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Michael Sandler December 18, 2019 6

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Hi Everyone, Michael Sandler here your host on inspire nation. Today we have a very special, end-of-the-year meditation, or visualization. This meditation fits perfectly with Ben Saunders our guest today, who’s helping us all to dream big and achieve big dreams!

This meditation can be done anytime, though I recommend it first thing in the morning, last thing at nice, or even twice a day to really burn your dreams, hopes, wishes, and goals, deep into your psyche.

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I send love. I send light. And many, many blessings your way. Namaste.

Okay, this is a super-simple meditation, but it requires your help. I want you to visualize what’d you like for the new year. Dream big. Is it a new job? Starting a new company? A new home? A new baby? To move across the country? Or the world? Or to become a world changer, a game changer, or a planet saver? Or maybe it’s more spiritual, to improve your practice, to dive deep, to take your spirituality or connection to an entirely new level, or to find a spiritual teacher or guide to help you on your path. Or maybe it’s more physical, such as your greatest health, or a return to perfect health, or to run a 5K or even marathon this spring. Or maybe it’s financial? To have your greatest wealth, to finally open a savings account and save or bring in more than you spend. Or maybe it’s relationship oriented, to improve your relationship, find that special someone, or to get married and start a family.

Whatever it is, it’s entirely up to you, in co-creation with the Universe. By coming up with a goal, and putting it out there, you help bring it into your reality.

So today we’ll do something really simple, we’ll just focus 100% entirely on your breath, and then on your goal. We’ll repeat it over and over again, and help you burn it into your psyche.

Last thought before we begin. I’d love you to come up with a mantra or short phrase that represents your desire. For instance, Jessica and I want a giant goal to help one million listeners in 2016. So a good mantra for us, is may be Help one million in 2016. Help One Million in 2016. It’s big, it’s a bit crazy, but it just may happen. And the more we repeat it, the more the thought becomes a thing…

Fun & Relaxing Meditation & Visualization to Help You Reach Your Dreams in 2016, Whether They’re Health, Wealth, Career, Business, Relationship, Love Or Anything! Law of Attraction | The Secret | Manifestation | Spirituality | Motivational | Self-Help

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    BONUS GUIDED RELAXATION & VISUALIZATION FOR THE NEW YEAR MEDITATION (10 Min) | Michael Sandler | Inspiration | Motivation | Spirituality | Health | Self-Help
    Michael Sandler

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