How to Make MASSIVE Gains with Tiny Changes!!! Michael Sandler and CJ Liu

Michael Sandler June 19, 2020 8

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If you ever wanted great change but in a kind, gentle, easy, good fashion, then do we have the make great change incrementally show for you.

Today we’ll talk about making massive change, finding ways for it to stick, and how to step forward incrementally without being worn out, running out of patience, or feeling like you’re not making a difference or any headway.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Doing classes with her gurus and trying out the master path (03:45)
  • Taking Shamanic journeys and getting out of the confusion borne out of doing too many things to move forward (07:28)
  • Having a lot of luck with sports and fitness by focusing on two things (08:28)
  • The value of having clarity of purpose and intent during these turbulent times (11:53)
  • Trying to drive a race car chassis with a bus frame: From the fancy hard boots to the soft boots (12:50)
  • Hedging yourself from being spun out and making change by being embodied and extra mindful (16:44)
  • Being hypervigilant and grounded, and moving more into music (18:20)
  • Michael’s perception of the power of CHAZ in Seattle (21:51)
  • Participating in a four-mile march and appreciating the challenges the police are facing (23:37)
  • The anger and rage that comes from being a victim of unjust behavior for a very long time (27:00)
  • Breaking hiking and running rules with some awesome Ninja poles (29:21)
  • The technique CJ used to keep going with her Camino when her knees were hurting (35:37)
  • Teaching their first mini master class and excited for their next Bootcamp on visualization (40:59)
  • How Covid-19 and George Floyd’s horrible death is amplifying the necessary energy that will bring necessary change (43:06)
  • The current energy that is allowing us to take the opportunity to create new habits (49:18)
  • Trying something new, being creative, and making soap from home (52:00)
  • Coaching the animals: The wonder kitty and helping him with playtime so he can start eating more (58:21)

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    How to Make MASSIVE Gains with Tiny Changes!!! Michael Sandler and CJ Liu
    Michael Sandler

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