How to Survive and Thrive Through Life’s Greatest Transitions!!! Bruce Feiler

Michael Sandler July 22, 2020 17

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If you’ve ever wanted to know how to get through this time and even come out ahead, then do we have the Life in the Transitions show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with Bruce Feiler, author of This Life Column for the Sunday New York Times, and of at least six consecutive New York Times Best Sellers, and the author of a mind-blowing, incredibly important and timely new book for each and every one of us, “Life in the Transitions”

And that’s just what I want to talk with him about today, about how to survive and thrive in this nonlinear, flipped upside down, and inside-out world we’re now faced with. 

Key Points Discussed:

  • Are we all in the thick of a massive transition? (03:41)
  • Narrative gene ontology: Using storytelling late in our lives to give ourselves meaning (07:28)
  • The individual life quakes that a lot of people are going through at this time in addition to the ongoing pandemic (12:32)
  • Some of the keys we can use to transition successfully into new ways (17:59)
  • The importance of acknowledging the emotions we’re experiencing from whatever we’re going through (22:10)
  • Shedding all the “heavy” things in our lives so we can be light enough easily pivot into our new lives (26:36)
  • How creativity is helping people deal with the effects of the pandemic and recreate themselves anew (28:00)
  • Realizing that a life quake may or may not be voluntary but that the necessary transition must be voluntary (39:00)
  • The three pillars of meaning: Agency, Belonging, and Cause (40:51)
  • The accident that was a powerful gift and how it changed Michael’s life (41:48)
  • Seeking wisdom from others, the wisdom of grannies, and the types of help people want when they’re in need (44:47)
  • The value of unveiling ourselves and the power of life stories (50:23)
  • Embracing that it’s the wolf and not the hero, that makes the fairy tale (54:02)

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    How to Survive and Thrive Through Life’s Greatest Transitions!!! Bruce Feiler
    Michael Sandler

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