BONUS GUIDED RELAXING GROUNDING PEACEFUL MEDITATION (9 Min) | Michael Sandler | Spirituality | Inspiration | Self-Help

Michael Sandler December 18, 2019 6

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Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving in the US and many countries around the globe. Which means today is one of the craziest travel days of the year! So to help people get through this crazy day, we have a super-simple and relaxing GROUNDING meditation. This meditation can be done anytime of the day, anywhere you’re at, though I wouldn’t recommend it while driving or operating heavy machinery. But it’ll help you get grounded, stop the world from spinning, and bring the craziness down, to a much saner level. That, and it’ll give you a giant AHHHHHH of relief.

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We send love. We send light. And many many blessings your way. Namaste!

Okay, you can do this meditation, sitting, standing, or laying down, though I prefer sitting for this one.

I want to take you to a very special place, either you own special place, or one of mine. We’re going to keep it really simple. Is there a tree in your home town, or where you’re at, perhaps at a local park, or in your yard, where you like to sit down, relax, and catch your breath for a minute or two?

Maybe it’s a tree from your schoolyard in childhood, or in college, or one you see people hanging at while walking on your way to work.

For me, there’s a local tree in a park nearby. I call it the tree spirit, because maybe thirty years ago, someone tacked two eyes and a nose on the tree with some nails. So it looks like a wise old elf, has grown right out of the tree.

I visit it every chance I can, sit under the tree spirit, and just breathe.

There’s so much wisdom in the tree. So much patience. So much strength. And so much grounding force.

Okay, do you have a favorite tree in mind.

So what I’d like you to do is go to that tree now in your minds eye.

Sit under it, or lay under it. Feel the ground beneath you, maybe the bark against your back. Put your hands in your lap, or better still, put your hands directly on the earth, and breathe in, nice, and slow and deep, through the nose…

Beautiful Simple Relaxing and Grounding Guided Meditation to Help Keep You Calm & Centered During this Stressful & Travel Time of the Year. Feel the Bliss & the Ahhhhhh. Michael Sandler | Inspiration | Inner-Peace | Mindfulness | Health | Self-Help

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    BONUS GUIDED RELAXING GROUNDING PEACEFUL MEDITATION (9 Min) | Michael Sandler | Spirituality | Inspiration | Self-Help
    Michael Sandler

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