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Michael Sandler December 18, 2019 2

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If you’ve ever wanted to achieve your dreams, and find a way to finally succeed matter the busy-ness, then do we have the One Thing show for you! 

Today we’ll be talking with Jay Papasan, vice-president and executive editor at Keller Realty, co-owner Papasan Properties Group (with his wife) and co-author of best-seller The One Thing, to me, after reading nearly 500 books for the show, still one of the greatest business books of all time… right up there alongside Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich if not higher.

And so today, I want to speak with him about the surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results.

That plus we’ll talk about the trouble with truthiness, fear of chaos, city slickers and curly, learning on manual type-writers, frogs and boiling water, living like Ebenezer Scrooge, do fish really smell from the neck down, and what in the world does Mia Hamm, has to do with anything.

One Thing Self-Improvement and Self-Help Topics Include: 

  1. What was the synchronicity that brought Jay and co-author Gary Keller together?
  2. What got Jay Papasan interested in the One Thing?
  3. What does it mean to go small?
  4. What’s the lie behind multi-tasking?
  5. How does multitasking actually cost time
  6. What’s task switching?
  7. What’s the trouble with to-do lists
  8. What’s the trouble with discipline?
  9. Why isn’t will power always on will-call?
  10. How do we manage our willpower levels?
  11. What’s the focusing question
  12. What does it mean that extra-ordinary results require a great answer?
  13. What’s it mean to live with purpose?
  14. What’s it mean that happiness happens on the way to fulfillment?
  15. What’s the planning fallacy?
  16. What’s a time management system?
  17. What is time blocking?
  18. What size time blocks do we need?
  19. What are the four thieves?
  20. What advice would he give for single moms?
  21. What’d the highly productive person’s daily energy plan?
  22. What’s the importance of hugging, kissing, and laughing?
  23. What’s one homework assignment people can begin working on today?
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Jay Papasan on Discovering Your “One Thing” for Extraordinary Success & Happiness! Career | Health | Inspiration | Fitness | Motivation | Spiritual | Spirituality | Mindfulness | Meditation | Inspirational | Motivational | Self-Improvement | Self-Help

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    DISCOVER YOUR “ONE THING” FOR EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS!!! Jay Papasan | Health | Fitness | Inspiration | Self-Help | Inspire
    Michael Sandler

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