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HOW TO DROP YOUR EXCUSES & GET SH** DONE!!! Make Things Happen Self-Help Tips from Steve Sims

Michael Sandler January 6, 2020 12

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If you’ve ever wanted to drop your excuses and find wild success, then do we have the BlueFishing show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Steve Sims, a bricklayer from London, known for high-end concierge and getting things done, and the author of one of the most inspiring, scratch that, perhaps the most motivational book for firing you up and getting things done, BlueFishing!

And that’s what I want to talk with him about today, about the art of making things happen.

Key Points Discussed:

  • What was growing up in East London like?
  • How did Steve Sims become a brick-layer?
  • How’d he find himself working for a bank in Hong Kong – without an education, and what happened???
  • How’d he become the go-to guy for the super-rich?
  • What wisdom did his dad give him about water?
  • How did bricklaying help him to get things done?
  • What can we learn from Dan Fitzpatrick at CNBC and singing with Journey
  • What’s the importance of asking why three times?
  • Why do people dilute their dreams?
  • Why is passion the secret weapon?
  • How do we delete the words fail and failure from our language?
  • Why is it absolutely critical to learn how to break away from negative places and do something we’re passionate about?
  • What’s the importance of doing pure fun?
  • What’s the definition of ugly and why is it important to do things ugly?
  • What’s the importance of a personal touch?
  • Why is a personal connection so important?
  • What’s missing with communication today?
  • What’s a self-audit and how do we do one???
  • What’s the chug test, and the hug test???
  • Why don’t we want to waste a minute of our lives?
  • What’s the importance of causing on our strengths and ignoring our weaknesses?
  • What does it mean to audit our lives?
  • What’s the importance of learning how not to spend time on things that slow you down?
  • What’s the power of small gifts?
  • What’s the importance of leading (and listening) to your stomach?

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    HOW TO DROP YOUR EXCUSES & GET SH** DONE!!! Make Things Happen Self-Help Tips from Steve Sims
    Michael Sandler

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