Angel Numbers, What Do They Mean & How to Call on Angels When You Need Them! with Kyle Gray

Michael Sandler February 22, 2021 13

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If you’ve ever wanted to get guidance from the angels or wondered what in the world one, one, one, one has to do with anything, then do we have the Angel Numbers show for you.


Today I’ll be talking with Kyle Gray, one of the UK’s youngest, most sought after angel experts, the author of at least 6 books, the creator of at least three angel card decks, and the author of a fascinating guide for getting guidance from the angels, Angel Numbers: The Message and Meaning Behind 11:11 and Other Number Sequences.


That is just what I want to talk with him about today, about the message and meaning behind one, one, one, one, and other number sequences, and what they mean for you. Plus, we’ll talk about Jurassic park night lights, robot moves and bald haircuts, little plastic monsters and fantasia, and what in the world nana’s cheese has to do with anything. Are you ready to shine?


Key Points Discussed:

  • The ultimate message that we are one with everything that is and ever will be (03:54)
  • The angelic time period that Kyle was in and how open and receptive he was for what took place (05:33)
  • Finding the reason in a happening versus something happening for a reason (07:36)
  • Seeing his deceased nana at age 4 and his dog scratching on the walls from the other side (08:18)
  • The medium who foresaw Kyle becoming the youngest medium in the UK (10:26)
  • Getting government funding to start a spiritual business at just 17 years (14:06)
  • When did you start recognizing numbers or when did they start chasing you down? (16:03)
  • The three things we should know when we start seeing numbers (19:30)
  • What changes if we call on the angels versus if we just know they’re there? (21:58)
  • How can angel numbers and being in a dance with them help us raise our vibration? (24:41)
  • How the angels are shouting to get our attention and their tactical nature (27:10)
  • 10-10: On the cusp of something miraculous and 12-12: Healing and light (30:47)
  • The receptive aspects of divinity and the triple digits that tell one that they’re a healer (35:32)
  • The manifestation number and how it’s about abundance being given to us (37:02)
  • A whole new language of communicating with the angels and of being open and receptive (39:05)
  • The one way we can all begin to tune in more right now (50:34)
  • Worthiness: The key to experiencing angels (52:49)
  • What is the importance of loving ourselves? (53:53)
  • What do we do if we don’t believe we’re worthy of forgiveness? (55:15)


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    Angel Numbers, What Do They Mean & How to Call on Angels When You Need Them! with Kyle Gray
    Michael Sandler

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