How to Connect with Your Spirit Guides and Get Powerful Shamanic Guidance! Plus a Shamanic Journey From Sandra Ingerman

Michael Sandler June 17, 2020 13

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If you’ve ever wanted to understand what in the world is going on with the world through a Shamanic spiritual lense, then do we have the awakening to the spirit world show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with Sandra Ingerman, Shaman, therapist, podcaster, the award-winning author of at least 12 books, winner of the 2007 peace award from the Global Foundation for Integrative Medicine, one of the top ten spiritual leaders by Spirituality and Health Magazine, and the co-author along with Hank of a new book on Shamanism and awakening that has completely blown me away, “Awakening to the Spirit World”

And that’s just what I wanna talk with her about today, about the Shamanic path to a direct revelation, the awakening of humanity, and how to plug in and get guidance through this interesting time.

Key Points Discussed:

  • What do you see happening with Covid-19, the protests, and more, from a Shamanic point of view? (03:34)
  • Spiritual intrusion: One of the four different causes of illness in Shamanism (04:43)
  • How the universe called in the pandemic to awaken and serve us (08:32)
  • Going below the current violence to come up with new solutions (11:22)
  • The way nature becomes a helping spirit that has much to share with us about how to bring our lives back into harmony and balance (14:28)
  • Going into rituals or ceremonies with the earth by caring for the environment (23:25)
  • Living intentionally connected to the earth by using our words and choices as blessings (25:12)
  • The second Shamanic step to take us from the darkness so we can transmute to the light (30:35)
  • Letting go of all the old stuff that we’ve been dragging around with us that keep us from stepping into another part of evolution where we can have a different perspective on what’s going on in the world (32:00)
  • Understanding that we’re more than our body and mind and that we are a reflection of our creator (36:18)
  • What can you tell us about our ability to call in spirit and spirit animals? (39:11)
  • Meeting the ancient ones and learning about timing, the blink of the eye, and focusing more on staying very present and what she wants to do (44:06)
  • Can we live our work through our dreams? (49:09)
  • The Shamanic dismemberment that we’re in and how it can help us be reborn into a luminescent being (52:16)
  • The power in drumming sounds and how they enable us to travel into the unseen realms (55:54)
  • How important is diving into a spiritual practice, connecting to nature, or the spiritual realm during this time? (59:45)

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    How to Connect with Your Spirit Guides and Get Powerful Shamanic Guidance! Plus a Shamanic Journey From Sandra Ingerman
    Michael Sandler

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