BONUS GUIDED RELAXING SACRED HAWAII MEDITATION (12 Min) | Michael Sandler | Inspiration | Health | Spirituality | Self-Help

Michael Sandler December 18, 2019 4

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Hi Everyone, Michael Sandler here, your host on Inspire Nation. Today I’d planned on sharing with you a meditative journey of the Christmas walk I took with my wife and co-host Jessica Lee, but then we received a text from a dear friend on Maui where we lived for many years. He was visiting an ancient Heiau, pronounced (Hey Ow) on Maui, or holy temple grounds of the Hawaiian ancestors.

It was a place we’ve been to many times ourselves, over Christmas, or New Years, or Solstice. A place to reconnect, to say our prayers, and to make our well wishes for the days ahead. It’s also been a tremendous place to say prayers for healing, and watch them come true

So today, as a special Christmas treat, I’ll take you on a short Hawaiian adventure, to a heiau, on the northwest side of the Valley Isle of Maui, one of the youngest islands on the chain.

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I send love. I send light. And many, many blessings your way. Namaste.

Once you’re comfortably in position, I’d like you to breathe in nice and slowly, in and out through the nose.

And as you continue to breathe deep, I’d like you to imagine you’ve taken a magical trip all the way over to Maui. It’s a beautiful day, sunshine above, slight mist clinging over the mountains in the distance, and you can smell the sweet fresh fruit of mangos, papayas, guava, and even a hint of berries in the air…

Relax, Unwind, & Set Your Intentions for Your Days Ahead With This Special Guided Meditation Through the Hills on Maui to an Ancient Sacred Temple – Feel the Bliss, Peace & Have Your Prayers Answered | Inspiration | Spirituality | Health | Self-Help

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    BONUS GUIDED RELAXING SACRED HAWAII MEDITATION (12 Min) | Michael Sandler | Inspiration | Health | Spirituality | Self-Help
    Michael Sandler

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