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8. Meditation, Mindfulness and Self Work

The Soul Tribe December 17, 2019 5

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This episode is all about meditation and mindfulness technique/methods we can use for our own self work and self awareness. It’s so important to take time to be with yourself and take care of yourself, whatever that means to you. See details below:

  • Meditation – Different things work for different people, how meditation can help with self love and you can make this part of you self care routine (your you time).
  • Having a busy schedule and fitting in meditation and self work (self-care). Figure out what works for your schedule and your life. Some people it works best in the morning, or maybe you need to find a slot of time in the afternoon or even in the evening after work/before bed.
  • Finding space sometimes is hard. Noise and people around you may never go away or die down so you need to figure out how to make it work under whatever circumstances you have. Put on some headphones and drown out noise with some meditation music, binaural beats or music with a specific Hrz to heal different things.
  • Lorena: self reiki and meditation works for me now at night since in the morning I
  • Intentional meditation – Connecting to higher post of self and bringing down light that I want to heal or work on. Ask for what is lacking or what I need, to see certain things, to lower anxiety. Every color will bring something different to you and your body. 
  • Communing with the Divine: A Clairvoyant’s Guide to Angels, Archangels, and the Spiritual Hierarchy (Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis)
  • Change Your Aura, Change Your Life: A Step-by-Step Guide to Unfolding Your Spiritual Power (Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis).
  • Intentional meditation for Lorena is her Reiki: she envisions high energy and healing. Reiki helps calm her mind down.
  • Mindfulness meditation: sitting with yourself and observing thoughts and letting them go. Not judging your thoughts and just observe. Sometimes Lorena would meditate and envision what she would want or need, like fully loving herself and living the life she wants. This would help her shift her thinking and make her day start positive.
  • Your morning/night routine shouldn’t predict the outcome of your day, but enhance it and help you make space for yourself and calming your mind and letting emotions pop up if needed. 
  • Tips for meditation and self work. We are not experts but we wanted to provide some tips that have worked for us and our lives.
  • Meditation apps: Primed Mind, Headspace and Calm.






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    8. Meditation, Mindfulness and Self Work
    The Soul Tribe

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