Get Happier Through Quantum Science!!! Plus Guided Meditation! Dr. Amit Goswami

Michael Sandler February 19, 2020 8

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If you’ve ever wondered how to use quantum science to bring happiness to your life, then do we have the quantum spirituality show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with Dr. Amit Goswami, world-famous physicist, pioneer of the quantum world view, the best-selling author of numerous books translated into at least 9 languages, including “The Text Book of Quantum Mechanics”, “The Phenomenal Documentary”, “The Quantum Activist”, and the co-author of another brilliant book along with Dr. Valentino Onisor, “Quantum Spirituality”

And that’s just what I want to talk with him about today, about bridging mysticism and science to bring more happiness to your life. 

Key Points Discussed:

  • What does quantum science have to do with happiness? (03:24)
  • Is consciousness and therefore happiness non-local or not located in the mind? (04:34)
  • The optimal scale of happiness and what it has to do with anything (05:18)
  • How to gradually expand consciousness through simple practices like meditation and yoga (06:02)
  • The misconception around seeking enlightenment when we want happiness (06:42)
  • An example of a concentration meditation that anyone can jump into without much practice (12:33)
  • Using quantum science to get out of a stuck state, get to normal, and then get to positive mental circuits going on (17:36)
  • The huge danger of falling into psychosis or depression, and the only way to deal with it (19:48)
  • The difficulty in being whenever we are neurotic (21:28)
  • Our real natural state of being and how what we call normal has become sub-normal (25:19)
  • Developing positive emotional brain circuits and how to turn inward to remember who we truly are (28:16)
  • What is your archetype and what do you do when the negative emotions come out to try to get you? (40:26)
  • How did you crowbar into your heart? (43:07)
  • What can you tell us about the secret of Jesus’ way of wholeness? (49:03)
  • What is one tip that you would give women to help strengthen the navel? (52:53)
  • What’s the five-layer cake that’s coming up? (56:40)

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    Get Happier Through Quantum Science!!! Plus Guided Meditation! Dr. Amit Goswami
    Michael Sandler

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