Astrology Predictions for Today, this Summer, and Fall (And what to do about it)! Plus Guided Meditation | Dr. Michael Lennox

Michael Sandler June 22, 2020 12 5

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If you’ve ever wanted to know what in the world is going on with the world, according to the stars, then do we have the show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with Dr. Michael Lennox, psychologist, dream expert, astrologer, and the creator of the Daily Astro Alert.

And that’s just what I want to talk with him about today, about what’s going on this summer, this fall, December 21st, this weekend, and why the chaos of today was all written in the stars. 

Key Points Discussed:

  • The doom of fearing change greatly and believing that challenging times are for our best interests (02:47)
  • The alignment of the planets and stars in relation to current occurrences in the United States (04:31)
  • Race in America through the lens of astrology and crisis we are in due to racial challenges (07:04)
  • The solar eclipse that’s coming up, its transformative nature, and the power of a new moon solar eclipse intention moment (08:25)
  • The moment when two sides of a very divisive issue will likely gather (12:08)
  • The rare occurrence of the personal planets going retrograde at the same time (14:00)
  • The danger of moving too fast and the value of learning to slow down (16:38)
  • Is there anything big that will happen after the solar eclipse? (20:51)
  • Mars and war: The energy from Mars that might make people more enraged, aggressive, and assertive (23:35)
  • What gives you optimism when you look at the charts? (27:18)
  • Being hypervigilant of what is going on inside before we take any action on the outside (30:35)
  • How to surf the current energy and knowing when to hide under the covers (33:37)
  • Living in the curiosity of what’s going to happen and the welcoming of November (35:59)
  • Mars being retrograde and how it relates to the way we embody our lives (37:46)
  • Honoring the change and transformation that’s going on by meditating, praying, doing our personal work, tuning into the teachers that inspire us, and other things (39:44)
  • Going through the growing pain in a way that is more in harmony, convergence, and coherence with each other, with ourselves, and with our previous ways (41:42)
  • Benefitting from the existence of a place where the heart and activism meet (43:58)
  • Is there anything that will come up at the end of the year from December 21st? (44:33)

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    Astrology Predictions for Today, this Summer, and Fall (And what to do about it)! Plus Guided Meditation | Dr. Michael Lennox
    Michael Sandler

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