Finding Comfort in the Discomfort!!! Michael Sandler and CJ Liu

Michael Sandler July 17, 2020 7

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If you’ve ever wondered how to get comfortable with uncertainty, then do we have the finding comfort in the discomfort and healing show for you.

Today we’ll talk about leaning into the discomfort and the unknown, getting familiar with it, comfortable with it, and okay with not being okay, or even having a clue.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Making soap and beautiful hand made gifts for her husband on his birthday (03:32)
  • Learning from our mistakes and getting better with each time we try to do something (12:04)
  • The power of the unknown: Michael’s five minute haircut experience (13:07)
  • Rocking K-Poppy hair on the Inspire Nation Tour and looking forward to an opportunity to heal by getting out of their current surroundings (17:41)
  • Stepping forward without predicting how things are going to unfold and allowing things to unfold (21:48)
  • The healing process in getting rid of all the things in our lives we don’t need (24:00)
  • Coming closer together to heal especially after a significant trauma (30:02)
  • Feeding over 1,000 hummingbirds every two days, the return of the golden warrior, and how it’s helping Michael and Jessica step into their power (31:52)
  • CJ’s racoon friends and their meowzer attitudes (35:00)
  • The challenges of a proposed return to school and the brutality of online learning (41:29)
  • Going through the journey of transformation that comes with not having answers to everything (49:20)
  • How CJ is achieving higher levels of consciousness and trying to figure out new structures (53:00)
  • The importance of taking as much rest and self care as possible especially during this time (1:00:18)
  • The stress that we’re all collectively going through due to the pandemic and how to be okay with it (1:03:07)
  • Having fun and surrendering even when we don’t know how to deal with a chaotic situation (1:04:00)

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    Finding Comfort in the Discomfort!!! Michael Sandler and CJ Liu
    Michael Sandler

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