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9. Cellular Memory – How Cellular Memory is linked to the Akashic Records and healing

The Soul Tribe December 17, 2019 8

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In this episode we talk about Cellular Memory and how this can come up in Akashic Record readings. In the Akashic Records cellular memory comes up as trauma, fear and anxiety (or other ways). You may have heard of cellular memory through people’s stories of organ transplants, for example a heart transplant makes someone feel different and gives them different emotions. Cellular memory is a big part of the Akashic Records and readings in general.

Sometimes you may have certain feelings you don’t understand and when you can’t pinpoint where they come from (you don’t have any trauma you can find), then it could be cellular memory playing a role in this. The cells in your body remember things in your life, trauma, fear, anxiety, if these feelings are strong enough this could be something your ancestors went though or felt. It’s now part of your DNA, and you have a memory of trauma that might not be yours, it could have been given to you by another family member. Things from our ancestors can block us in this life, it’s something to keep in mind in your healing journey.

Our job in this life is to pinpoint where things are coming from, understand why we are feeling certain things, heal it and let it go…move forward in a healthy way. These feelings can be anything from fear, anxiety, limiting beliefs, etc.. We can question ourselves and try to understand what is triggering us and figure out why we are getting so overwhelmed. Finding the root can help us manage situations in another way. Is it something you inherited, a repeating family pattern, is it something you started believing due to something that happened to you, is it something from another family member (mom/dad) or maybe it is a past life. Cellular memory adds another layer to our self discovery and healing. We are here now to break patterns, heal! We share some personal stories and examples in this episode, which we hope help you break this down in your own life and maybe help you see things in another light.

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    9. Cellular Memory – How Cellular Memory is linked to the Akashic Records and healing
    The Soul Tribe

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