How to Regenerate Your Body Through the Power of the Sun!!! Sayer Ji

Michael Sandler July 15, 2020 22

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If you’ve ever wanted more energy and to truly harness the power of the sun, then do we have the regenerate show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with Sayer Ji, the founder of about his fascinating new book, “Regenerate”

We’ll talk about how the body harvests nature’s alternative energy sources to power cellular pathways, build resilience, and premode our evolutionary edge. 

Key Points Discussed:

  • Paleo-deficit disorder: How we need certain contact with nature, and with natural foods and practices to be healthy (03:14)
  • Are sunlight, melanin, water and chlorophyll alternative sources of energy for our bodies? (03:58)
  • The power of the sun in helping people resync their circadian rhythm (06:24)
  • The role that water plays in energy generation and what Jesus lizards have to do with anything (07:24)
  • How we have the power of the entire universe in our bodies (10:47)
  • Communicating with every part of the body through frequency to learn how each of them is doing (15:19)
  • How easy water generates most of the energy needed to move blood in the body and what we can do to structure our water (19:38)
  • Plant intelligence: How plants remember, communicate, and share information, and how that heals our bodies when we eat them (22:51)
  • What are Photoheterotrophs and what they have to do with pigs? (25:34)
  • Explaining how Caucasians ended up being white and the master energy producing function of melanin (30:58)
  • The importance of spending more time in the sun and how different people can go about it based in their skin (34:06)
  • The benefits of getting more Vitamin D in us (36:32)
  • Getting a connection to earth that has both biophysical and spiritual benefits (40:10)
  • How bio melanin is essential for transforming deadly electromagnetic waves into what can be beneficial to life (40:47)
  • What should we take as far as mushrooms and fungi are concerned? (45:24)
  • Safeguarding and strengthening the center in our brain that acts like a clock that’s connected to the rhythms of the earth and the entire universe (48:06)
  • How do we get our bodies back into their infinite intelligence and balance? (50:04)
  • Tapping into our power to flip our genes on or off (54:02)
  • Mitochondria, how they act like a particle accelerator for every cell in our body, and how to take care of them (59:38)
  • Living in these trying times by maintaining some equanimity within us so we can maintain health and wellness (01:02:56)

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    How to Regenerate Your Body Through the Power of the Sun!!! Sayer Ji
    Michael Sandler

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