Discover Your True Power, Potential and Possibility!!! Plus a Guided Meditation From Panache Desai

Michael Sandler May 4, 2020 14

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If you’ve ever wanted to discover your true power, potential, and possibility even in this interesting time, then do we have the You Are Enough show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with Panache Desai, best-selling author, thought leader and life catalyst, and the author of a beautiful new book on stepping into your power, “You Are Enough”

And that’s just what I want to talk with him about today, about understanding from a spiritual perspective, what’s going on, and how to set into your true power, especially at a time when we feel more disempowered than ever.

Key Points Discussed:

  • A planet coming into harmony, human learning to collaborate and work together, and the light emerging in people (02:50)
  • Entering a ten-year window of time within which harmony and balance has to be restored in the hearts of all human beings (03:45)
  • Hugging and embracing the darkness within us (05:08)
  • Breaking away of the old so we can get to the new (07:38)
  • Thriving in uncertainty and knowing that we were chosen for this time, reason, and purpose(08:27)
  • Helping people see the light and the potential in this time (09:12)
  • Respecting the coronavirus but not being afraid of it (11:22)
  • Calling the divine, what happened after, and what the experience was like (16:00)
  • The uniqueness that is our superpower and how it can help us farther the evolution of our entire species (19:48)
  • Can we all call out God during this time and what would that look like? (20:23)
  • What is Samadhi and who and what is our true self? (22:31)
  • Recognizing that you are more than a limited identity and you have access to something beyond who you are (26:37)
  • What surrender really means and how it can keep us from suffering (27:32)
  • Giving your mind its proper place so it can support you in holding on to a space of safety inside of yourself (32:08)
  • The answer to every form of human suffering that we’re experiencing (33:28)
  • Where to put our attention, awareness, energy, and light right now (36:22)
  • How we’re finally being able to feel the frequency of Mother Earth (43:47)
  • The five commitments and how they can completely change our lives (46:05)
  • Life is as we are not as others show us life is (49:06)
  • Panache’s mission during this time (49:34)
  • What do total acceptance and trust mean to you right now? (52:29)

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    Discover Your True Power, Potential and Possibility!!! Plus a Guided Meditation From Panache Desai
    Michael Sandler

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