Arati Song 3- Sarva mangala

Vedanta and Yoga December 19, 2019 7

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These Arati Songs comprises four hymns of praise and supplication to Sri Ramakrishna and Sarada Devi.These Arati Songs are sung every evening in almost all the centres of
the Ramakrishna Order in India and abroad. They are also sung in the
homes of many devotees. The Songs are available on various websites including the Belur Math website third hymn is dedicated to Sri Sarada Devi. The Candi, also known as the Durgasaptasati and the Devimahatmya describes the exploits of Sakti or Devi (Power Divine or Mother Divine). The 3 verses of this hymn are actually part of Narayani-Stuti (10-12 Chapter). Since Sri Ramakrishna, at the end of the sodasi-puja to Sri Sarada Devi, on an auspicious day (to mark the end of his spiritual practises) offered his rosary at her feet, symbolizing the fruits of all his sadhanas (spiritual practise) and chanted these three verses, they have now become associated with her.The translations have been credited to the authors individually at the end of the lyrics.

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    Arati Song 3- Sarva mangala
    Vedanta and Yoga

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