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Fresh Start Series: Impeccable Self Care

Kristine Carlson January 29, 2021 4

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More than just mud masks, the essence of real self-care is all about mindful attention to our mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial health. Take Kristine Carlson’s Self-Care Challenge to master the art of supreme self-care as you step in 2021.

Self-care is a term that we’ve all become familiar with. 

We hear about it on social media, in magazines, and even on the news, but do we really understand what it means? 

Well, to start with – self-care is so more than just mud masks or lounging in a bubble bath!

Supreme self-care is all about paying mindful, loving attention to your mental, emotional, spiritually, physical, and even financial health. It’s about your overall well-being. 

The importance of instilling supreme self-care cannot be overlooked, either. When we nurture and care for ourselves the way we need to, we become fully whole and can really wake up to our most vibrant lives yet. And perhaps even more importantly, we can then finally begin to show up in the world and for our loved ones the way we want to. 

As we are conditioned to focus our energy on the world around us, it can feel unnatural to pour our love and light inwards. 

Listen in, and learn Kristine Carlson’s Self-Care Challenge for 2021. 

Learn more about Kristine Carlson’s signature Reinvention and Renewal program where you take a deep dive into who you are now: What Now? An Online Mentorship Course and Workbook.

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Kristine Carlson

New York Times Best Selling Author, Kristine Carlson invites you to practice Don't Sweat The Small Stuff Wisdom for simple ways to live your most vibrant life of joy.

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