How Bullet Journaling Can Completely Change Your Life!!! Ryder Carroll

Michael Sandler September 1, 2020 6

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If you’re wanting to get organized, de-stressed, and get more done with less anxiety in the process, then do we have The Bullet Journal Method show for you.

Today I’m speaking with Ryder Carroll, a digital product designer and author, and the creator of “The Bullet Journal Method”

And that’s just what I wanna talk with him about today, about an analog method for the digital age and how a simple journal can change your life. 

Key Points Discussed:

  • The difficulties he experienced in his early schooling due to ADD (03:42)
  • Designing different tools and techniques to repair the screw-up gene and how it all led to him creating The Bullet Journal Method (06:47)
  • How he uses The Bullet Journal Method in his own life (10:34)
  • Devising his own organizational system to make sense out of the nonsensical and bring his numerous thoughts into focus (12:52)
  • One of the major reasons why bullet journaling is analog (16:15)
  • The way the limit slots in our short term memory are affecting us (18:32)
  • Time and energy: The two currencies he has to invest in making his life what he wants it to be (19:13)
  • His digital product design journey from working on other people’s visions to being a business founder (21:53)
  • How did you begin to use your journal as a tool of “Who am I, where do I wanna go, and what’s my true motivation?” (27:14)
  • The interesting questions that Warren Buffet asked his trusted pilot (30:45)
  • Are there certain questions that you like to ask yourself day in and day out? (33:24)
  • The vacuum of purpose that causes us to burden ourselves with unnecessary responsibilities (34:31)
  • The importance of taking the time to ask the questions of ourselves that nobody else (37:35)
  • The truth versus our memory of the truth (41:25)
  • The categories to log in: Things we have to do, things we don’t want to forget, and the things we experience (42:45)
  • Having a place inside your notebook where you store things that are yet to happen (45:00)
  • Why is it so important to go analog in this digital world? (50:10)
  • How bullet journaling is making people more productive (51:00)
  • Using the bullet journal for scheduling and building business relationships (55:00)
  • Taking it slow, being patient with ourselves, and starting by writing down our thoughts (59:27)

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    How Bullet Journaling Can Completely Change Your Life!!! Ryder Carroll
    Michael Sandler

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