How to Get Back to Positivity!!! Michael Sandler and CJ Liu

Michael Sandler April 10, 2020 4

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If you’ve ever wanted to feel grounded, safer, more secure, or even a little bit more at peace during this time, then do we have the shine bright show for you.

Today we’ll talk about choosing the upper room, finding a higher place, expanding versus contracting, and look at how in the world to get back to positivity even when there is a pandemic around.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Hot sauces: The greatest gift one can give to Michael (03:39)
  • The hotter a pepper is, the more it gets the metabolism going and boosts the immunity  (05:14)
  • Being grateful and positive despite the ups and downs (08:16)
  • Being an ambassador of love and light amidst a wave of loss of innocence and a way of life (12:02)
  • The fear between lack of control and a total unknown that people are feeling right now (14:24)
  • Tirelessly doing lots of training videos to help out a friend and ascribing meaning to things that may not necessarily have meaning (18:06)
  • Going to a place of nothingness, noticing the silliness of everything, and unplugging from it to relax the mind (23:46)
  • Finding the meaning in things and the power of loving ourselves first especially during these challenging times (26:08)
  • The infinite “Don’t knows” and how they cancel each other out (32:32)
  • The goodness of the internal expansion of consciousness (34:13)
  • The time to take things incredibly easy (39:37)
  • The blessing that is community and how it helps us find meaning (44:00)
  • Helping people find their individual role in this new norm (47:55)
  • Solving her “Are you my mommy” problem with the master path healing of light and sound (50:45)
  • Using music to bring the energy up and using frequency for all it is worth (55:00)

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    How to Get Back to Positivity!!! Michael Sandler and CJ Liu
    Michael Sandler

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