How to Kick Addiction & Why Everything You Think You Know About Addiction is Wrong! Plus a Guided Meditation from Laura McKowen

Michael Sandler February 3, 2020 11

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If you’ve ever struggled with addiction, or know someone who has, then do we have the We Are The Luckiest show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with Laura McKowen, the author of a harrowing, brilliant, and beautiful look at living the sober life, “We Are The Luckiest”

And that’s just what I want to talk her about today, about why everything we think we know about addiction is wrong, and the surprising magic of living a sober life. 

Key Points Discussed: 

  • How long have you been living a silver life and when did you first realize that you had an addiction challenge? (03:17)
  • Taking the quiz and how she convinced herself that things would be fine (04:22)
  • Staying sober for ten months when she was pregnant (04:58)
  • The drinking culture at her workplace and the role it played in her alcoholism (07:22)
  • Taking ownership and how it can save one from being a victim (12:08)
  • The importance of taking things one step at a time (16:35)
  • Looking into our shadow self instead of pushing it away (17:17)
  • Being on the train of “I’m about to drink” and the medical miracle that kept her from drinking (20:46)
  • How she had to be honest and realistic to make it in her sobriety journey (26:50)
  • The value of having interrupters and how they keep one on track (28:58)
  • The pain of feeling the internal disconnection from her inner goodness and wisdom (34:02)
  • Emotional sobriety: The biggest piece of work she had to do (39:30)
  • If we lie to keep the peace, we start a war within ourselves (42:24)
  • What’s the pregnancy principle? (43:48)
  • Building a new life and how it requires a lot of care, attention and focus (45:20)
  • The game that most of us think we’re playing is not the game we’re playing (48:24)

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    How to Kick Addiction & Why Everything You Think You Know About Addiction is Wrong! Plus a Guided Meditation from Laura McKowen
    Michael Sandler

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