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Michael Sandler December 18, 2019 2

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If you’ve ever wanted more joy and happiness in your life, then do we have the PurposeFairy show for you! 

Today I’ll be talking with Luminita Saviuc, viral blogger extraordinaire, the founder of and the author of beautiful new book, and a 1.3 million shares viral blog 15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy.

And that’s just what I want to talk with her about today, about what we should give up to discover effortless joy.

That plus we’ll talk about, choosing kindness, the power of 5th grade teachers, Danny and Lecsy, the article heard round the world, and what in the world pretending to be a Moon Sprite has to do with anything!

Self-Improvement and Self-Help Topics Include:

  1. What happened to Luminita when she was 10
  2. How was she able to move past the trauma
  3. How do we give up our limiting beliefs?
  4. How was she able to find forgiveness in her heart
  5. How to give up your excuses?
  6. How to move past the wiring we’re stuck with in our minds
  7. How to move past resentment toward love and compassion
  8. How to move from fear to love
  9. How was a history teacher (a positive influence) able to help her life?
  10. How to give up our excuses
  11. How to give up blaming
  12. How do we make peace with our own darkness
  13. How do we give up self-defeating self-talk
  14. How to give up control
  15. What’s it mean to choose kindness
  16. What is Mindvalley and how’d she end up working there?
  17. What does it mean to give up attachement?
  18. What can we learn from Dr. Wayne Dyer
  19. What’s project zero?
  20. What can we learn from our children?
  21. What does it mean to give up and be happy?

 Luminita Saviuc on 15 Things You Can Give Up To Be Happy! Ted Talk | Mindvalley | Viral Blogger! Health | Inspiration | Motivation | Spiritual | Spirituality | Meditation | Inspirational | Motivational | Self-Improvement | Self-Help | Inspire

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    HOW TO GIVE UP AND BE HAPPY!!! Luminita Saviuc! Ted Talk | Viral Blog | Health | Inspiration | Self-Help | Inspire
    Michael Sandler

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