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A Scientific Explanation of Psychic Phenomena and Human Consciousness with Dr. Diane Hennacy Powell

Julie Jancius May 19, 2020 5

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Get ready for a compelling episode, friends! My guest today, Dr. Diane shares so much interesting knowledge with us from a scientific perspective. Dr. Diane is an author, public speaker, researcher, and practicing psychiatrist. Her latest book, The ESP Enigma, is a revolutionary scientific explanation of psychic phenomena and the nature of human consciousness.

Dr. Diane is currently working on proving telepathy through the minds of non-vocal autistic children with savant skills. Tune into the episode to hear more about this incredible project!

We look at the compelling concept of time and consciousness. Dr. Diane gives us her insight on fascinating topics such as telepathy and reincarnation. We also dig into comparing the activity and characteristics of the left and right hemisphere of the brain.

In this episode, Dr. Diane and I also discuss:

  • Exploring the idea that the past, present, and future all co-exist
  • The concept of free will
  • Understanding intuition

Guest Resources:

Dr. Diane’s Website

Dr. Diane’s books 


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