De-Stress and Shed Fear Fast Thru Mindfulness!!! Sharon Salzberg | Plus a Guided Meditation

Michael Sandler March 23, 2020 5

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Today I’ll be talking with Sharon Salzberg, a true pioneer in the field of meditation and world-renowned meditation teacher, and the best-selling author of a brilliant book on meditation, “Real Happiness”

And that’s just what I want to talk with her about today, about how to use meditation for greater health, happiness, and grounding during this special time.  

Key Points Discussed:

  • Can we use meditation to help our health? (02:30)
  • How she went to India in her earliest years to learn how meditation practice could be used to bring more happiness (02:58)
  • The two wolves in terms of the fear that’s in the world right now (08:00)
  • Meditation: Cultivating the ground so that those things we yearn for can emerge (09:42)
  • What does concentration, mindfulness, love, and kindness have to do with meditation? (11:45)
  • Decluttering our field of attention so that our perception of what’s going on in the moment is not so distorted by bias of some kind (13:54)
  • Her first experience of meditation and the role that was played by sitting down and feeling her breathe (16:15)
  • An exercise we can do to focus on breathe (19:16)
  • Learning how to let go more gracefully and starting again more beautifully (24:15)
  • What does it mean to you to look at ourselves with quiet eyes (26:39)
  • Being afraid of the unknown more than we’re afraid of what we do know (32:06)
  • Using mini-meditations today and letting the phone ring a few times prior (33:48)
  • What is a slow-mo meditation? (35:50)
  • Mindfulness/meditation and how it helps with loneliness and isolation (38:16)
  • Harnessing the great potential we have for connection and change  (43:20)

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    De-Stress and Shed Fear Fast Thru Mindfulness!!! Sharon Salzberg | Plus a Guided Meditation
    Michael Sandler

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