long how easy it is when you love you you love more because it’s really when you forgive you love. You know there’s a lot of things that you can be angry with. I could be angry with Tony. Once I forgave him and it took a while once I really forgave him I was able to really love a lot more.


[00:23:53] Yeah yeah. You know forgiving is the tough part.


[00:23:58] Once you forgive somebody you know like you get in an argument once you forgive somebody for arguing oh gosh it feel so good.


[00:24:05] It does. And I believe in forgiveness.


[00:24:08] I feel like forgiveness is such an easy thing to say. Yeah I would forgive you I forgive but we all haven’t been tested in the same way with it. And I just hope that you know we’re all gonna have to come up against that some way in our lives and I think that you’re just such an amazing role model because of the way that you were able to just handle everything in your life with just such grace and yeah just Grace.


[00:24:40] Well thanks Jules. It’s been it’s been there’s been a lot of tough days.


[00:24:46] Yeah a lot of tough days but I’m still here am.


[00:24:52] And you know days there are good days as bad days but you know I know that I know that my angels are around me all the time. I meant to tell you this. I don’t know if you know anything with the numbers but I. When Tony died the first four months every single day morning I would wake up at four forty four for forty four. Kept looking at this number. Oh my goodness it’s forty four wives. Why am I waking up at 44 or why can’t I go to sleep until I look at the clock it’s 444. I looked at this number and according to the spirits this number is you’re on the right path and the angels are now directing you your angels are all around you with number 444.


[00:25:38] That’s how I know it.


[00:25:41] So the angel numbers are something that I really started to see after my dad passed away and I saw it the entire next year.


[00:25:49] And I’ve continued seeing it since I saw 44 but it started with eleven eleven. Oh yeah a twilight. Yeah yeah. It means awakening. And that was what was happening.


[00:26:02] Yes I seen eleven two I saw love and after I saw Levin’s a lot when I started dating I would see Levins all the time. Eleven Eleven one one eleven eleven eleven. Oh what a sort of life. Yeah. But I don’t do it anymore so I decided I’m not looking for anybody jewels if somebody wants to find me. They know what I mean. It’ll come to me. I’m not looking anymore. I have too many other things I need to do. Yeah in my life. And if if God wants me to have a man in my life he’ll send them to me.


[00:26:38] Yeah. Look at it.


[00:26:40] I think well I’ve got another woman coming on the show. March 19th and her name’s Kay AK and she’s just this phenomenal author who wrote this book called Divorce the love story. And we talk a lot in it not about divorce so much but about marriage in general and relationships and partnerships and just how much the institution is going to change because it’s structurally it hasn’t always allowed us to use our voice.


[00:27:13] And so there’s a lot happening right now with relationships I would say energetically.


[00:27:20] Oh I agree with you with a lot happening to relationships and the relationships of people that I know there for some reason I don’t know if it’s the times but I I feel a lot of people are just not happy.


[00:27:37] Yeah in their relationships even though they think they’re happy not happy. And I don’t know if it’s if it’s you know this climate of the social world we live in.


[00:27:53] This is what I’ve gotten into a spirit and just working with so many different people. Is that what’s happening right now is that the institution of marriage is at the beginning of a major shift and it’s not about being against marriage. It’s not about there not being any marriage in the future. It’s about setting up the institution so that you’re able to get out of it. If there is a natural arc to the relationship because right now you can’t you can’t just get out. I mean we’re so tied financially together.


[00:28:29] If you can’t work it out is it. If they stay in because it’s made it worse if they tried to get out. Yeah or they yen in and they they’re just not happy the way it is but they don’t know how to fix it or they don’t know why it’s going bad.


[00:28:46] Well And I guess probably a lot of the people that you’re talking to our women and a lot of the women that I’m talking to are coming into this to where the second really half to this is opening up our throat chakra because so much of this is us not using our voice on an individual level pretty much our entire life. I mean you know we were shushed as little girls we were told you know what we should do as adults. So we went in that direction and there really wasn’t a lot of freedom within ourselves to use our voice to use our opinions to go in the direction that we wanted to. Yeah. So are you.


[00:29:26] Yeah that’s a great point. You’re right about that. Yeah. Women have a much bigger voice but they’re never had a voice. You’re right.


[00:29:32] Yeah. And. And so what’s happening on the individual level is we have to do the work and put in the work of finding our voice finding out what our feelings and our needs are going more deeply and then acting on it and building the life that we want to have. And part of that’s really scary.


[00:29:53] Oh yeah. Oh yeah very scary. Yeah.


[00:29:56] Even towards assert yourself in situations that you you thought you maybe should never assert yourself at. But now you’re going to assert yourself and you don’t know what the outcome is gonna be.


[00:30:09] Yeah yeah totally agreed. Yeah. Bobby I love you so much.


[00:30:17] I love you too Jules.


[00:30:20] We’ll keep in touch and if you know anybody else who’s got good angel stories I am still looking for more to have on here.


[00:30:33] Oh thank you so much. OK.


Well thank you again for being on I love you and am well enjoyed talking to him. OK. OK. Bye.


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[00:31:36] Tune in for a new episode next week where Al share tools and guidance that can help you fall in love with your life and start living it from a place of peace bliss and ease.


[00:31:47] Thank you so much for listening to the angels and awakening podcast. Until next time know in your heart just how deeply you’re loved on the other side and open up your heart to all of the random unexpected blessings that your angels and your spirit team are trying to bring into your life right now.


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