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Calm Down, Come Alive Series: Choose Better

Kristine Carlson October 23, 2020 9

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Have your daily wellness practices fallen by the wayside in these tough times? Please, don’t beat yourself up! This is not the time or season to be hard on yourself.

However, please know that there’s no better time than NOW to make better choices that will help you feel (and look) your best.

So starting today, make a list of the ways you could make better choices to nurture your mind, body, and spirit. I suggest you designate a special journal or planner you can use just for this purpose. Intention is powerful! And by making a list, you’ll hold yourself accountable for these wiser choices. 


Here are a few examples of the choices you may wish to improve upon:


Could you reduce your sugar intake? 

Spend more time in your meditation practice? 

Take that nature walk every day after work?

Turn off your cell phone after 8 PM?

Cook fresh, healthy meals at home instead of takeout?

Say “no” to one unnecessary errand or chore?


And as you begin to reintegrate those daily practices that help you calm down and feel better, you’ll begin to reclaim your inner power and your sense of vitality. When you calm down, you DO come alive. 


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Kristine Carlson

New York Times Best Selling Author, Kristine Carlson invites you to practice Don't Sweat The Small Stuff Wisdom for simple ways to live your most vibrant life of joy.

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