Eating Smarter For a Smarter, Healthier Brain!!! Dr. William Sears

Michael Sandler June 10, 2020 9

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If you’ve ever wanted a smarter, healthier, more resilient brain, then do we have The Healthy Brain Book show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with Dr. William Sears, one of America’s leading and most famous health experts and best-selling authors, and the co-author of a brilliant new book on preserving your brain, “The Healthy Brain Book”

And that’s just what I want to talk with him about today, about eating your way to a smarter brain. 

Key Points Discussed:

  • What in the world is a brain garden? (02:58)
  • The way our brain does pruning automatically and neuroplasticity 101 (04:46)
  • How to stimulate your brain and keep it getting sharper and sharper (07:03)
  • The helpers high and holding the five keys to brain health in the palm of your hand (08:13)
  • Minding your cell membranes with a smart fat diet instead of a low-fat diet (08:44)
  • Can we tell how our brain is doing from our skin? (10:25)
  • Feeding our mighty mitochondria and growing healthier myelin (12:09)
  • Moving more to get neuroprotectins to the brain that will help us create more natural medicines in our bodies (13:59)
  • The language of the brain and the impact it has on our bodies (15:25)
  • The meaning of “The better your blood vessels, the better your brain” (18:47)
  • The importance of nourishing our fat heads and how a fulee of wild salmon can help (20:49)
  • Why the brain is now sicker than the heart in America (22:09)
  • How one can be a vegan and still have seafood (25:00)
  • When a mother should take high doses of Omega 3 to help build the baby’s brain (27:53)
  • Putting more color on our plates and why the blueberry is the brain berry (32:36)
  • The impact of greens and Vitamin D on our brains (34:50)
  • What do probiotics have to do with growing a smarter brain? (37:58)
  • The rule of twos: Eat twice as often, eat half as much, chew twice as long, and take twice the time to die (42:02)
  • The power of seeing and smelling food before we eat it (43:16)
  • A good carb (fat, protein, and fiber) versus a bad carb (46:50)
  • What we should do with a smoothie so it can benefit us the most (48:04)
  • The bitter the better: Reshaping your tastes and starting with 75% then going up 5% every week (50:00)
  • The brain benefits of organic green, red, and yellow peppers (53:50)
  • Getting rid of Monosodium glutamate (MSG) and anything with natural flavors (58:20)
  • The number one oil on the naughty list below hydrogenated oil (01:01:16)
  • MCT oil in addition to Omega 3, nothing on the naughty list, and a whole lot of grazing for pregnant moms (01:04:09)
  • The seven smart gut changes for brain health and what makes red meat bad for you (01:05:45)
  • Blending instead of juicing to improve our microbiome (01:10:08)
  • How we detox by just going to sleep and the one thing we can do right now to help our brains (01:12:00)

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    Eating Smarter For a Smarter, Healthier Brain!!! Dr. William Sears
    Michael Sandler

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