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If you’ve ever wanted to surf the tides of change and get out of a funk without being taken under, then do we have the breath into change show for you.

Today we’ll talk about recognizing change, surfing change, breathing into change, and allowing change even when we want to hold on. Plus we’ll talk about the empty nesting reboot, butts in seat, doors, and hallways, paco and pedals, YouTube and MeTube, the open-hearted warrior Bootcamp, and a pookie midlife growth spurt has to do with anything. 

Key Points Discussed:

  • What butts in the seat have to do with the tides of change (03:16)
  • How Michael’s screen goes disco when the energy is too high (04:39)
  • The belief in past lives and how CJ has had the weirdest past lives (06:09)
  • Working on getting grounded and getting stuck in a seat right after a meditation (09:50)
  • The numerous doors that are opening up, the amazing momentum that’s building up, and success with the Open-Hearted Warrior Bootcamp (14:58)
  • The importance of keeping your energy up and positive during a time of change (18:00)
  • The empty-nesting reboot and creating a vision for every part of life (21:51)
  • The devotional practice of loving family members and how it teaches us compassion, unconditional love, patience, and anger management (25:23)
  • The purpose that conditioned beliefs serve (28:07)
  • Trying new things with YouTube, learning and discovering that MeTubing is more effective in increasing viewership (31:17)
  • Pookie’s midlife growth spurt and how it’s about her stepping into empowerment (35:54)
  • Looking at the strengths and weaknesses of focusing on self versus focusing on others  (39:54)
  • The different tribes of deer that are now hanging out at Michael’s house (45:19)

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    HOW TO BREATHE INTO GREAT CHANGE!!! Michael Sandler and CJ Liu
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