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If you’re feeling nervous, worried, freaked out, or anxious, then do we have the Open-Hearted Warrior show for you. 

Today we’ll talk about rewiring fear, flipping it on its head, bumming out malianated superhighways, and diving into flow. Plus we’ll talk about golden showers, animal magic and deer, sleeping lady, boot camp fun, dental surgery, and teaching classes, and why in the world new clothes turn the pookie into a badass.

Key Points Discussed:

  • The concept of an open-hearted warrior and what flow is all about (03:19)
  • Exchanging services to help a friend help herself (04:56)
  • Removing spiritual conditioning and getting clear about her thought patterns of sacrificing as a mom and a woman (05:20)
  • Showers of sparks of golden light and getting an overwhelming sense of peace and love (07:15)
  • What the astrological reader said about this year: The coming together of Pluto (Planet of Death), Saturn (The Great Teacher), and Jupiter (The Amplifier) (11:37)
  • Having dental surgery right before a class and the beauty that came from leaning into it (13:30)
  • Channeling spirit, using it as a fuel, and the power of seeing things as they are (18:52)
  • Being Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, and Captain Hook (25:18)
  • Tuning into our moon when it’s the most fertile for planting ideas (28:40)
  • Jessica’s new wardrobe and how the clothes really do make the man (30:35)
  • How linked Michael has been with the breath and how it helped him do the surgery and also teach (35:14)
  • Shifting our state of consciousness from a lower vibrational place to a higher one (38:57)
  • Understanding just how much we are dopamine junkies (40:20)
  • Spiritual bread crumbs and how they can help us know where to go (44:00)
  • Stepping back from the mind and how it helps in realizing that we’ve been plugged into something far greater than ourselves all along (48:40)
  • How connected we are by hypra-mind strings when we come together for a common cause (53:00)

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