How To Have The Heart Of A Warrior & Unlock The 4 Chambers Of Your Heart with HeatherAsh Amara

Michael Sandler June 7, 2021 3

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If you’ve ever wanted to find greater clarity, then do we have the Warrior Heart Practice show for you.


It’s all in the heart! In this episode we talk with HeatherAsh Amara author of numerous books including The Warrior Goddess Training Series, and her latest, The Warrior Heart Practice: A Simple Process to Transform Confusion into Clarity and Pain into Peace.


We can access the 4 chambers of our heart to connect and strengthen our bond with our hearts. The world we live in is fast, busy and noisy. It is VITAL we are in tune with what our HEARTS are telling us in this day and age with these methods broken down into a simple process to transform confusion into clarity, and pain into peace.


That is just what I want to talk with her about today, about a simple process to transform confusion into clarity, and pain into peace.


Key Points Discussed:

  • How did you meet the Toltec teacher Don Miguel Ruiz and what was your life like beforehand? (02:50)
  • How we are often afraid of our own power and how she overcame that to keep expanding and growing (04:03)
  • The “We are not Good Enough” stories we make up and spend our lives proving true (08:40)
  • What is big soul and little soul according to the Toltec tradition? (10:45)
  • What is the little souls’ biggest fear? (13:37)
  • The two main actions we can do to reconnect our big soul with our little soul (14:33)
  • Cleaning out everything that is between little soul and big soul (15:29)
  • The conscious agreements and unconscious agreements that we can have with ourselves (16:52)
  • Is being quiet being a good person? (18:46)
  • The Warrior Heart practices: The four chambers to the heart (19:50)
  • The great courage in turning to face our feelings without blaming other people or projecting on other people (21:00)
  • What in the world is mind mashing? (25:50)
  • Slowly fixing those problems that we feel we must fix quickly (27:43)
  • What can you tell us about Julie the Judge, and Victor the Victim? (29:49)
  • Stopping the story of “I am such an idiot” and the practice it took to learn how to quiet the mind (32:22)
  • Having the willingness to try again and how it allows us to heal (33:40)
  • What is a simple step to get clear on our intent? (35:56)
  • What happened to you with the Airstream travel trailer in Woodstock, New York? (38:27)
  • The act of really paying attention to what is happening in our mind, emotional body, physical body, and energetic body (40:21)
  • The way we are using the idea of the law of attraction against ourselves (45:07)
  • Coming back home to ourselves and having the right relationships with ourselves (47:37)


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    How To Have The Heart Of A Warrior & Unlock The 4 Chambers Of Your Heart with HeatherAsh Amara
    Michael Sandler

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