HOW MAKE MASSIVE CHANGE NEAR EFFORTLESSLY!!! Plus Guided Meditation from Coby Kozlowski

Michael Sandler January 20, 2020 6

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If you’ve ever wanted great change in your life, then do we have the One Degree Revolution show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with Coby Kozlowski, speaker, life coach trainer, contemporary yoga, and meditation educator, and author of a beautiful yoga inspired book on making great change, “One Degree Revolution”

And that’s just what I want to talk with her about today, about how the wisdom of yoga inspires small shifts that lead to big changes and how to sit in the fire of change. That plus we’ll talk about those damn go-karts, Dunkin’ Donuts and becoming a swan, blueberry spamming stars, what on earth is a gremlin action plan, and why in the world you do not want a fire walker badge. 

Key Points Discussed: 

  • What happened after you were injured playing ultimate frisbee (03:20)
  • The practice of getting comfortable being uncomfortable in the mystery of life (05:37)
  • Everything happens, but we get to make up the reason (07:24)
  • What is yoga about other than just asana and poses? (10:10)
  • What does One Degree Revolution or One Degree Shift mean to you? (12:21)
  • The importance of jumping out of an aeroplane or metaphorically walking across hot coals (15:17) 
  • What does it mean to breath into the experience? (21:28)
  • The difference between pain and discomfort (25:18)
  • How different the world would be if we were more kind to ourselves (31:40)
  • Turning our gremlins into fuel and using it to carry us forward (38:34)
  • What is a gremlin action plan (GAP)? (40:18)
  • The value of community and working one on one with people (45:35)
  • Self-forgiveness and how we can all stop harming ourselves physically and spiritually (48:13)
  • What is the seven day exercise called the “Be Nice Inquiry” all about? (52:47)
  • Trusting ourselves and trusting life (59:59)

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    HOW MAKE MASSIVE CHANGE NEAR EFFORTLESSLY!!! Plus Guided Meditation from Coby Kozlowski
    Michael Sandler

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