Dreams and Visions of the Dying – Finding Hope and Meaning at Life’s End with Dr. Christopher Kerr from I See Dead Peoples TEDx Talks

Michael Sandler July 16, 2021 6

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Today I’ll be talking with Dr. Christopher Kerr, CEO and Chief Medical Officer at Hospice Buffalo, the creator of the incredibly viral TED Talk, “I See Dead People: Dreams and Visions of the Dying”, and the author of a brilliant, beautiful, and incredibly important book, “Death Is But A Dream”.


That is just what I want to talk with him about, about finding hope and meaning at life’s end, particularly at this time. Plus we’ll talk about lord of the flies with uniforms, Elijah and Nathan, red string of fate, rocking invisible babies, smelling non-exisitent perfume, and what in the world pink spiders on the wall have to do with anything!?


Key Points Discussed:

  • Would you say you used to be a spiritual guy and what happened the last time you saw your dad? (02:54)
  • How he ended up going to the safest place from the dying as a career (05:02)
  • The worse words one can say for somebody who’s dying and how the principle of non-abandonment is no longer valued (06:48)
  • How he shifted from working as a resident in cardiology to work in hospice (09:08)
  • Terminal lucidity and looking at dying as a post-traumatic growth experience (11:53)
  • People die how they live (16:33)
  • Sleep as the common denominator of all illnesses (19:36)
  • Why dying seems lonely when it’s really not (22:42)
  • Bridget and how she was spiting him with the pink spiders on the wall (26:18)
  • The experiences (Dream and visions) that patients have when they’re dying (28:02)
  • The story of Eliza and Nathan: How we see people die and how it changes how we experience loss and grief (33:16)
  • The access to data from our lives that requires emotional tone and texture to reach (38:35)
  • Do you think there is less suffering than we think at the end and more peace at the end as well? (42:43)
  • What can you tell us about people who’ve had miscarriages? (45:43)
  • The complicated grief surrounding Coronavirus deaths and the anticipatory peace to it (46:52)
  • How to reach out and connect with our loved ones during this time (49:20)


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    Dreams and Visions of the Dying – Finding Hope and Meaning at Life’s End with Dr. Christopher Kerr from I See Dead Peoples TEDx Talks
    Michael Sandler

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