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Healing Fear Series: Intuition or Fear? How to Tell the Difference

Kristine Carlson November 27, 2020 6

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Obsessing over a decision you need to make? Living in a fearful time can disconnect us from our inner wisdom. Learn to tell the difference between fear and intuition – and make stop all the back and forth, once and for all! 


Podcast Post: 


Many of us are facing some BIG decisions right now. From our careers, to our lifestyle, finances, and households, these times have called on us to reconfigure the way we live, work, and interact in all of our closest relationships. 


If you’re feeling insecure about your ability to make the “right” decisions right now – polling friends for their opinions, frozen with indecision, or just feeling out of control and overwhelmed – you’re not alone. Decision-making can be tough.


Well-intentioned friends might urge you to “trust your gut,” but while this is certainly sage advice, it can be difficult to distinguish the difference between your intuition and the voice of fear! Living in a fearful time can cloud our inner clarity and wisdom – kind of like putting a short-circuit in our inner navigational system!


Are you making the decision because it’s truly aligned with your inner wisdom and is for your greater good? Or… are you making a decision influenced by the fearful, doubtful voice of your ego?


Listen in to today’s episode, and learn Kristine Carlson’s surefire method for getting clear with your feelings, intuition, and logic. You’ll soon be making “the right” decisions, every time!


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