How to Remove Negative Energy Fast – Step by Step with the “Spirit Hacker” Shaman Durek! Plus Guided Energy Meditation!

Michael Sandler January 29, 2020 10

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If you’ve ever wanted to drop the darkness and move toward the light, then do have the Spirit Hacking show for you.

Today I’ll be speaking with Shaman Durek, a sixth generation shaman and author, activist, and women’s empowerment leader, a new best homie, though he doesn’t know it yet, and author of my absolute favorite spirit book of the year, “Spirit Hacking“

And that’s just what I want to speak with him about today, about Shamanic keys to reclaim your power, come out of the dark, and light up the world. That plus we’ll talk about bread and circuses, temporary spirit blindness, Martin Luther King, a love beach and bone free hands, shamanic harmonic ninja sorcery, and what in the world a white stork sitting on your head has to do with anything.

Key Points Discussed: 

  • When did spirits first start visiting you? (03:19)
  • The challenges he had growing up with his father and the one thing that helped him become a rebel (04:21)
  • Getting seizures in a jungle in Belize and the experience of crossing over to the other side (06:39)
  • How we are multidimensional beings and every universe and planet is a living dream (17:54)
  • Rejoicing in the choice to be a loving interruption in people’s lives (21:00)
  • What are bobbleheads and what in the world is darkness? (22:50)
  • The “Oh Goody” factor and what being a being of light is all about (31:39)
  • How the consciousness of reality is based on how we see it (39:43)
  • What’s a BVP (Biggest Victim on the Planet) and what’s the danger of playing this game? (43:15)
  • The concept that life has to be hard and we have to suffer in order to have a good life (49:20)
  • Breaking away from the perception people have about how a shaman should be (55:53)
  • Cherishing our gift, giving everything to it, and being around people who recognize the diamond in us (57:20)

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    How to Remove Negative Energy Fast – Step by Step with the “Spirit Hacker” Shaman Durek! Plus Guided Energy Meditation!
    Michael Sandler

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