HOW TO FIND MORE PEACE OF MIND!!! CJ Liu & Michael Sandler

Michael Sandler December 18, 2019 6

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If you’ve ever wanted more peace of mind and assurance, that all is right in the world, then do we have the show for you! 

Today we’ll talk about finding peace of mind, letting go of your problems, recharging your batteries, and being able to breathe easier, almost no matter what.

That plus we’ll talk about Problems with Skype. College madness, insights about guru practice, mantra magazine, tilting into mountains, skiing slurpees, one more ultrasound, a wife who swears like a sailor, upgrading wardrobes and studios, and what in the world, 3 blind mice have to do with anything.

Peace of Mind Self-Improvement & Self-Help Topics Include: 

  1. What baby mice have to do with anything?
  2. How everything can let you know you’re on path.
  3. What it means to tend the soil of your heart?
  4. What’s the advantage of stepping back and replenishing your soil?
  5. What is the alpine sport of skinning???
  6. Why was Jessica swearing like a sailor???
  7. What it means to lean into the horse or into the slopes of life?
  8. What it means to follow your own path?
  9. How can we inadvertently give our power away?
  10. Why losing your power and regaining it can be so powerful?
  11. What’s the danger of wanting to “get somewhere?”
  12. What is a guru path…and the positives and challenges of one?
  13. What is heart coherence?
  14. How can getting into heart coherence bring you greater peace?
  15. What is an inner balance device?
  16. To get your Heart Math device go to:
  17. How can we see below the conscious mind?
  18. What it means to take things to a new level in your life?
  19. What’s the importance of asking “what is me”???
  20. What it means to truly challenge yourself???
  21. What are Michael’s aspirations?
  22. What can we do to bring our energy up?
  23. What can we do to make our lives 1 percent better???
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    HOW TO FIND MORE PEACE OF MIND!!! CJ Liu & Michael Sandler
    Michael Sandler

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Michael Sandler

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