Doreen Virtue – Evening Meditation

Hay House December 20, 2019 20

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As the starry night reveals itself to introduce the calming darkness of which we originate, which cultivates quiet and spiritual openness, we become more receptive to spirit and open to capturing our life’s purpose. Join Doreen Virtue in this free guided meditation to enjoy a restful night’s sleep. Open yourself to the healing energy of the love that is in you in order to regain balance and become refreshed after a deep, restful sleep. Your spirit and body will bathe in the divine as you acknowledge that the source provides for all of your needs in life. You are loved and deserve this time of peace. Feel the blissfulness and release all barriers that keep you from enjoying your divine true essence. All exists for everyone’s growth and higher good. Open yourself up to allowing all of these growth lessons to come to you in divine order. 

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    Doreen Virtue – Evening Meditation
    Hay House

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